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Challenge 1.6kW Halogen Heater

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5 Reviews

Manufacturer: Challenge / Type: Halogen Heater

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    5 Reviews
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      10.11.2013 15:46
      Very helpful
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      In my flat, it is very much needed.

      I live in a particulalrly cold flat, its actually an old victorian mansion, its got very high ceilings, about 20 feet and like all old flats it takes absolutely ages to heat and also has all the heat retaining ability of an armoured vehicle. The windows are single pane and cant be changed to double glazing so its a real wind tunnel. Last winter, well it got pretty cold and so I purhased this halgoen lamp heater as additional heating to my central heating. I know it uses allot of electricity but it is a quick fix to an immediate problem.

      My mum and dad have this heater in their house and I was impressed at how powerful it was. I have seen allot of halogen heaters around in shops but when it comes to electronics I only buy top qulaity stuff at the more expensive end or only buy recommendations like in this case.

      First thing you notice is that it is very light, and the hard resin plastic case feels alittle clunky and badly made, to be honest I have seen and used a few halogen heaters and this tends to be the case with almost all of them.

      Inside the hard resin plastic casing you have a reflective back sheet I think it may be made of aluminium or perhaps very thin steel and 4 halogen filaments. There is a metal grill over the filaments so no little kiddies can touch the bright looking fun things. I thought that the casing might get too warm of melt, but it doesnt get too hot to handle, maybe a little, but if you have had it on and then you want to move it you only need to turn it off and leave it for 5 minutes to cool down enough to move it, its never absolutely boiling.

      The main heater componant is attached to a pivot at the bottom of the main stand, and this can oscillate and move the heat around nicely is a rough 180 degree range The pivot is attached to a hard resin plastic base that is oval shaped and roughtly the size of a rubgy ball. The dimensions for the heater are Height 64 cm and width 41 cm, depth 30.5 cm. There is a handle built into the top of the main unit so you can shift it around easily.

      It is fairly easy to operate, it has four plastic buttons at the top of the filament componant (the main section). There is one main button which is red and is the on/off button and then next to it there are three white buttons that basically control the amount of filaments that you want lit up, the more filaments that you put on the more heat it puts out. Each bulb that you switch on produces 400 watts of heat, so it goes up in increments of 400 up to 1600 watts power and I have found this to be more than adequete, but watch your energy bill. The halogen lamps give out a strong orange glow and I think this gives the pychological effect of making you feel even warmer.

      A great feature is the safety switch, once the base leaves the floor say if it has been knocked over , then a switch is released because of lack of weight on it and the heaters turn off striaght away. This is great if you have kids or pets that might knock it.

      It is fairly light at 3.5 Kgs, but this is fairly heavy considering some of the smaller hot air heaters out there.
      The heater only set me back £40 on Amazon and the instruction manual advises you which bulbs to buy should you need spare halogen bulbs for it, you can get these from most online stockists, but I have not had any need to do this so far.


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        24.10.2013 16:56
        Very helpful
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        4 stars

        In our cottage we are always trying to find ways to keep us warm. The cottage has very thick walls and sometimes we are not there for months at a time so it can get very cold. It has no central heating and we try to find ways to heat it up as quickly as possible. There have been times we have sat in the car to warm up it as been that cold!

        This halogen heater is one of the heaters we have there and I think it is effective at providing instant warmth although it isn't extremely effective at heating an entire room.

        The heater cost us less than £20 which I thought was a good price to pay, I think it was £16 at the time from a local shop.

        It is quite light so if you want to move it around it's easy to do but it also means that it can easily topple over if you knock into it. We are always very careful to make sure this is on a flat surface and we will never leave it on if we go out.

        It turns 180 degrees which helps to spread the heat but you can make it stay in one position if you want to concentrate the heat in one place. It has various bars which light up so you can choose whether you use 400w, 800w or 1200w which is helpful for energy efficiency but also if you don't want it to be too hot.

        Instantly you feel the heat and it can be very warm. If you stand too close it will start to burn a little so we always keep this a few yards from where we are sitting and turn it down to a lower wattage if it is too warm.

