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DeLonghi HVE134 Essentials

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: DeLonghi / Type: Fan Heater

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    2 Reviews
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      13.10.2012 15:24
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      Life saver for me at the moment

      I moved into a new flat recently and although I do love the flat and the area we have discovered quite a lot of things which need fixing, and one of the main ones is the heating! Luckily we do at least have hot water, but the dial to turn the central heating on is broken. Until it gets fixed, I have been relying on this little fan heater from DeLonghi and I am finding it an absolute life saver.

      The heater is very small and portable. It is really light and easy to carry around a flat or house and it has a small groove in the back which serves as a carry handle. It has a rounded shape with a flat base, as pictured, so it is freestanding and does not take up much space. This is great, as I can keep it really near to me to get the most out of the heat. For example while writing this and browsing online I have been sitting with this heater on a chair next to me and my feet on the chair. It also fits easily on the little table next to my bed so before getting up in the morning I put it on there to give a quick blast of heat. The heater just plugs into the mains socket and the wire is medium length so you do need to have a socket close by to use it.

      As well as the portability, the best thing about this is that it provides a good amount of heat as soon as you turn it on and there is no waiting around. It is a 2400 watt power heater, which seems to be enough for my purposes. It has 2 dials at the top to adjust the heat, and I normally turn it up to 4 (out of 6). This is plenty warm enough an the heat does spread out somewhat into the room, although it doesn't really fill the rooms of our flat as it is just a cold flat by its nature (large, old, old windows) but it does provide good pockets of heat if you are within a metre or so of it! When I first started using it I turned it straight up to 6 but there seems to be some kind of mechanism to cut it out after a few minutes of use on this high setting. I found that quite annoying but when I use it on setting 4 it has never turned itself off and I can have it on the go for a couple of hours at a time.

      The only negative that I can think of is that it easily gets dusty due to all the little ridges on the front which gather dust, but it is easy to wipe it down once you have turned it off.

      I can't really say how much this costs in electricity to run, as our energy bills are the same each month at the moment based on an estimate but I assume it is costing less to run than if we were using the actual central heating!

      The heater is quite cheap to buy. This was my brother's but I have looked into getting another (as my flatmate takes this one nearly every morning and is not that keen to share even though it is more mine than hers lol) and they can be bought for about £20.

      I would definitely recommend it. Even if you have central heating that works, this is a great back up if you have any problems and are left with no heat.


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        10.02.2012 15:39
        Very helpful



        Versatile, small and very lightweight fan heater from Delonghi

        Although I have lived in homes with gas central heating for many years now, it's a fact of life that boilers can, and do, break down. As a result it's always a good idea to have some form of back up heating and I have two oil filled radiator electric heaters for this very job.

        Unfortunately these heaters can be a little slow to heat up and a good alternative is the fan heater. I've owned several different types of fan heater over the years and my most recent acquisition is the Delonghi 2.4 kw HVE 134 fan heater.

        I must be honest here and say I was drawn to this heater because it looks far better than the old, unbranded rectangular fan heaters I used to have. This heater costs £19.99 in Argos - I have owned mine for a couple of years now and paid about the same price then.

        ~~The Look~~

        The Delonghi fan heater has a rounded look with the two control buttons located on the top of the heater. These look a little like ears at the top of the rounded grille which juts out of the more angular frame a little like a face.

        The heater is white and has a black cable and plug - the cable measures 170 cm. The dimensions of the heater are H25.4, W23.8, D17.7cm. It's also incredibly light - I don't know the exact weight but it's very light - as a comparison it's much lighter than a large scented candle I have on my sideboard!

        ~~Using the Heater~~

        The Deloghi is simplicity itself to use. There are two control buttons - one to switch the heater on and choose a setting and the other to choose which speed you want the fan to operate at.

        The "off" position is 0 and you then get the choice of a snowflake for cold air and then the numbers 1 and 2 for heat levels. On the speed button you can choose between 1 and 6 with 1 being the slowest speed for the fan and 6 being the fastest with a maximum output of 2.4 kw.

        The heater has a thermostat which automatically switches the heater off when it's reached the required temperature for the setting you have chosen and it won't go back on again until the thermostat cools down.

        ~~My Thoughts~~

        Generally I do like this heater - although I have to be honest here and say what I like best about it is its versatility due to the fact it blows cold air too. When I lived in London I used to have fans running all summer long but since returning to Scotland I don't need them anything like as often so a dual purpose item such as this suits me far better.

        In use the heater is quite noisy and you are always aware of it being on. When it is switched on as a heater the warm air comes through fairly quickly, making this ideal if you need a quick burst of hot air in a specific area.

        I find the controls fairly easy to use - you just turn the dials around to the desired setting. My only gripe is they are indented into the grey plastic which does make them tricky to see if your eyesight isn't what it was. The dials do move fairly easily however.

        The heater has what Delonghi call an "integrated handle" which is a grooved area at the rear of the heater which is designed in such a way to accommodate your four digits while your thumb is positioned between the controls at the top of the heater to help carry it. It's not the best carrying handle I have ever seen, but it's functional.

        Due to the size of the heater it tends to work best in small rooms or for specific areas - so if, for instance, you are going to be in a large room but sitting in the same place it's ideal for keeping you warm. I use it in my living room when I am sitting at my computer but my living room - which is pretty big - isn't completely warmed by the air coming out of it.

        The heater doesn't oscillate either. I don't find this an issue when I am using the Delonghi for hot air but it's a bit of a drawback when I use it to keep a room cool. Generally I find I have to position the heater close to where I am sitting to really reap the benefits of the cool air it generates. I dislike hot air being blown in my face regularly so actually don't mind it being static as a heater.

        I don't find this heater particularly expensive to run - although that may well be because I generally only use it for fairly short periods of time. Extensive use - especially at the higher settings will see your electricity bill creeping upwards so bear that in mind.

        Maintenance is easy - you can keep it clean by dusting it with a microfibre cloth and it's prudent to vacuum the grilled areas at the back and front of the heater using a hose attachment to stop dust building up inside the unit, much as you would do with the fan on your computer. Fans are sadly a well known dust magnet.

        Overall I do really like this heater. If you want to use it to heat a large room my advice would be to buy two, but the output is good and it does heat the surrounding area fairly quickly. The thermostat does tend to cut out pretty quickly on the lower settings but if you have this running at heat setting 2 and fan speed 6 it will run for about an hour before the thermostat kicks in, which is plenty of time to really warm the area up. There's no timer function however so always remember to switch it off and unplug it when you don't need it in use.

        The design is good I reckon - it may not be the prettiest fan heater out there but the wide, flat base keeps the heater stable. The lead isn't overlong either which also helps minimise the heater being accidentally knocked over. The top of the heater stays cool but the bottom does get pretty hot once the heater is in full flow but it's worth mentioning it does cool down pretty quickly once you switch it off.

        On colder days when I really don't want to switch the heating on when I'm only using one room, I do find this a nifty heater to use - especially if I know I am only going to need the heat on for a fairly short period of time. Where it really wins in the "back up heater" category is its size, which is worth bearing in mind if storage space is tight. It's less than a fifth of the size of my Delonghi Dragon oil filled radiator and is as light as a feather in comparison, making it easy to move from place to place too.

        The cold air feature is a nice bonus too although I would question how useful it would be in somewhere warmer than Scotland in summer due to the fact it doesn't oscillate.

        For the money however I reckon this is great buy - it's effective, safe and if used in moderation, relatively inexpensive to run.


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        DeLonghi HVE134 Essentials 2.4kW White Upright Fan Heater

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