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Beldray Fan Heater

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Brand: Beldray

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    7 Reviews
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      31.12.2013 21:57
      Very helpful



      A winter must have!

      We live in an old farmhouse and during the winter it does get quite cold, so we make sure that we have plenty of heaters about to heat up the rooms. We actually bought this heater after been impressed with a similar heater which was made by Crown. We bought this one from Amazon for a price of around £15 which I think is great value for money.

      The heater itself is white and plastic with holes / vents where the heat comes out. One good thing about the heater is that it is very light and has a handle on the top - which means that it is very easy to carry around and not at all like them big oil heaters than you have to carry them around. The heater is easy to use; simply plug the plug into the socket, choose your settings (hot or cold and the amount of power you want, there's a dial which goes from minimum to maximum - we always have ours on maximum).

      This is an amazing little heater. We are really impressed with it; it is definitely a must-have during the winter. It's amazing how quickly it heats up a room. This heater only makes an appearance in winter - although it does have a fan for the summer, although we always seem to forget about this and use a fan instead. What I love most about this heater is the speed it heats up a room; When returning home from work on a cold day to a freezing house, within around five minutes of switch this heater on the room is nice and warm - so much that we have to switch it off after a while as it gets too hot. At times, when we need it on constantly whilst we are in the room - it does have a 'safety' thing which means that the heater 'cuts' out when it reaches a certain temperature to avoid overheating which I think is great.

      The heater is a bit noisy when it is on as the fan is continuously going round - it isn't too noisy, although we do find that we do have to turn the volume up on the television just a little bit more when we have this fan on. It's certainly not enough to put us off using this heater though.

      I would definitely recommend this heater this winter!! It does such a great job for such a little price. We wouldn't be without ours!

      Thanks for reading!
      December 2013


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      08.11.2013 13:54
      Very helpful



      Very handy to have if your heating isn't up to scratch

      I know a couple of people who have these neat little fan heaters from Beldray, myself included. I have one upstairs in my flat and I use it when the weather gets colder as I have no heaters up there, only night storage heaters in the downstairs part of my flat. My dad gave me this heater when I moved in about 18 months ago though he warned me that I wasn't to use it too much as apparently it costs a lot to run when compared to my night storage heaters.

      I have used my heater loads of times, especially last winter when it was freezing first thing on a morning and I was getting up out of bed to get dressed for lectures. I like it because I am able to control the heat settings really easily and it gives out a massive blast of hot air when it is turned up to full.

      The heater itself is white in colour and has a grid on the front part. It I has a reasonably long flex which means I can plug it into the dressing area and then pull it up to where my bed is on the mezzanine area and it heats up all around my feet. I usually keep it on for approximately half an hour, during which time it's taken the chill off the air and then I am able to switch it back on again. The only thing I dislike about it is that when it's switched on upstairs it vibrates though the laminate flooring and it makes such a racket, it's much worse when turned up full.

      I like the shape of my Beldray heater as I always think it's quite funky and retro looking and as it's so small and compact and lightweight, it's dead easy to store during the summer months when I don't need to use it. It has two heat settings though I rarely have used the lower one as I prefer to turn it up full to get the best of the heat out of it.

      I think dad paid less than £15 for mine though I am guessing that you can probably get them cheaper if you shop around. They are useful little heaters though I wouldn't want to heat my flat with one of these alone and rely heavily on my main night storage heaters for total warmth.


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      08.11.2013 12:22
      Very helpful



      budget portable heater, great for the winter

      I bought one of these over a year ago as I used to have some turntables in my shed and like a good old mix of an evening, only problem being as winter drew closer I was having to wrap up in more and more layers just to be able to keep semi warm, however with snow shortly following it was beyond cold and I needed some form of extra heat solution other than my thermal clothing.

      I found this particular model at my local market for £10, being really simple to use simply remove from packaging, connect to mains and turn on and away you go.. your blow-heater begins generating heat. The unit operates by passing power through the electrical elements at the rear similar to that found in a toaster, the rotary plastic blades sit in front of the elements which effectively blows the heat forward from the elements.

