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Manufacturer: Dimplex / Type: Mid-Size / Power Source: Electric / Heating Levels: 2 Levels / Features: Thermostat, Power Indicator, Anti Freeze / Fan Forced: Fan Forced / Power: 2,400 - 3,000 Watt / Height: 17.4 cm / Width: 77.7 cm / Depth: 43.2 cm / Weight: 4.6 kg / Warranty: 2 Years / Exterior Color: White

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    2 Reviews
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      30.10.2013 00:06
      Very helpful



      Robust, efficient, reliable heating boost.

      The Product:

      Dimplex Portable Electric Convector Heater 3088T

      3Kw with Turbo Boost

      Why I bought this Heater:

      Err... Well I didn't. I was given the heater by the mother in law when they upgraded to modern oil free standing radiators to heat their all electric home. At the time we were living in a caravan after the chain collapsed and I decided to still go ahead with the sale of my property. A few weeks in a caravan turned into 3 months. This heater was a godsend. Along with a more conventional fan heater it kept us warm in the drawing in colder nights.

      Life moves on and I now manage a holiday home and have a holiday caravan ....and live in a house! We have two of this style of heater, different model in the holiday cottage as extra or emergency heating and the original one in the caravan. So it is the one in the caravan that I am going to review here.


      I think this heater is quite unattractive. It does not have much going for it appearance wise! Its stuck on two too big feet, OK ours is slightly older, so they are not quite as Mickey Mouse as the ones in the above photo. The controls are basic and easy to use and positioned down one side of the heater. Ours is a light grey colour.

      In Use:

      We found the heater very efficient. In the caravan during colder weather it can be left on all the time and trickle heat the area. In such a small area it is very efficient and keeps a comfortable temperature with ease at a very low setting. When caught out by colder weather, if I switch it on when I get in, within 10 minutes it has made a substantial difference and after 15 the area is warmed up a treat. The heater has a satisfying hum when it is working and is otherwise unobtrusive. It stands about 50cm tall and is approximately 90cm long. The electric cable is approximately 35cm long, so an extension lead may be required.

      Coming back to the caravan in unexpectedly very cold weather I have used the boost option a couple of times, that is noisier and I worried that it would put out the lower voltage/wattage (not sure which) power. However, used for a short time, it soon warmed the place up, so that after literally a couple of minutes I could turn it down.

      It puts out quite a dry heat, so ironically, I find I need to have a window slightly open to prevent the air being to dry.

      Whilst the heater is still in the holiday home, I do now use a convector panel heater instead simply because we no longer need it at home (hopefully!), keeping the old heater for emergencies (like you do!).

      Any Problems:

      No, except ideally this heater is more expensive to run than many others on the market.

      In Conclusion:

      An effective portable heating solution when a quick boost or more than background heat is required. Robust and solid if a little ugly.

      Who For:

      Anyone who may require a little extra heating, the great thing is they are moveable offering good flexibility.

      Great for many uses, including greenhouses, sheds, caravans, conservatories, spare rooms.

      Spare heater in case of central heating problems.


      I know there a cheaper to run appliances out there. I also know there are less robust appliances out there. Our heater has been extremely reliable and even did a stint in the shed as a guinea pig heater. So to be fair it does deserve 4/5 for its robustness and reliability, despite being an ugly brute of a heater!

      Price and Availability:

      Price: New currently £66.91 from Amazon, Used on eBay around £30.00 and new on eBay between £60-70 at the time of writing.

      Thank you for reading my review & I hope you found it useful?


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      10.02.2012 18:17
      Very helpful



      A decent convector heater

      ~A reasonably priced mobile heat source~

      Over the years I have owned a number of electric convector heaters including the Dimplex 3088T model and I have found them on the whole to be a good stand by heater for those times when the central heating packs up, its so cold outside that you need an extra boost of heat around the home, or for keeping a conservatory warm enough so as not to take your breath away during really cold winter weather. If I compare the Dimplex 3088T model to others I have used, I must say that this model compares quite favorably in terms of its heating capabilities, as it really can take the edge off a cold room in around 15 to 20 minutes even when on a fairly low heat setting.

      The ease of use of this model is something which makes it a fair buy as you really can use it straight from the box if wanted. You get a set of sturdy plastic legs on this model that allow for the heater to be placed where it is most needed, meaning that you can reposition the heater in a different room or setting to maximize its potential. There is the added bonus of being able to site the heater on a wall if wanted to give a more permanent fixing which may suit certain situations more than others, as there are a set of easy to fix wall brackets that come with the product. The 2 options allow for maximum flexibility when choosing the best place to site the heater, which is a positive aspect of this model.

      ~Turbo booster at the ready~

      In my opinion the heat output with this model is of course less than that you would get from a central heating radiator, which I feel is something I expected even before purchasing the heater, although as mentioned if you leave this heater on a reasonable setting in an otherwise unheated room, you will most certainly notice a distinct improvement in the overall temperature. One thing that makes this model stand out a little is the heat boosting option offered by a turbo boosting feature that provides a little more oomph when required. This does seem to help the warmed air from the heater circulate around a room a little faster which in turn helps with the feeling of extra warmth in any given room.

      ~Product presentation~

      The materials used to make this heater seem sturdy and strong with a neat but plain finish to the external casing of the heater that won't look to out of place in most room settings. There is nothing fancy or fussy about the way the heater looks and to my mind it appears as neat and minimal as many of the other similar heaters I have bought and used in the past. With this heater being a 3kw model it does produce slightly more heat than some other similar looking products, although of course the higher the output, the higher the running costs can be if using the heater on full power on a regular basis.

      ~Rating and cost~

      The cost of these heaters sits at around £50 per unit which makes this model a very slightly more expensive option than some similar convector heaters without the added turbo boost feature. In my opinion the turbo boost option does work reasonably well and although it isn't something that I feel is a must have feature, I do feel it is a bonus on this heater. In terms of rating this model, I feel that when comparing it to similar heaters I have owned, it performs well enough when required and as a stand by heater for use around the home it is a good option. My product rating for this heater is 4 stars.


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    • Product Details

      The Dimplex 3088T is a Mid-Size Heater.

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