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Connect It ES127NS Portable Fan Heater

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2 Reviews

Brand: Connect It / Type: Fan Heater / Power: 2,000 Watt

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    2 Reviews
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      02.01.2014 09:15
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      2 stars

      This is one of our heaters that we have in our cottage. It was only cheap when we bought it last year (£8.00). We chose it because it was small and portable so we thought it would be useful as a lot of our other heaters are bigger and this makes moving them from room to room- especially when they might be hot- quite difficult. Sadly we are not very impressed by it.

      We do have other heaters from this brand that we quite like so this one not being great was a bit of a surprise.

      This is a fan heater so it produces heat right away and pushes it around the room as it sucks in the air and then blows it out warm. Fan heaters are good because the air circulates the room and we find that it soon warms up a room compared to a hallogen one.This one is 2000 watts and so does get the air circulating fast and you feel instant heat. It has two heat settings so you can choose if you want it warm or hot and it has speed settings too so you can choose how fast the fan goes. There is a button which shows you if it is on or off which glows red so this is useful. You would think it's obvious when it's on because it would be whirring away but this is not the case!

      When this fan gets too hot it shuts down and stops automatically as a safety device. This can then make you jump when it suddenly starts up again! So this is why the red button is so important, you may think it is turned off but actually it isn't so you can see just at a glance that it's just shut down rather than turned off and will restart again.

      So that's the good bit! The bad bit? Well it shuts down all too quickly! It seems to overheat after a minute or so and then shut off. It also smells a bit as though it is sucking in dust which is burning in the motor. This always concerns me as I worry it will set on fire or that the smell it's producing isn't very healthy! We try to keep this on the low heat so it will stay on as long as possible but that isn't as effective at all. We do still use this a little as it's only light weight so easy to move to one room to give it a quick blast to take the chill off but it is really not a long-term use thing and we are disappointed by it.

      I don't recommend this, there are much better ones out there for not a lot more money so definitely look at something else.


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      09.12.2013 09:13
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      A cheap and cheerful heater

      Before I bought my first house I used to live in a flat which only has limited storage space as well as a frankly rubbish electric heating system. I would have loved to have gotten gas central heating but being in a block of flats with no gas connection that wasn't going to be an option so I had to make do with my old electric system. To be honest most of the time the electric heating was fine and I did also have a wall mounted electric fire which threw off a lot of heat for those cold winter night on the couch. I also had an electric blanket so I was snug most of the time in my flat but there was the odd night when the temperatures were really low and the air in my flat was on the chilly side so for those times I bought myself a cheap little portable electric heater.

      I bought the heater from Wilkinsons and it only cost me £10 so most definitely falls into the cheap and cheerful bracket.
      It isn't fancy looking so I wouldn't buy this if you are looking for something stylish to impress your guests. What you do get is an extremely portable fan heater that throws off a surprising amount of heat given its diminutive size.
      When I say it isn't stylish it is actually quite ugly but I do think it has quite a nice shape to it. The heater is an upright one so sits nicely flat on the floor and curves into a circular shape. It is really compact measuring only 10 inches in height and just under 8 inches in height. All along the front are slats for the warm air to get out and a couple of knobs for adjusting the heat.

      What really gives its inexpensive price away is the really cheap white plastic that is used in its construction and the brand that makes it. It is made by a company called connect-it which is a brand I have never heard of and I assume they make a variety of cheap products for sale in discount stores.
      The cheap plastic used in its construction is so flimsy that I would be scared to drop the heater from even the shortest of heights as I am sure it would smash to smithereens upon contact with the floor. The main advantage to this cheap construction is just how lightweight said cheap plastic makes the heater. It is so light that it feels toy like but this does make it ideal for older people and for taking it in caravans etc. as even the weakest of people would have absolutely no problems with carrying it. It also has a little handle on top for carrying it but as this is very narrow you would need to have really small hands for it to be much use to you.

      The compact size also makes it extremely easy for storage. As storage space was limited in my flat I did appreciate the fact that in spring I could just put the heater to the back of my cupboard and forget about it until winter came round again without it taking up valuable space.

      Using the heater is an absolute doddle and there are no electric settings or LCD screens to worry about with it. It is simply a case of plugging the heater in and adjusting the knob to adjust the power coming from the fan.
      There are only two heat settings but in my experience if you are bothering to put the heater on in the first place then you will want to put it on its highest as the lower setting doesn't give off enough heat to make it worthwhile.
      The knob for adjusting the power seems to be a bit pointless as other than turning the heater on it doesn't seem to make the slightest difference to the power that is emitted from the heater.

      This isn't a quiet little heater and when you turn it on the fan makes a burring noise which is quite loud and annoying especially for such a small thing. You do get used to it after a while but I can imagine if I were using it in a confined space then it would soon start to grate on my nerves.
      It also gives off a horrible smell when it is turned on to heat sort of like melting plastic. This did give me some cause for concern when I just used it but as I have had it quite a while now I assume there is nothing wrong with it and this is just a smell it gives off and something that I have to put up with for buying cheap.

      As for heat the little heater does an adequate job of heating the air in a smallish room. It is never going to be able to keep a massive room warm but I did find that in my bedroom for instance if I was finding it chilly I could place the heater in the corner and it would fill my room with warm air throughout within about 10 minutes. It doesn't make it tropical but it makes a huge difference in the depths of winter when the air temperature in my room was freezing cold.
      The big problem with the warm air that it gives off is that it can become really dry and uncomfortable especially on my throat and skin and I do notice the difference with the dryness in the air.

      As well as heating a room this fan heater can also be used for cool air and I have used it a fair few times in summer. I have a proper fan but I have placed this next to my bed to help keep me cool when the weather is really warm and it actually does a decent enough job blowing cool air and helping keep me comfortable.

      As for money I am afraid that I have no idea how much this costs to run but it must be quite economical as I have used it loads and sometimes for hours at a time and I haven't noticed any big difference in my electric bills when using it.

      Yes this is an ugly cheap little heater and it would be absolutely no good for someone who was looking for a heater that was going to be their main source of heat but for a cheap little heater it does an adequate job of supplementing whatever heating you already have just giving you that little bit extra heat and making life just a little bit more comfortable when the weather is cold. Because of its compact size it is also ideal for caravans and sheds etc.

      I don't use this anywhere near as often as I did in my old flat as I find that with the gas central heating I don't really have as much call for it anymore but I have still used it a couple of times and it still works exactly the same. I do use it in summer still though to help cool the air down as there is nothing worse than trying to sleep in a hot room. For the money that I paid for this I can't really complain. It isn't the world's best heater but then I didn't expect it to be for the money that I paid. It is functional and if you close all the doors and shut the curtains it will help make a smallish room a lot cosier.


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