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DeLonghi HCS2053T

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Manufacturer: DeLonghi / Type: Convector heater

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    2 Reviews
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      16.02.2012 16:20
      Very helpful



      Warm all round

      The De'Longhi HCS2053T electric convector heater is the best portable heater we've had to date.

      Although it doesn't look like anything spectacular with its black and white colouring, it is an amazing heater.

      We purchased this heater to warm up an large living room in an old house, as the heater hadn't worked properly since we moved in. The De'Longhi heater was meant to be a temporary heater, but has remained in our living room ever since. It warms up the room in no time.

      This heater has three different settings- 1000w, 1500w and 2500w. In order to warm up our living room to a nice core temperature in the middle of winter, we only have to place it on the highest setting for about twenty minutes (or about 40 minutes on the lowest temperature).

      The heater has a 24 hour timer, and a built in thermostat, so the heater turns off automatically when it has heated the rooms up adequately. It has saved us quite a lot on our electricity bill, due to the fact that the heater maintains its heat so well.

      On a couple of occasions, I have forgotten to turn the heater off- which is why the overheat safety thermostat cut-out is so good, particularly as this was in our bedroom when the baby was first born.

      This heater is wall mountable, although the one time I did try and mount it, I wasn't overly happy with how sturdy it felt on the wall. For us though, that's not much of an issue. It has a handle, which has been perfect for us moving it from one room to another while it's still hot.

      The heater has been a godsend from the start- really easy to put together, and it hasn't let us down once, in well over a year.

      I would recommend this heater as it's the most reliable one we have had. It makes no noise whatsoever, and it's really lightweight. It's a little pricey for a portable heater (normally retailing for between £50-£65), but like I've said a thousand times before....I guess sometimes you really get what you've paid for!


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      14.02.2012 00:34
      Very helpful



      Hot stuff coming from one neat little place

      It's been a pretty cold winter recently and my time in my 'shed' would have been a bit colder than I would have hoped if I hadn't replaced the old broken electric heater that I have been using to keep the shed warm.
      My old heater had done me proud, managing to throw out quite a bit of heat when I need it, but as with many things these days I don't think it was built to last. So, after it failed on me I had to replace it as I knew that the 'shed' would be too cold if I didn't replace the heater.
      Anyway, on my search for a new heater, and believe me there are hundreds out there at all different prices, I came across one that had a name imprinted on it that I recognised, although not just on heaters, on such things as toasters, coffee machines and a few other pieces of kitchen equipment too. The name I saw was in fact the name DeLonghi, with the heater itself being called the DeLonghi HCS2053T portable heater, and, as the name states, it is a heater that is portable.

      Firstly, the basic stats about this portable heater...

      It's a convector type heater with a 3KW watt maximum wattage. It can be free standing or wall mounted,
      It has 3 heat settings, a thermostat controller, a manual timer and lovely little lights to indicate that it is either on or off

      The three heat setting are...
      Maximum is 3000W
      Medium is 1800W
      Minimum is 1200W

      It has what is called a 'frost protection' which means that if the temperature falls below 5°C then the heater will cut out.

      What does it look like then..?

      It's basically a white metal body with two black toughened plastic sides which attach to a couple of sturdy supporting feet. There is what looks like a mouth trapped behind a set of wire teeth, think Hannibal Lecter in Silence of the Lambs.
      On the left side there are the controls, such as the power selector, the thermostat and the timer if needed. All these controls run down the left leg just underneath the indent that is used for picking up the heater.
      Then right at the top, above the handle grove, there is three little lights that glow up depending on the settings that the heater is on, such as the minimum, medium and fan settings.
      It's a nice size as well, being approximately 460mm high by 210mm wide and 770mm long, weighing in at a around 6kg so it is easily portable without floating away with the hot air.

      Using the heater...

      That is just a matter of plugging it in, making sure the little switch on the timer dial is not on the little clock setting, then turning the top dial to a heat setting, 1, 2, or 3. Then turn the next knob, the thermostat, to the temperature you want.
      This will turn the heat on whilst giving you full control so that it shuts itself off when the room around the heater gets to the required temperature.

      The heat comes out of the top, obviously, and as the grill is designed in such as way that more heat comes out, making it throw out more heat in a quicker time than others which have narrower mouths.

      Using the timer...

      The timer is the type that you have to pull out the tiny little notches, loads of them in fact, until there's enough pulled out to get the times you need, then flick the little switch to what looks like a clock and, as long as it is plugged in, the timer turns around like a clock and the little notches come into play. If the little switch is not on the clock symbol then the timer will not be in play.
      It reminds me of the older version plug in timers that you used to get, which I still have a few of knocking around the house.
      Setting it is a matter of plugging in the heater, pulling out the corresponding sections to where you want the timer to come off and go off, select the heat setting you want and then simply turn the timer dial around to the right time. The timer will then turn around like a clock and come on, go off when the little sections come around.

      The timer will stop working when the heater is unplugged so it will have to be turned to the right time to get the right settings again.

      My opinion...

      This is a fine little heater and, for it's size, throws out plenty of heat in no time at all, put that together with the lovely little easy to set timer you've got one nice piece of equipment that will heat up any average size rooms.
      As I said I use this in what I call my shed, which is as I sounds, a wooden shed that I tend to use for doing some working from sometimes, either sitting at a desk on a computer or maybe piecing something together. But what ever I'm doing I like to be warm and, especially over the passed few weeks, it has been pretty cold out there.
      But this little heater has certainly done exactly what it's supposed to do since I put it in the shed, it has kept me warm whilst I've been there.

      It can be used either by sitting on the floor or wall mounted, but it comes with the fittings to do it either way, such as the big black plastic feet which the heater slots onto, or the wall brackets to attach it to, well, to the wall.
      Personally I had it on the floor for a while, mainly due to the fact that I was a bit hesitant to attach it to the wooden walls, but after I got hold of a fire resistant panel that I screwed to the wooden wall first then screwed this to that, I now have this heater screwed to the wall and it is keeping me as warm as it should be.

      When it is throwing out the heat it is pretty quiet indeed, which is good for those quiet moments, which I tend to enjoy when I'm in my 'shed', and considering the heat it can push out it is a cracking little heater indeed.

      The price to get you a little heat inside a cold room is going to be about £60.00, which is not a bad price at all when you see exactly what this little beauty looks like.


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    • Product Details

      DeLonghi HCS2053T Electric Convector Heater / Great for medium to large rooms that need to be kept at a constant temperature the DeLonghi HCS2053T Electric Convector Heater heats up quickly and has a 24 hour timer. Convectors provide rapid warmth and are suitable for rooms where spot heat is needed. Their technology means that they are extremely quiet and light and are also easy to move from room to room. 3kW covector heater 3 heat settings: 1000W / 1500W / 2500W 24hr timer Thermostat to set and automatically maintain the desired temperature and save on running costs 3 year guarantee Frost protection - avoids temperature falling below 5C Overheat safety thermostat cut-out Built in carrying handles

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