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York Fitness Stabilised Knee Support

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Made from thermocel neoprene, York supports provides warmth, support and compression for damaged tissue. Ideal for twists and sprains, the thermocel neoprene acts as an insulator and retains body heat, stimulating blood flow in the area and helping you to recover faster. One size ? made possible with easy adjustable Velcro fastenings. Machine washable

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    3 Reviews
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      03.06.2012 22:19



      Brilliant knee support

      I bought this knee support for when I figure skate and dance because sometimes my knees can be quite painful. This knee support was fairly cheap at around £10 when I bought it a few months ago and it's worth the money. This support is made by York Fitness which has made many high quality products over the years and it is a brand I will definitely stick with.

      This knee support is made from a neoprene material which keeps the sore muscle warm and allows the blood to keep flowing to this area when you are exercising. The material is nice and soft and the support fits tightly around your leg which provides comfort and support.

      This support is perfect if you have twisted, sprained or get pains in your knee. The knee support has extra padding on the middle of the knee section which gives the knee extra support and provides a barrier so that if anything knocks your knee it is still protected. This support isn't very bulky but you can see it through tight trousers. If you wear loose trousers you don't notice that you have it on.

      I would recommend this knee support for the price because it does provide excellent relief from pain.


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      28.01.2010 09:08



      It really did work for me!

      I bought this support a couple of years ago when I started to develop a condition known as ilitibial band syndrome. This is when the band on the outer leg which goes from the outer hip down the leg to the outer lower rubs against the bone or muscle. It can be quite painful and gets worse as the longer the exercise goes on.

      This support helped me a huge amount towards my recovery. The support helped by stabalising the knee and providing warmth to the injured area.

      I used the support for about 6 months along with building my legs muscles together with strecthing so I could get my running back on track. I would recommend the product to anyone who does sports and has a weak knee. I now find that I don't need to use the support anymore as I have now recovered from my ITB syndrome, I will always keep the support at hand incase I get any future problems.

      I bought this support from argos at a cost of £14 and have to say it is money well spent, at times though the knee does get a bit itchy from the sweat production produced by the support. It has to be acknowledged though that its worth it for the rehabilitation factor alone.

      The support is made from a rubber type material and is to fit all sizes due to the velcro straps on the upper and lower part of the support.

      Overall this is a great piece of rehabilitation/supprort equipment and gives you that extra confidence to know that with the help of this brace it will give you a fast road to recovery. Well done York.


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      16.04.2009 23:53
      Very helpful



      A useful tool to allow you to carry on your usual routine

      Recently, suffering a sore and swollen knee, I decided to buy a support for it: I think that the cause of the problem was probably my gym training routine, plus I have been walking regularly lately too, in a bid to lose weight. It may be a bit peverse, wanting to carry on with the activity that caused the problem, but I was reluctant to let this stop me (frightened of piling the weight back on again!).

      I chose this York Fitness Stabilised Knee Support, which I saw in the Argos catalogue.

      It cost me around £9.99 at my local branch of Argos . I believe these are available at sport shops too.

      It comes in a polythene bag with some very simple basic instructions: You just open the velcro part, wrap it around the affected knee, and close the velcro tightly around it. That's it!

      I chose this brand over the others because I thought it would be more adjustable: Some of the other brands, such as Nike, were a pull-on style, with no opening parts. I am not feeling thin enough to risk that yet, so an adjustable fastening was the way to go, just in case the pull-on version didn't actually go on!

      My knee support is slightly different from the one in the picture, as they are available in two varieties: Mine has a little hole over the kneecap area, known as the 'open patella' variety, which allows for extra flexibility.

      It is made of neoprene, which is the same material used in wetsuits! The colour is black, and the manufacturers claim that this causes it to 'warm' the affected area by retaining heat. The support can be hand-washed at a low temperature.

      How effective was it? Well, I put it on first thing in the morning while getting dressed, then went out on a long walk for around one and a half hours.

      I did notice the area under the support becoming slightly warmer than normal, but I didn't feel it was any more than would have been caused by any old fabric, to be honest.

      I did fasten it really tight, to fully support the knee, so that a bit of flesh bulged over the top. This seemed to do the job, and I was able to power walk my usual amount. However, this is no good when in a sitting position, as it feels like the circulation is being cut off! I recommend only wearing it when you are going to be upright for quite a long while.

      The velcro was really strong, and didn't budge at all once fastened. It stayed exactly where I put it, so top marks for that.

      The problem lasted a few days, and the knee support did exactly what it says on the pack: It supported the knee so that I could continue my normal routine without making it worse.

      It's in the drawer now as I am feeling better, but I will certainly use it next time if the problem flares up again.


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