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Argos 450W Mini Grey Steel Oil Filled Radiator

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Manufacturer: Argos / Type: Radiator

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    1 Review
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      29.10.2012 12:34
      Very helpful



      A not so great oil filled radiator.

      ~*~*~ Argos Value Range 450W Mini Grey Steel Oil Filled Radiator ~*~*~

      ~ What is it? ~

      This is an oil filled radiator with just one heat setting, it has a heating output of 0.45kW. It is small and compact.

      ~ Why did I buy it? ~

      After the success with the Argos Value Convection heater I don't know why I opted for an oil filled radiator but it was for my kitchen and I wanted it to fit under my very small black glass kitchen table when not in use. My kitchen does get really cold at times so I wanted something I could put on quickly without the need of using the central heating and this looked like it was ideal for what I wanted.

      ~ Is it any good? ~

      In a word - No.

      I was not impressed with this. In fact it was quickly returned and as they didn't have the convection heaters in stock I then opted for a small fan heater.
      This looked quite good, it had a decent weight to it but sadly it failed at giving off a good amount of heat. I think it would heat a cupboard and a very small cupboard at that sufficiently but anything bigger and you'll fail to notice a difference.

      My kitchen is by no means huge, in fact it's quite small and that is why I thought this would be an ideal solution to my problem.

      It looked really good. It was the perfect size for me standing at a height of 38cm, a width of 25cm and a depth of 11cm and it was quite appeasing to the eye with it's white and grey colouring - the colours of my kitchen! But it was just no good. If I stood next to it I could feel the heat, if I stood by the kitchen sink there was nothing! It has one heat setting but does have a variable thermostat and it also features a safety cut out but I didn't keep it long enough to give a more in depth review.

      ~ Overall Opinion ~

      I used this for two days, it took an age to actually warm up and even at it's hotest it didn't give off hardly any heat, it looks good and is nice and sturdy but I wouldn't recommend it.
      I returned it and bought a different heater.

      I wish I had checked the Argos website as many of the reviews there say that it doesn't give off much heat but I didn't.

      My advice would be to check reviews before making a purchase, as you can see with this review, it's not a radiator I would recommend to anyone.

      It was easy to use and looked appeasing but due to it not giving off enough heat I feel I can only award this a one star rating.

      It probably serves me right for buying a heater that colour co-ordinated with my kitchen. A disappointing excuse for a radiator.

      Thanks for reading :o) x


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