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Manufacturer: Glen / Heating Levels: 2 / Features: Thermostat

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    1 Review
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      27.04.2012 00:14
      Very helpful



      A useful compact heater

      ~Heating with Glen~

      The Glen GF30TSN compact fan heater was something bought during a very cold snap when the central heating boiler was awaiting a new part and some extra heat was needed around the home. The heater was purchased in a hurry and it wasn't bought for its fantastic good looks or amazing style and presence, as it was a low priced quick fix idea at the time. The size of the heater means that it can be picked up with ease and moved from room to room as and when needed which was another reason that I opted for it. The compact size made this a fair choice for using as a mobile heater, as you can easily pick it up and move it to another room without having to ask another person to help you carry it.

      ~Using the product~

      The exterior finish of the heater is very basic, minimal and neat as far as designs go in my opinion, as there is nothing fancy about the heater at all. What you get is a very basic looking heater that is more functional than it is beautiful, which is what I expected from the product when I bought it. The main body of the heater looks clean and fresh when new and the front of the heater has a safety grill fitted to it that works well enough. The heater throws out a good deal of heat through the front grill area within a very short time of it having been switched on. Heat is directed at first to a small area of the room where the heater has been sited and if you want to use this heater as something to direct heat towards a certain area, perhaps near where people are seated etc, then it works well if used that way.

      Once the heater has been on for a short while, the room that you have it in should end up getting quite warm and toasty fairly quickly, which then means that you can switch it off on slightly warmer days every now and then in order to save on running costs. The heater is BEAB approved meeting required safety standards which is something that I felt made this a reliable choice when I was looking for this type of product. As the heater is small and compact you can site it in areas where you wouldn't normally have room for a heater which is why this can be such as useful standby heater to have. I found that you can very easily store it away when not in use, fetching it out only when the weather turns colder.

      The heater can be a little noisy when switched on, which was something that I expected as I have had other similar heaters in the past and they have all been a little noisy during usage. I feel the fact that you get plenty of almost instant heat by far outweighs the noise issue with this product, as it isn't a heater that would be in constant use around the home. The heater sits away from the floor a little due to the built in legs it has at the front which should ensure that anything the heater is placed on is not in contact with direct heat. There are 2 settings, a variable thermostat, safety cut out, plus a fan option on the model I bought which I feel makes this a good option when compared to other heaters I could have bought instead.

      In my opinion this is a light weight and easily portable electric heater that can be placed in a number of positions around the home on colder days to give a little boost of heat. I wouldn't want to leave the heater in a room on its own unattended as I feel it is best used in a room where there is someone to keep an eye on it, although there have been no issues with it that I have noticed, I feel that safety in the home is paramount. I do feel that had there been a built in carry handle on the product it would have been of benefit to me as it is something that I would have used had it been fitted, as without a handle you need to pick up the heater from underneath in order to move it about.

      ~Price/ rating~

      The cost of this heater can vary a little with it being on sale from upwards of £19.99 which I feel is fair value for money. The costs to run this heater would be quite high if it was left on for long periods of time, however as it heats up a room quite quickly I find it can be switched off now and then in order to save money on electricity costs. You can make use of the built in thermostat which I feel is useful. My rating for this heater is 3 stars for its looks and 4 stars for the rapid heating ability it has.


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