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Weleda Calendulon Ointment

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Brand: Weleda / Type: Antiseptics / Dosage Form: Ointment

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    1 Review
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      27.04.2010 14:29
      Very helpful



      Highly recommended

      Having temperamental skin means I have a variety of potions and lotions kicking about the house for flare-up occasions and one of my all time favourites is Weleda's Calendolon Ointment. I also use Calendula cream but sometimes the problem is beyond the capabilities of a cream and I need the ointment version.

      Don't ask me why Weleda didn't just call this Calendula Ointment because I don't know! For some strange reason they chose to use the word Calendolon which is pretty confusing when you're looking specifically for Calendula!

      This tube contains 25g of ointment and the ingredients are calendula tincture, lanolin, yellow beeswax, sunflower seed oil, olive oil and wool alcohols. I had to look up wool alcohols and it is apparently a non-drying compound produced from lanolin. It seems rather odd to me that there are several potentially irritating ingredients in this ointment, the tincture has an alcohol base so there's alcohol in it and lanolin is a common irritant however it doesn't irritate my skin.

      Calendula is a well known flower and is more commonly called the Marigold. It is used as an antiseptic and skin healer in the world of herbs and was actually used during the first world war to heal and keep clean the wounds of the soldiers. Obviously it was used as a diffusion back then as they didn't have Weleda to pack this into a handy ointment for them!

      The tube is a metal one with a seal that you pierce with the lid and the ointment is a yellowy green colour and very thick. It smells of herbs and alcohol and doesn't look particularly nice at all! It says on the box it is for cuts and abrasions and to apply 2-3 times daily until the condition clears. Obviously any sign of an allergic reaction and you should stop this treatment but it is safe for adults and children. Once applied the yellowy green colour cannot be seen so don't worry about looking like you've rolled in the grass!

      The first time I came across this ointment I bought it by mistake. I was actually trying to buy a tube of Calendula Cream from a Health Food Shop and the lady gave me this. I didn't bother to read it closely because I was in a rush to get out of the public gaze as the skin on my face was having a massive flare-up and was bright red and scaly so I just paid and went home. When I got home I realised my mistake but decided to use it.

      I'd been using Calendula Cream for a few days on said skin problem and it hadn't done much good so when I applied this ointment and it instantly stopped the itching I was amazed. I think it took literally 3 days for the entire problem to clear and I've made sure I have some in the house ever since.

      Sore skin, dry skin, itchy skin, scaly skin, you name it this little tube is a godsend. Sometimes cream is enough but I often find ointment is necessary to get my skin to heal. Ointments have the advantage of creating a barrier against bacteria and chaffing too so sometimes they are the best option.

      If your skin is particularly sore this can burn a little bit when it is applied, it's the alcohol I assume, but it soons goes off and if you keep using this the skin starts to heal and stops reacting to the initial application.

      When my eczema plays up on my elbows I know this will heal the problem rapidly, if my skin on my face has a tantrum again this does the job and one of my friends used this when nothing else was working on her baby's nappy rash and it did the trick. It's a little miracle worker and as you only need a thin layer to protect and soothe the area a 25g tube lasts ages.

      Weleda Calendolon Ointment is available from lots of shops and online stores for about £5.50 a tube so it isn't expensive either. I wouldn't be without a tube, while it won't cure everything it will have a damn good try! Thoroughly recommended by me and a full 5 stars for this excellent product.


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