      The unit has a temperature gage on the left so you can tweak just how warm you want the output, there are also 3 heat settings which range from warm to hot air. This particular product really did do the trick it through's out plenty of warm air for a small room, as mentioned I was using this in a small shed so they actually area it needed to cover wasn't too large anyway and it quickly warmed the shed up to the same sort of room temperature in a heated house. I've had regular use of this product and at times have used for several hours at once and it continues to deliver constant heat without issue.

      The only negative comment on my part is that after about 6 months of constant use the last heat setting started to produce a burning smell when operated on level 3, perhaps this is just due to ongoing use or possibly some of the elements have started to break apart, either way it still works fine on level 1 and 2 which is still enough heat for what I need and to be honest for the price of £10 I would just happily go and buy a new one if im to get another years worth of use out of it.

      Thanks for reading


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      13.10.2013 15:30
      Very helpful



      Other than the noise, these are great

      We have had our Beldray fan heaters for about a year and a half. We actually have two of them. They cost £10.00 each and the reason we bought two was due to the fact that our central heating boiler was on the blink about a year ago at this time and if anyone can cast their mind back, they might remember how freezing it was this time last year, compared to how mild it still seems to be this year. We used them a lot last year, right up to about the end of November, which was when or central heating boiler was finally replaced and we could once again bask in the gory of some heat throughout our house.

      The heaters were certainly invaluable last year and we used them every single day. I would come in from work to a freezing house and immediately switch them both onto full blast. I have used them again this year (fr only an hour or so) in our conservatory and they are useful for whenever it feels a little bit chilly in there (as we have no central heating in our conservatory and it can get quite cold and damp throughout the winter months).

      The heathers are fairly small and compact and simple and easy to use. They each measure approximately 28cm in height and are round and curvy shaped and white in colour. They are made from hard durable plastic and as they are compact, they are easy to store away when not in use. I keep ours in the upstairs airing cupboard during the summer months and they sit neatly at the back against the wall.

      They are very lightweight and yet robust ad hardwearing at the same time. They have two knobs at the bottom left hand corner. The one nearest the left is the thermostat control and as I sit here looking at it now, I can see it has six grey shaded areas. The one nearest the floor on the left is the lowest setting and the one on the right takes it right up to the highest setting. The knob on the right operates the heat setting as # (cold air) 1 (hot air) and 2 (hottest setting).
      They are noisy little heaters, and this is possibly the only downside for me personally speaking They do rattle around a fair bit if I place them on our laminate floor in the conservatory , especially when on the highest setting, but they are very impressive in terms of how much heat they do actually manage to kick out. Our heaters also have a small red light which lights up whenever the heater is in use, though on one of our heaters, this light is actually broken now and won't work. There is no doubt, however, whenever the heater is switched on, as the noise alone alerts you to the fact that it's in working order. It's much quieter whenever they are placed on a carpeted floor.

      They are lightweight and have a carrying handle on the top which is curved and easy to handle. They are really handy to have and also are great for cooling down out hottest room during the summer months (the conservatory again) as they also have a cold air blast.

      In terms running costs, I really have no idea, I'm afraid, but all I can say is that we used them both extensively over the winter months last year for about 6 weeks and to be honest, I cannot say we noticed any surge in our electricity bill during this period, so I would think that running costs are fairly low, or possibly lower than you might expect.

      They are handy little heaters to have around the house and though we don't use them so often now, I am sure that come later in the year I will be plugging them into the socket in our conservatory again and using them all the time.

      Really useful heaters and definitely recommended.


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      24.09.2013 23:21
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A handy little heater which gives a good heat

      We don't use our conservatory very much in the colder weather as at the moment we haven't got a radiator in it. There was an old one in there but when we changed the door round had to remove it and my husband was reluctant to put a new one in there as he says that I usually have the door open when I am in there so it is a waste of money! My mom actually gave me this Beldray heater as she found she didn't need it due to moving to a small house and she had also heard me mention once or twice about the lack of heat in our conservatory. My mom had paid around £12 or £13 from Wilkinsons at the beginning of last year and you can still get it for around this price.

