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Big K Instant Lighting Firelog

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No firelighter or kindling required, simply light the wrapper!

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    1 Review
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      24.01.2009 18:14
      Very helpful



      Bring on summer!

      On these long winter nights I am not finding the central heating enough to keep us cosy. It's not that the central heating doesn't go high enough, it's more a case of, warm downstairs and cooked upstairs if I increase the temperature on the dial to one that suits the living room. With the comfort of everyone in the house in mind, I prefer to keep the central heating low and light the fire as a boost in the evenings for those of us who burn the midnight oil downstairs while the younger members of the household sleep upstairs.

      I am a lazy firelighter. I love the warm glow of real fire. I find the leaping flames enchanting and appreciate the comforting, flickering light that comes from a real fire, but I hate the work required to get a' proper' fire going and the continual addition of smaller bits of wood or paper required to get a real log fire raging. The effort never quite seems worth it.

      Although I do occasionally use real logs, particularly if I intend to keep the fire going for most of the day, more frequently I use easy instant light fire logs. I simply place the wrapped log in the centre of my fireplace, slightly towards the rear, and light the wrapper seam in two places (on top, at either end) with a standard disposable cigarette lighter. Within two minutes half the log is blazing silently in the hearth. It takes a further ten minutes before the entire log catches but when it does it burns evenly with a row of leaping flames, not just one huge flame. The log doesn't give off a great deal of heat. On a cold night this would not warm my small 14 by 12 foot lounge on its own and I would have to switch the central heating on too, but it definitely makes the difference on those cold nights when I turn the heating down to make the bedrooms more comfortable for the sleepers.

      Each log is said to last 2-3 hours, but I find they generally last closer to 2 than 3 hours, perhaps I have a particularly drafty fireplace. They burn to leave a fine layer of ash, much of which falls through the grate, and being, as I said earlier, a lazy firelighter, I generally use half a dozen logs before I even contemplate sweeping the hearth (I have been known to vacuum the ash out!). I have lived in this house for ten years and last year was the first that I had the chimney swept. Even after at least nine years without a sweeping, the chimney sweep told me that there was barely any soot up there and there was no real reason to do it. As I know next to nothing about soot, I cannot say for definite that using these logs has prevented a build up, but the penny-pincher in me likes to think so.

      As for penny-pinching, these logs are not a cheap alternative to solid fuel, either coal or wood. Currently retailing (January 2009) at £1.70 per log from Asda, I can easily light 2 in an evening. Racking up an extra £23.80 per week on my heating bill!

      No fire lighter or kindling required
      Quick and easy to light
      Burns evenly

      No crackling wood sound as it burns
      No smell
      Does not provide a lot of heat
      Can work out very expensive if used regularly.


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