        It really heats the place in front of it well but I find as soon as you move away form that area it feels just as cold. I know it isn't as when I've gone from one room then back into the room where this is it does feel a little warmer but it certainly isn't very warm. It is only very warm directly in front of it. For this reason we use this to provide instant heat in a particular area like when we first arrive and the children are playing whilst we unpack.

        It does get very, very hot and so you have to be careful even after it is turned off the metal bars are still roasting so it is dangerous, we have to be very careful when the grandchildren are around.

        It is a good heater so I give it 4 stars.


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          18.09.2013 22:42
          Very helpful
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          A great value heater that's brilliant for winter

          I decided it would be a good idea to have a spare heater just in case anything ever went wrong with the central heating or in case we needed a bit of extra warmth in the winter. I didn't want one that was to expensive as I didn't expect to use it that often so when I spotted this halogen heater by Challenge in Argos for £25 I bought it.

          The heater looks very much the same as most electric halogen heaters with a white plastic edge surrounding the heater itself which is covered by a protective metal mesh. On the top there are four clearly visible buttons, three of which change the amount of heat emitted and one which determines whether the heater rotates or stays stationary. The base is circular and sturdy and there are also handles for carrying it around more easily. However it is quite bulky and at 64 (H) x 41 (W) x 30.5 (D) cm the heater takes up a fair bit of room.

          The heater has a power output of 1.6 kW. It does a brilliant job of heating up our living room and within about 10-15 minutes the room feels toasty. Indeed, if I sit to close I find myself getting a bit to warm and have to turn it down a bit or move away. The heater can also rotate from side-to-side to spread heat to all parts of the room. It wobbles a bit when doing this on carpet but is fine on hard flooring. The heater lights up while on to give a gentle light which is much like a low lamp and gives a good impression of warmth. For safety and peace of mind the heater also has a cut-out switch in case it overheats or is knocked over.

          The major downside is that in common with other electric heaters is very expensive to run and we only ever use occasionally for short periods at a time. Aside from this is works well and has been great heater given the price paid for it.


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            15.09.2012 19:03
            Very helpful



            Small and handy to have in winter.

            This heater is a good buy , me and my partner only paid i think about £20 for it at the time.
            We live in a small to medium sized flat which for some reason get very cold in winter, and very hot in the summer, unfortunately there is never any inbetween.
            So last year it got very cold in mid winter, and we had previously chucked another rubbish heater away, and needed a new one very soon as i was 3 months pregnant at the time and the cold is never good for a pregnant lady.
            So we bought this one, it was easy to find and easy to unpack as it comes in a one unit setup.
            We are only hooked up to electric in our home , so everythng is run from electric (cooker ect), so this is why an electric plug in heater was out only option really.
            Once you plug it in there are a few functions on the top which are for turning around, and the others act like a 1, 2, and 3 button which turn just one set of lights on, or two sets , or all three of the lights which will project the maximum amount of heat .
            We use it in our living room and number 3 for about 10 minutes usually does the trick depending on how cold it is, and stays warmer for longer with the door shut.
            The only minimal downfall is that it does wack your electric bill up quite a bit but thats to be expected. They normally come with a promise that "this heater is cheap to run", but really this never happens. Thia isnt too bad for us because we dont have a gas bill anyway but if you do just be slightly warned.
            Besudes that it is compact slim and will look good anywhere in the room, so if your thinking of buying one just do it wjhat have you got to loose?
            Thank you for reading,


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            12.02.2012 12:01
            Very helpful
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            Great for small rooms or as a secondary heat source

            We don't have any central heating in our house only a gas fire and a couple of heaters in case it
            gets really cold. Unfortunately when they built our house in 1890 and gave it lovely high ceilings
            they never thought how hard it would be to heat the place (or what a pain it is to change a light bulb) Fast forward 122 years and add a few more drafts from wonky walls and doors and it's a cold place
            to live I'm sure I've just seen a brass monkey cuddling a polar bear to keep warm on the stairway.

