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Vital Eyes Brightener

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/ Type: Eye Treatments

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    3 Reviews
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      10.10.2011 20:21
      Very helpful
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      Recommended :)

      Reason for Purchase:
      My eyes have had a distinct tendency to feel dried out, itchy and gritty as well as look bloodshot and dull. I've had this problem since I was about 16 and am now many years older than that ^.^ I have not been diagnosed with any specific medical condition and initially I was prescribed "Tears Naturelle" by my GP and used them for a number of years. These helped with the dryness and grittiness but had no effect on dullness or redness so I decided to try out other eye drops on the market for comparison and potential resolution.

      The Range:
      There are 3 different types of eye drops in this range: Brightening, Moisturising and contacts soothing.

      Product Statement:
      "Tiredness, smoky atmospheres, computer screens and air conditioning can leave eyes looking dull and feeling irritated, uncomfortable and dried out.
      Vital Eyes Brightening Eye Drops contain natural plant extracts and helps gently soothe away redness, leaving eyes brighter, more sparkly and attractive."

      Water for injections, hamamells water, sodium chloride, alcohol, euphrasia tincture, zinc sulphate, benzoxonium chloride, naphazoline nitrate, orange flower water, lavender oil.

      Hazards and Cautions:
      It is advised on the packaging that medical advice is obtained if you:
      1. Have any eye disease (e.g glaucoma) or have had eye surgery
      2. You are being treated for high blood pressure, depression, heart disease, diabetes, thyroid disorders or Parkinson's disease

      Discontinue use and consult your doctor if you experience eye pain, changes in vision, discharge or continued redness of the eye. This product should not be used as a substitute for prescribed medication.
      Do not use whilst wearing contact lenses.
      Do not use if you are hypersensitive (allergic) to any of the ingredients.
      Do not use during pregnancy.
      Prolonged and continued use may increase redness in eye.

      Price and Availability:
      Bought this product while on offer for the first time so cost me around £2.50. On subsequent purchase I paid £3.35 in my local Boot's store. Seems to retail at between £3-4.
      Available in most high street chemists, pharmacists and large supermarkets e.g. Tesco's with a good range of eye care products

      1. Effective - You can see and feel the change in your eyes within the first 5 mins in particular dryness and grittiness are instantly relieved. The change in the white area can be easily seen by applying the drops to only one eye and observing the difference which is a marked reduction in redness and recession of any visible vessels -The moisturising product in this range does not have this whitening effect and I feel this sets it apart making it my favourite eye drop on the market at present.
      2. Little or no need for reapplication - Most days I apply these in the morning while putting on my make-up and don't reapply the product until the next morning, it's the only eye drop that has ever given me relief for that long. On a day when the elements are particularly harsh on my eyes or I am abroad in the summer then I find that I need a repeat application either in the afternoon and/or evening.
      3. No adverse effects - I experienced no adverse effects as a result of using these drops, no immediate irritation and no irritation from long term use. (I've been using it for about 4 months now).
      4. Easy to use - simple dropper system which after a few uses delivers one drop per squeeze.

      First opening - On first application of drops from a new bottle the plastic is quite stiff and I find myself squeezing hard to get the first few out and sometimes flood my eye with more than I wanted. However after a few applications it comes out smoothly one drop at a time.

      1. 10 mls of product - I find this lasts me around 1-2 months with application everyday and given that it should be disposed of after 1 month to prevent giving yourself infections it's adequate for my needs. However I can see how for someone who needs to apply this more often the volume could become a negative.

      2. Price - In comparison to other eye drops on the market it's reasonably priced and relating to the volume above I'm happy with the value for money. I can again appreciate though that if someone needed to use this more often and used the bottle up in a week or less that they may be more distressed at the price.

      Thanks for reading.
      Ruth x


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        07.11.2010 10:52
        Very helpful
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        wouldn't buy again

        These droplets are suppose to brighten your eyes. For use when you've had sore, tired or irritated eyes. Do you spend too long in smoky atmospheres or infront of a computer? Do they work?

        The drops come in 10ml bottles and contain natural plant extracts and vitimins A and E. The manufacturer says these ingredients help get the sparkle back in your eyes. The claims are quite appealing so I bought a pack to try out.

        The packaging is nice and simple and the instruction sheet is useful all be it the print is a little small, surprising when this product is for people with irritated eyes! This might irritate you a little more.

