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HeatArt Infra Red Heater

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HeatArt / Type: Mounted Wall Panel

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    2 Reviews
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      12.10.2013 21:44
      Very helpful




      We wanted an extra heat source in our bedroom for chilly evenings or mornings but for the ones that were not cold enough to need the whole house heating up with the central heating or for in the worst of winter when the radiator just wasnt enough to get the room as warm as we wanted. I didnt want something which looked out of place in our bedroom so when I came across this I fell in love instantly.

      Who would have ever thought you could get a picture for your bedroom wall that doubled as a heat source and you dont just have to have any picture as you can get these custom made with any picture you like if you dont want one of the designs they offer.

      The first thing you need to do before purchasing one of these is measure your room as they are available in a variety of sizes ranging from a 200 watt for a small room to a 1000 watt for a large room.
      We have the 500 watt size which is suitable for rooms 7 meters squared up to 13 meters squared.

      You then get to pick your frame that you want it to go in so you can tailor it to fit with any room decor you like, we opted for white as we have white furniture in our bedroom but there are lots to choose from so should be something to suit everyone.

      There standard pictures are lovely as they have nature photos, animal photos etc, we opted for a leopard to go on ours as I love big cats and it would fit with the other art work in our house and ornaments in my bedroom.

      Depending on what you opt for will depend on your final price, ours cost me £150 which may seem a lot for a room heater but when you think it only costs 5 pence an hour to run it really does save you money on your heating bills in the long run so this is how I justify such an extravagant purchase.

      Setting it up couldnt be easier either as you simply mount it to the wall with the screws and fixings provided and just plug it in to the electric socket and away you go.

      The heat generated from this is great, it is almost instant too as soon as you turn it on so gets used first thing in a morning when we are waiting for the radiators to warm up a lot, it was something I wasnt sure about wasting so much money on when I could have got a standard heater for a lot less but I am realy glad I did as it does look beautiful and works really well so I would recomend it to anyone who is looking for an elegant heat source.


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        02.05.2012 11:55



        Pretty, inexpensive alternative heating system

        We bought an old house a few months ago that had no sufficient heating so we were looking for additional heating solutions and stumbled upon HeatArt.
        What we liked to begin with were that the panels look like pictures on the walls and only need a power plug to work since installing an entire new conventional heating system or enhance the existing one would have cost a fortune and also would have left us with living on a building site for at least a few weeks...
        We ordered one panel to test it and it loved it instantly: The panels heat up very fast once on and the heat feels way better than that from normal heaters. They also use up very little power to heat which makes them also cheapter than gas or oil when actually used.
        We used the picture version for the living-, bedroom and kitchen and for the bathroom we took the mirror version. It looks really nice and you don't even notice there's a heater in the room. Also I love that I don't have to dust off the inside of heaters anymore... I hated that. ;)
        Great alternative to normal heating systems!


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