      Because I didn't have it from new it didn't come in a box but it is pretty self explanatory how to use it. This upright fan is made from a white hard plastic and has rubber feet which grip well onto surfaces and prevent it from moving around or slipping. There is a tilt switch which turns the heater off automatically if it slips or tilts so you don't have to worry about it falling over whilst on and burning any surfaces and the power also cuts off automatically if it gets too hot, so the safety features of this heater are very good.

      It comes with a three pin plug which is earthed and is attached to a thick cable which is quite long. There is a hole at the top which is plenty big enough to put your hand in to carry the heater. When the heater is on this handle does get warm but I never find it too hot to hold if I need to move it round which is something I find that I do. I do like reading in the conservatory so will usually start off putting the heater close to where I am sitting on the higher heat, but as the radiating heat is quite intense I find that I soon need to turn it down and then eventually move it a bit further away from me. If I turn it off completely the room soon loses the heat so I find that if I do this I will just keep turning it on and off so I do frequently move it about to suit my needs.

      There are two knobs at the front, one which controls the heat settings and the other one is an adjustable thermostat. There are three heat settings in total, 1000w which is a gentle heat, 2000w which is more of an intense heat and which heats the room up very quickly and a cold setting which is ideal for a hot conservatory or any other room on a hot summers day. It has a light which indicates when the power is on but to be fair the vibration of the heater does make a bit of a noise so it is obvious that it is on. I find that if I put the heater directly onto the wooden floor it makes more of a noise than if I put it onto a softer surface so I will usually put in onto a small rug which is in the conservatory which seems to help to muffle the vibration.

      The heater is quite petite and measures 23cm wide and 27cm high. It is quite an unusual round curvy shape with an open sort of grid on each side where you can see the fans turning. When I am not using the fan it sits behind the sofa in the conservatory and as it is quite small doesn't take up too much space. I find that it does cool down quite quickly afterwards but I don't wrap the cable round it until it is completely cold. I have not really had to clean it apart from a quick flick with the feather duster if I haven't used it for some time to remove any dust which may have settled on it.

      I am not sure how much it costs to use but I am sure that as I don't use it all the time it doesn't cost too much. However I would say that it isn't suitable for extensive use as it could be quite costly then and there are a lot of other forms of heating which would be much more economical. For my use though it is perfect and I find that it warms the conservatory very quickly and is easy to move about depending on how warm I am. If I didn't have this heater I would only use the conservatory when it was sunny which I think is a waste of a room and I do like the peacefulness and quiet of this room, and I can also look out to see what is happening in my garden.

      I recommend this heater as it is handy, portable and lightweight and is very easy to use. It is a quick and easy way to warm a room where no other heating is available and is available at a good price. For a small heater it really does feel powerful especially at the higher setting and I would say is probably the best performing heater that I have had and it also has the advantage of also being a cooling fan for when you need cooling down.


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        16.02.2013 10:27
        Very helpful



        Does the job, warms the room.


        ~Why I bought the heater~

        Our house has certain cold pockets and my daughter's bedroom is one of those rooms. Even with the central heating system on her room never seems to warm up to the same level compared to the other bedrooms. We tried all the magic tricks recommended including bleeding the radiators but still no improvement. It for this reason that I finally decided to venture out in search of a portable heater to supplement the heating in her room and I ended up buying the heater, the Beldray Fan Heater White 2000w from Wilkinson.

        ~Packaging, product description and specifications~

        The fan heater comes packed in a box with a bit of extra packaging material. The box has the picture of the heater on both sides so you can see how it looks like before you buy. It also comes with a user guide explaining how to use and maintain it.

        ~Characteristic functional features~

        * Made of white hardened plastic casing.
        * Freestanding with upright design
        * Two knobs in front, one for the adjustable thermostat and the other for the heat setting, two heat settings (1000w and 2000w) and a cold fan only setting.
        * Power indicator light which glows when the power is on
        * Carry handle for easy carrying
        * Safety cut out thermal device and overheat protection
        * Rubber feet for grip and a tilt switch which automatically switches off the heater when it is not stable or is tilted even accidentally.


