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Manufacturer: Dimplex / Type: Convection Heater

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    2 Reviews
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      27.01.2014 19:20
      Very helpful



      A great heater!

      This heater is by Dimplex 3077 and we paid around the £35 mark for it from Amazon. The heater whilst it isn't that big, it does take up a bit of space as it is quite long, also bearing in mind that you need to keep the area around it free too. One good thing about the heater is that it is fairly light and has small handles which means that it is easy to carry around - it is suitable to go in most rooms (although obviously not the bathroom).

      There is nothing worse than returning home to a cold house, however this heater soon heats up whichever room it's in - I would say that it only takes around 10 minutes. This heater gets to work silently (we're used to the noisy fan heaters) - we forget they are on until someone pipes up 'oooh it's hot in here'. They heat up a room within a few minutes which is good and we find that once it has been on for around half an hour or so then we have to turn it off because we're too hot. There are different settings available on the heater, but we find it's easier to switch it on 'full blast' and then switch it off when we're too warm, rather than fiddling about with the different settings. The different settings are quite easy to use and are pretty much self explanatory. You can also choose between a hot or cold setting. Obviously, it's winter so we're keeping it firmly on the 'hot setting', although I am sure that in the summer, this would make a great fan. Although, if I am honest, I would prefer to use a real fan.

      After a while (I'd say probably around 20-30 minutes), the heater does get a bit 'fed up' and switches itself off - I think it is some kind of safety thing. After a minute or so it switches itself back on. The heater is quite economical too and doesn't take up that much electricity.

      As for noise, this heater is great as there isn't any. We have a couple of 'fan' heaters and they are fairly noisy - so much that we have to turn the television / radio up whenever it is on. So this heater makes a nice, noise-free change.

      I would definitely recommend this heater.

      Thanks for reading!
      January 2014


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      11.02.2012 10:47
      Very helpful



      A great heater that generates heat quickly and gets a room nice and warm quickly in a quite way

      When we had our conservatory built last year we had to decide did we want to extend our heating system into the room or just go for an electric heater. We decided that we would go for the heater option so spent a bit of time looking round for ones we thought would meet our needs. My husband was familiar with the Dimplex brand with his work and felt they had a good reputation and so we decided to go for a 3077 2kw heater. One of the appeals of this was that there was a turbo function so the room could be heated up quickly in the morning when we came down and so our son could get to play straight away in what is now his playroom and a relaxing space in our house.

      Features and our thoughts

      The look
      As with most heaters the finish is a standard white and grey metal whilst it isn't a thing of beauty it is neither ugly and when it is wall mounted like ours it certainly looks similar to a lot of modern radiators and looks the part in our room. The size is High43.2, Width 57.7, Depth 20.5cm this seems to take up little space in our room and is nice and compact. We have it mounted on an internal wall which means it is nice and flush to the wall and takes up little space and any heat bounces back into the house. The depth does mean it juts out slightly but no more so than the book case nearby so it is not easily bumped into by our young son. Though we made the decision to wall mount our radiator as it was going to be easier to have it like a radiator in our room and meant it was less likely to be knocked, it can be free standing and there are handles on either side that are insulated meaning you can move it around when it is on and not burn yourself. How sturdy the legs are I can't comment on but the wall mounting process was very easy to do and it has stayed in place with no movement or damage in over 6 months of use.

      Heating abilities and in use
      The heater works like all convection heaters by heating the air around the element and blowing it in the air in this case vertically. As this is in a conservatory room that has quite a high ceiling this is quite good for us as it circulates the air very well. The 2kW power certainly seems to be more than adequate to heat our room that is around 6 meters wide by 3 meters deep. We find that the turbo fan when it is put on in the morning quickly generates a lot of heat that is blown out horizontally as well as vertically and this warms in the room up in less than 10 minutes even on the most frosty of mornings we have had recently in the snow.

      The 2 heat settings have proved useful and once we have the room up to heat we turn it down and the background heat that is then generated is enough to keep the room warm. If it is a nice day I often turn the heater off as the heat seems to be held in our room quite well and I know that a quick blast with the turbo fan will soon take any chill off that has developed.

      The heater is also thermostatically controlled with an automatic safety feature of cutting out if it becomes too hot. Now it has never over heated yet in our experience but it has got to temperature often and then it goes idle and switches itself off which I find useful as a way of keeping track of the temperature and reducing the heating bills and is certainly a feature I would look for again in a heater.

      The noise level with the heater is very quiet and certainly never interferes with conversation; in fact my husband has forgotten to turn it off on a night before as it has been so quite. When the turbo fan is on you can definitely hear the fan going but it is again a background noise that is never stops you hearing what people are saying or interfere with the music on the radio.

      There is also frost protection on this model meaning that no matter how cold it is the elements in the heater won't break or be damaged and with these frosty mornings in our conservatory we have never noticed any change to the performance levels at all so I can only assume the frost protection is working a treat.

      The running costs don't appear to be excessive and we certainly haven't noticed a huge shift and increase in our electric bills since using the heater these past few months.

      This heater has proved to be a great buy it is nice and compact and easy to set up and wall mount. The noise level is very quiet normally and even with the turbo fan on still never interferes with conversation in the room. It generates the heat and warms up a cold conservatory very quickly in the frosty mornings we have had recently. I would definitely recommend it to other people who need to heat a room such as a conservatory or a caravan, as we have been so pleased with how well it preforms. We bought ours at Argos for £46 and though it is not the cheapest heater it fits our needs perfectly so for us it is worth the money.


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    • Product Details

      Dimplex 3077 2kW Thermo Turbo Convection Heater

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