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DeLonghi HVF3033

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Manufacturer: DeLonghi / Type: Fan Heater

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    1 Review
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      31.08.2012 10:44
      Very helpful



      Great product!

      A couple months after moving into a new house my room started to condensate and get moldy, the air in the room also started to become like ice. It wasn't until my dad took off the vent plate to repair that we realise there was a huge hole in the wall underneath it and the plate was just a cover up. To get this repaired would have cost quite a bit of money so in the meantime we covered up the hole to the best of our abilities and opted to but an electric heater. We chose the purchase this one from the DeLonhi brand because we already own a few products from them and they were good quality, hoping that this would live up to out pre-set expectations.

      We paid around £20 for this product from a warehouse clearance account on ebay, I think the RRP is about £30 but it differs between £20-30 depending on where you shop so it's best to have a look around before parting with your cash.

      This isn't greatly fancy or extraordinary it just has the basic features which you would need in an electric heater, there is a thermostat and a fan speed control so you can set the temperature according to the needs of any specific room, which is very handy if you only want it a little warmer and you don't want the fan going at full power.

      There is also a cooling device in this heater which we use in the summer. When it gets too hot for the dog we move the heater downstairs to the front room and use it there, it must work because right near the heater/cooler is his favourite place to sit when its there! The only thing that is a tiny bit of a let down with this is that the heater doesn't rotate and circulate the air around the room, so all of the cool air seems to stay in one area.

      For those of you who worry about the heater over heating and creating a fire, that shouldn't be a problem with this product because it has a cut off when the heater goes over a certain temperature. This is a relief to me because I always panic about these things to the fact that the cut off is there gives me a piece of mind!

      Couldn't be easier to use, you just have to plug it into the mains for the power, then just adjust the two knobs to the temperature and fan speed you want and off it goes. I was very happy with the ease of use and there's no messing around before hand the product can be used straight away one it's out of the box.

      The performance is very good. If I put the temperature to just over midway then the room tends to be noticeably warmer within about 5 minutes, the same goes for the cooling function. I haven't had the settings high enough on the heater to test out the cut off function, mainly because I'm afraid I might break the product and it produces so much heat and just over midway I haven't had the need to try it any hotter!

      I think at just £20-30 this product is a good buy, it does what it was designed to do and has an extra cooling function for summer, this can be used all year round and Im sure you'll get your moneys worth for it. The only thing I will say is only use it when you need it, or you'll see the electric bill creep up!


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  • Product Details

    DeLonghi HVF3033 Upright Fan Heater 3kW - White / Stay comfortable warm and cozy throughout winter with the DeLonghi HVF3033 Upright Fan Heater. It features 3kW of heating power with fast fan heating and the thermostat can be adjusted according to the specific requirements so as to set and maintain your preferred temperature with ease. It offers two heat settings an anti-frost function and a handy cool air setting for the summer season so it is useful all year round. It also comes with drip protection which makes it safe for use in bathrooms and double insulation for efficient performance. It is made with safety measures kept in mind having over-heat cut-off. Its portable and lightweight and easy to install anywhere.Drip Protection Ip21 Anti-frost FunctionCool air setting

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