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DeLonghi HVF3553TB

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Manufacturer: DeLonghi / Type: Fan Heater

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    1 Review
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      27.09.2013 09:49
      Very helpful



      A decent portable fan heater with a few nice features

      I've had a DeLonghi HVF3553TB Fan heater stored away in my utility room for a few years but it is something that I only use occasionally. During the cold winter months my central heating system warms up my house sufficiently but even though I've just replaced my boiler last year for one of the most economical ones available it still isn't very economical to turn the central heating on for short periods. This is where my portable fan heater comes into its own.

      The DeLonghi HVF3553TB Fan heater is small and compact and relatively lightweight. It can be easily tucked away out of sight for most of the year and I usually forget that it is there until there is a bit of a chill in the air.

      It operates on the mains electric supply and produces 3kw of heat. The wire on the plug is quite short (about a metre long) but this isn't a problem for me as I have plenty of plug sockets in the areas that I use it. It could of course be used with an extension lead to reach those more isolated areas and indeed I used it frequently a couple of years ago in my loft when I decided to renovate it during the winter months.

      The fan heater is an upright model that sits on an on a base. There is a button on the base that is used to turn the oscillating mode on or off and this is described as a foot switch, as it can be easily operated with your foot meaning that you don't need to crouch down to operate it. This is obviously an ideal feature for the elderly or infirm.

      There are three different heat settings available so if I'm using it to heat up a room quickly I tend to put in on the highest setting and blast the heat out on full power for a few minutes. It heats up a reasonably large area in a surprisingly short space of time on this setting. Once the heater has reached the desired temperature it will turn itself off as it has an in built thermometer and then it will keep turning on and off every few minutes to maintain that temperature. Once my room is sufficiently warm I usually then turn down the setting and just leave it to maintain an acceptable lower temperature.

      The main selling features of this heater compared with some of the other similar models available are that it has a silence system and that it is suitable for use in a wet environment like a bathroom. The silence system ensures that even when it is operating on its highest setting it only produces 43 decibels of noise, on its lowest setting it produces just 38 decibels. The only way I can compare how effective this is in real terms is by comparing it with a fan heater that my grandmother had many years ago. I remember that one was so noisy that you had to turn it off to hear the television. In comparison to that one this one is very quiet and you can hardly hear it all. The other feature that allows it to be used in a bathroom is that it includes an IP21 Drip protection system. If I'm honest I'm not too sure what this means and I haven't actually ever used this in my bathroom. The appliance also has other safety features including automatic cut off of the power if it is knocked over.

      Overall I'd recommend this heater to others, especially if it were just for the occasional use a few days each year. I paid about £40 for mine and it is still available for around this same price. On the whole however I'm not a huge fan of these heaters (if you pardon the pun) but that's not a criticism of this particular model. It's just that I find the quick blast of hot air is often a bit overpowering and they dry the air out in the room very quickly.


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  • Product Details

    DeLonghi HVF3553TB Vertical Upright Fan Heater / The DeLonghi HVF3553TB Vertical Upright Large Fan Heater is a high performance fan heater vertical fan heater that comes with a rectangular design in white and grey. It delivers a 3kW heat output with three heat settings as well as a 24 hour timer. It also features an anti-frost function that avoids the temperature falling below 5C perfect for protecting pipes in winter. It has been designed to be quiet too and its unique silence system reduces noise levels. Upright fan heater with 3Kw heat output and 3 heat settings with energy saving functionAdjustable room thermostat 24 hour timerSilence system: 38dB noise level on minimum power and 43dB on maximum powerFoot switch on base to turn on/off the oscillating modeIdeal for bathroom use with IP21 Drip protection

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