            In the last few years halogen heaters have become pretty popular and readily available with every
            shop from Poundstretcher to the supermarkets and electrical stores seem to be piled high with
            different versions costing anything from £10 upwards We've had and destroyed a few of the cheaper halogen heaters but none of them have really lasted so this time I decided to pay a bit more and
            bought this one from Argos to see if it would be any better and if it would last any longer. As with everything these days there is some self assembly required but at least it only involves threading the cable through the hole in the base,putting the base onto the heater and tightening up the wing nuts.

            If you're looking for a stylish heater you're probably better looking elsewhere even the more
            expensive ones like this somehow manage to look a bit on the cheap side.The heater is made
            of a white plastic material with a reflective metal behind the 4 halogen elements which are covered
            with a metal grill. The heater is attached by only one pivotal joint to the oval base so it can oscillate
            ( posh term for turns from side to side! )and supposedly spread the heat around rather than aiming
            it in one direction.

            There are four buttons on the top which allow you to choose the heat setting by how many bars you
            want lit and one button to switch on or off. The plastic casing on the heater never gets more than
            slightly warm so there's no chance of it burning you if you accidentally knock into it or any need for it
            to be switched off for a while before you move it. The dimensions of the heater are H64cm x W41cm
            x D30.5cm. it's also really light at around 3.5kg and has a recess at the back to use as a handle so
            it's easy to move around doesn't take up too much space.

            One of the good features of this heater (and most of the halogen heaters) is the safety cut out switch
            which means the heater will cut out instantly if someone accidentally bumps it or if it's picked up or
            tipped. While I do think this is really handy for added safety in a house where there are often kids
            and pets running riot it does have a downside especially if the base is as wobbly as ours is.

            The heater has to be sitting on a flat surface to work or it thinks it's being tipped over and won't
            switch on due to the safety switch. On this heater and a couple of the other ones we've owned the connection between the base and the heater has been too wobbly which means it's hard to get it
            sitting perfectly flat. Being an old house our floorboards aren't perfectly flat and resemble the rejects from a first years woodwork class this means every time we move the heater we have to mess about
            to get it sitting straight usually with a bit of help from a beer mat or two.

            At 1600 watts this heater is slightly more powerful than our previous halogen heaters but I don't
            find much difference in the heat it provides and definitely not enough of a difference to warrant buying this over the cheaper models. The halogen heaters don't really heat a room so they are really only
            useful as a secondary heat source unless it's a really small room. In our house if you are sitting on the couch your legs will be warm while your upper body is still cold as the heater really only provides a decent heat if you are right in front of it.

            One of the nice things about the halogen heaters is they give of a nice warm glowing bright orange
            light when they are on. This means the room looks lovely and warm so hopefully your brain will be
            tricked into thinking your body's warm while in reality in our house at the moment you're probably somewhere near to hypothermia.

            The halogen heaters are marketed as being more energy efficient than many of the portable heating solutions that are available such as fan or electric coil heaters. I haven't noticed much difference in
            my electric usage between the various halogen heaters despite them varying from 1000 on our
            original one to 1600 watts on this one. The halogen heaters do definitely beat most other types of
            plug in heaters I've used previously on electric consumption but sadly they don't beat them on heat.

            While this doesn't provide enough heat for a large room it does work well as an additional heat
            source or to heat a small room which also would make it perfect for caravans or conservatories etc.
            We've had this one for around 4 months and so far it still works but the base seems to be getting
            looser and wobblier as time goes on. The halogen bulbs do eventually give up on these heaters
            some quicker than others but they are replaceable although I would advise checking the cost and
            availability of spare bulbs before buying the heater as we've seen them priced anywhere from £2
            on Ebay to £40 online which would obviously make replacing the bulbs pointless.

            We paid £39.99 for this at Argos and it's currently available for £42.99 but although it is slightly
            warmer than our other current heater which cost £22 to be honest I can't find enough difference
            in the performance of this one over a £20 one to warrant paying the extra cash.


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