        ~Additional specification~

        The heater is manufactured by Beldray Limited, UK which also manufactures a variety of house hold gadgets. Like most electrical gadgets, it comes already assembled and ready for use.

        Further details as given by manufacturer:

        Maximum power capacity: 2000w
        Colour: White
        Size: 13cm X 27cm

        At the front and back, the heater has the vents for the fan aeration. In front of the heater there are thermostat control and the heat setting knobs and also a red light indicator which glows to show that the heater is on. At the base of the heater you find the non-slip rubber feet which give it a grip and keep it in position whilst in use.

        ~Operation and Ease of use~

        Using the heater is easy, just place it on a flat surface and switch on the mains, adjust to the required heating level and the thermostat to the required regulatory position.

        When switched on, the heater starts heating the room immediately by blowing hot air. The time it takes to heat up the room depends on the size of the room so you feel much warmer when you are actually closer to the heater. The fan is very noisy and you can actually hear it from an adjacent room. It has only two heating settings so not much flexibility depending on how cold you feel that day but for a small heater maybe that's ideal anyway.

        It is small and light and has a carry handle so can be carried around the room/house fairly easily.

        My daughter puts it on so that it can preheat her room before she goes to bed and then switches it off when she goes to bed. The noise is a bit irritating so this alone prevents her from even attempting to leave it running when she goes in bed.

        ~Safety features~

        The heater is equipped with some safety features which shows the manufacturer put some thought into this whilst designing the gadget.

        It has a safety cut out thermal device and overheat protection so it should automatically switch off if it overheats. I have not experienced this as we only use the heater for a short time but hopefully it works.

        The rubber feet give very good for grip and a tilt switch automatically switches off the heater when it is not stable or is tilted even accidentally.

        The cable is thick and flexible and the heater comes already fitted with an earthed 3-pin plug which is suitable for use in the UK.

        ~Other practical safety considerations~

        The heater should be kept away from the reach of children especially during use and should not be left unattended for too long.

        The heater should be placed away at least a metre from flammable material.

        Always unplug from electric source when not in use.

        Do not move the heater around by pulling the cable, instead always use the carry handle.

        Do not cover whilst in use.

        ~Environment wise~

        This heater like other electrical gadgets cannot be disposed of in the ordinary rubbish bin, it has to be taken to the designated recycling sites.

        The packaging material is however widely recyclable at most recycling sites.


        I don't regret buying this heater at all although I was a bit apprehensive at first because of the price and the name which I wasn't really familiar with. It is actually good; it does the job so I am glad I tried it. .

        This is very good value for money. I got mine for £13.00 from my local Wilkinson. I have seen similar types of heaters from Tesco and Robert Dyas as well.

        The heater comes with a 1 year manufacture guarantee against mechanical and electrical defects. This guarantee starts from date of purchase so keep your receipt.

        It is really a handy gadget in my house especially as a quick way of making my daughter feel warm since the radiator in her room has let us down.

        I do appreciate that this is not a cost effective way electricity wise and I am sure my bill will be a bit higher because of this so we only use it sparingly but it's better than feeling cold and failing to sleep.

        I bought this heater 5 months ago and it's still working.

        Yes I recommend it as it does the job, 4/5 stars.

        Thank you for reading and rating

        hildah11; Feb 2013


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        12.02.2013 04:37
        Very helpful



        A compact and effective electric coil fan heater from The Beldray Company.

        Due to hypothyroidism I have an increased sensitivity to cold - I am also quite a night owl, and I enjoy reading emails, watching films, reading, or just faffing around online in the dead of night, long after the heating has gone off. I've been known to wrap up in two dressing gowns, a thick pair of socks, and various other fluffy and/or fleecy accessories to do this. I can tell you, playing Bubble Breaker in mittens is hard work. Along with my menopausal mother in the next room opening all the windows and putting her bra in the freezer, I decided I needed a more specific source of warmth than central heating can provide. With no flint or sticks around, I decided to shop around for a heater.

