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Manufacturer: DeLonghi / Radiator / Alimentation: Electric / Oil Filled / 3 Heating Levels / Timer / Thermostat / Anti Freeze / Wheels

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    1 Review
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      08.06.2011 13:38
      Very helpful



      An O.K device, but there must be better out there!?

      If you have a room in your house of which the central heating system doesn't quite reach, or you live in a caravan or holiday home with a weak system, look no further than the Delonghi radiator range. I've owned my 6707E for several years, and it has served the loft extention of my detached double-garage every winter ever since. This is a product you can trust to keep you warm and cosy throughout those cold, treacherous January nights - and heres why:

      After using the oil filled heating machine many times, here are what I believe to be its greatest features:
      - Multiple settings of power - even though there are only three switches for low, medium and high power, there is also a gauge to decipher the level of heat for each of those settings. i.e, you can have the heater on the medium switch, but also on any of six numerical sub levels annotated on the gauge.
      - The device is remarkably light, much lighter than a wall radiator of a similar size, and this helps with transportation massively.
      - When heated up to its full potential, the machine works consistently and seems to radiate the heat well, even across considerable spaces. I reckon that with every 200-300 additional square feet another heater is needed/required.
      - the heater only required one house-hold plug to operate.

      Despite the user being able to choose in quite a high level of detail the heaters power, there is no mention of what temperature this produces - something which you are left to guess or sense yourself. The wheels on the machine are largely useless and frequently become stuck on thick carpet (not idea for an elderly user attempting to change its position in the cold). It is much better to lift and carry the heater (considering its relatively low weight advantage). The machine also takes a while to heat up (roughly 5-6 minutes by my watch) which isn't acceptable when you're in need of heating an area in quick timing. Also, despite the heater being able to radiate heat effectively once its in full swing, it can take a long while for the heat to spread through cold air to begin with - opn windows can disrupt its power catastrophically.

      when you're using the radiator to warm your hands it becomes apparant that the majority of the heat escapes through the top of the heater. I realise that heat rises, but it seems odd that the sides don't heat as well.

      *Remember: never place items over the top of the device, especially not clothing. This can cause overheating and even fires which can spread through a house in a matter of minutes!

      Overall, a good piece of kit for someone struggling with their heating system. Not something you would use to heat indoor events or shows, as you would need far too many for this to work effectively.


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