        The 10ml bottle should last quite a while as 2 drops is enough. You can use when needed up to 3 times a day. When you put these drops in they don't sting at all, in fact they feel quite cooling. However, after the initial cooling stage which lasts around 5 minutes I don't feel they do much else. Prehaps a little redness is reduced but there isn't much sparkle imparted!

        These drops are NOT for eye infections etc. They are simply a soother and brightener. For infections you will need something medicated which this product isn't. To me there seems only one reason to buy these drops, that is if you have red or sore eyes caused by too little sleep or too much work etc.

        Overall I wouldn't buy again as I don't get sore eyes that often and I don't feel the claim they make about the sparkle is justified but prehaps thats just me. At around £3.50 they are quite expensive too.


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          26.10.2009 22:53
          Very helpful



          Super shiny white eyes.

          ~~~~ Introduction ~~~~

          Like most women I do seem to wind up spending a small fortune on make-up and creams each year. Anything from mascara and hair serums to concealers and anti aging creams but amidst the cosmetic indulgences how often do you consider your eye balls? If you're anything like me I'd say perhaps not very often. Well not untill now anyway!

          I'm one of these people who just can't seem to ever get to sleep and waking up is often just as much of an effort. I have tendency up with puffy eyelids and eyes that are either bloodshot, tired looking, or dull, so when I came across the Vital Eyes brightener drops I was really quite intrigued.

          ~~~~ The claim ~~~~

          Tiredness, smoky atmospheres, computer screens and air-conditioning can all leave eyes looking dull and feeling irritated, uncomfortable and dried out.

          Specially formulated in CIBA Vision Swiss Laboratories. Vital Eyes Brightener gently soothes away redness, leaving your eyes looking fresh, clear and bright with sparkling whites.

          ~ Fast acting for bright sparkling eyes
          ~ Soothes away redness
          ~ Makes the white of your eyes whiter
          ~ Natural plant extracts (Lavender and Orange Flowers)

          ~~~~ Directions ~~~~

          Unscrew cap. Tilt head backwards and gently squeeze one or two drops into each eye. Repeat up to 2-3 times daily, if required.

          Do not use in children under 5 years.

          ~~~~ Opinion ~~~~

          I usually just end up chucking the instructions leaflet away with most products, but because this is a product that is used in the eyes I thought that It was really important to read through it throughly. The product comes with a whole host of warnings and cautions, I have to admit I was really quite alarmed to see so many. I would advise anyone considering buying this product to check for suitability prior to purchasing.

          I found putting the drops in to be a little bit fiddly at first, I wouldn't blame these specific drops as I always find eye drops a little hit and miss. Once I had finally managed to get them in, my eyes did stream a lot to start with, and I would probably advise anyones make-up application to perhaps be left untill after the eye drops have been applied in order to prevent streaking your foundation, or ruining your mascara. My eyes felt very cloudy, blurred and a little sore for an initial minute or so after application, they also appeared a little more blood shot than usual but that quickly passed.

          After about four or five minutes I was pleasantly surprised to see just how white my eyes were. They were really bright white and sparkling, almost like Simon Cowls teeth, surely there's nothing on earth quite that white?!.The redness had completely disappeared and my eyes looked vibrant and full of life. I really hadn't expected to see such a difference, the whiteness of my eye balls had also managed to exaggerated my eye colour, making my green eyes look almost emerald green. I felt clean, fresh, wide awake and soothed with my eyesight feeling unusually clear.

          I would say that the improvement is likely to last for most of the day or the course of an evening, and even though you can use the drops up to 4 times in one day to maintain optimum results, I have never felt the need to use them more than twice in any given day.

          The leaflet does warn that eye redness may increase if the product is used over a prolonged period of time, which is a bit of a worry when you consider how the product is marketed, in such a way that you would think it would reduce not increase. I have not encountered this problem as I have only ever used the product cautiously and would recommend you do the same.

          The fact is, you should'nt really use the drops everyday to be on the safe side, however, the product only has a months shelf life once you have opened the seal. £4 for a bottle is a reasonably expensive way to brighten the eyes if you are on a low budget like me, so you would like to think that the product would have a longer shelf life than just one month, plus I would say that the 10ml bottle would certainly last longer than that period in terms of quantity, so why not gives less and charge less?

          In conclusion this is a fabulous product to be used on special occasions and using it in this way should not cause any irritation. I suspect I mighteven purchase this product again at some point when i'm in need of a cosmtetic boost, it is just unfortunate that the product has such a number of complications.

          Thank you for reading!


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          Fast Acting for Bright, Sparkling Eyes with Whiter Whites / 10mL.

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