        There are several types of space heaters: oscillating and stationary, coils and gas types. There is just as much variation in price, too, usually between £10 and £50. I have to say that price had more weight in my decision to purchase the Beldray Fan Heater than anything else.

        I had never heard of the brand Beldray before. After some research, I can tell you that The Beldray Company Limited make all sorts of home appliances, such as steam mops, ironing boards, and sewing machines, and are based in the West Midlands.

        In appearance, the Beldray Fan Heater is 27 cm in height, 23 cm in width and freestanding. A fan sucks in air from behind, heats it through convection with coils heated by electricity from the mains, and blows the heated air around the room.

        The packaging the box comes in is widely recycleable, as it is just cardboard with a picture of the heater on the front and polystyrene to protect the heater, but the fan heater itself is not recyclable, and has to be taken to a designated tip if it breaks or you want rid of it. And if it does break, that's where you'll be taking it - there is no warranty included or available for this device.

        The heater itself is encased in white plastic, with a carry-handle included within it, and has a curved style which is pleasing to look at but won't win any art awards. There are slits at the front and back to allow air to pass through it. Two dials are directly at the bottom of the base, which offer a thermostat and a heat setting. With these, you can choose between two heat settings (1000 w and 2000 w) or a cold setting - effectively making this fan three times as useful, for both heating a space, REALLY heating a space and cooling it down.
        The heater sits on rubber feet, and there is a red light that comes on to indicate the appliance is on. I think everyone (except Sting) can agree this is a good idea.

        I have heard many horror stories about fires started by heaters, so I am pleased to report that this heater comes with safety features as standard. There is a tilt-switch, which means if the heater falls on its side or whatever the heater is placed on slips or falls, the heater will automatically turn off, and as well as that, an overheat function automatically cuts power to the device if it exceeds a certain temperature and becomes potentially dangerous.

        Of course no appliance is ever completely safe, and it's important not to become complacent. Ensure that nothing ever covers the heater, never leave it unattended, and make sure that it isn't around any children or pets. Even though the heater is set to shut off after reaching a preset temperature, I would strongly advise going to sleep with it on. It's also not a great idea to pull the device around by the cable - use the integrated hand-grip instead. And of course keep it away from anything flammable or that may melt or warp or explode due to high temperatures, such as plastics, fabrics or aerosols.

        As for performance, this heater takes around 30-40 minutes to heat my bedroom, which is quite small, so I would say perhaps an hour to heat a reasonably sized room such as a living room or master bedroom. There is also the problem of the smell. There is a definite "new" plasticky smell that I personally dislike and find cloying. After several uses I have found it doesn't really go away, and it's almost enough to make me want to open a window, defying the whole reason for buying a heater in the first place. The heater is also quite noisy because of the fan - it's audible quite a few rooms away. I don't know the exact comparisons, but it's very likely using this heater has added a few pounds to our electricity bill, which is something else to consider, if, for example, you bought this trying to save money by not having the heating on.

        Maintenance-wise, I didn't keep the box, but after use I allow it to cool unplugged for a few hours before storing it in a wardrobe. I haven't found that it has gotten dirty or shows signs of wear in any way, but if it got dusty a wipe with a dry duster is all I imagine it would take. I try not to store it with the cable wrapped around the circumference of the heater, as I try to avoid any pulling or distortions in the cord for safety. Ideally the heater would have some kind of hook to wrap the wires around, but I use velcro ties to keep the wire together, such as the ones that come with laptop chargers.

        At under £15 the price is hard to argue with, and this heater is great value for money. However, I do think there are better heaters on the market that are more effective, less noisy, less smelly and quicker at heating a room. I bought this heater at Wilkinson's, which offers it at £13.00 + online delivery at £6.30, or alternatively free delivery via click and collect services. I have also seen the same item for sale at Robert Dyas, Tesco, Asda, and Amazon, though Amazon's price is signficantly more (£20).

        I think this is a great device for elderly people, or useful for any cold spots in the house or general heating/boiler emergencies. Simple to use, small enough to store away when you're not using it, and with useful safety functions, it's a cheap and effective enough way to warm up this winter.


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