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Manufacturer: Igenix / Heating Element: Halogen

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    1 Review
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      15.01.2008 16:46
      Very helpful



      Handy portable heater for anywhere you require instant heat in your house

      We always seem to be having a constant battle in our household.
      I love a really warm house, and so I'm forever turning the central heating on to constant instead of timed, and turning up the thermostat. My wife on the other hand likes a cooler environment, and so is constantly going around behind me and turning the heating back down again. (Or even off altogether!)

      One thing we do agree on, and that is our dining room (which I also use as a study and which houses our PC) is a *VERY* cold room. The problem is that it never gets any sun (as opposed to our living room which gets it right throughout the day) and so even with the central heating on full blast it is *STILL* cold. Even during the spring and summer months, the room is quite chilly.

      For that reason I find that when we are using the room (as we do daily) then you really need to supplement the central heating in order to heat the room sufficiently to stay comfortable. This was the main reason we purchased this halogen heater, the Igenix YQ-18 (what a bloo*y mouthful!) a while back.
      We do have an open fire in the dining room, but it's simply too messy to use on a day to day basis, although lovely at Christmas time and on special occasions. So this compact and portable halogen heater comes in very handy and is worth its weight in gold.

      It stands about 2 feet high, and around 14 inches across, so it's compact and portable, with a small carrying handle built into the unit on the top.
      It truly is portable, and as well as using it in the dining room, we also occasionally use it in the guest bedroom if someone decides to stay over with us unexpectedly, and we want to heat the room up very quickly. All you need is electricity socket and away you go.

      There's a wire mesh across the heating elements on the front of the unit. I don't know what sort of material this wire mesh is made of, but it is obviously a very effective safety feature, as no matter how high you turn up the heat the mesh remains cool to the touch! It's amazing really, as the heater can be blasting out enough heat to nearly cook you alive, but *STILL* the mesh remains cool. This is very obviously handy as it stops you getting a nasty burn if you bump against it accidentally, or setting your clothes on fire. Great also if you have young kids in the house, as they get their wee noses into everything!

      Another good safety feature is that the heater automatically turns itself off once you lift it off the floor, or if it is knocked over accidentally. So there's really no chance of setting your house on fire with it.

      The heating controls are four simple push buttons on the top of the unit. A bright orange button turns the unit off and on at the minimum heat setting, (800w) and a further two buttons increase the heat output by a further 400w, up to a maximum heat output of 1.6kw. The last button rotates the unit through about 240 degrees around its base in order to spread the heat more evenly throughout the room. (We rarely use this)

      On full power it is quite capable of heating your average room to a very comfortable temperature. We tend to use our heater simply as a supplement to the central heating in the dining room, so it's rarely used at anything other than the minimum heat setting. In fact, as I type out this review, it's sitting about two feet away from me keeping me nice and toasty while I type away on the old 'puter.

      One complaint I have is the length of the flex. It's only about three or four feet in length, that means if you don't want to locate it practically right beside an electrical socket then you have to dig out an extension lead.

      We have this excellent wee heater for about 2 years now, and bought it in the January sales at Power City, a local electrical super store, for a mere 15 Euro.
      It's probably cost us *FAR* more than that in increased electric bills mind you, as it's not particularly efficient in terms of energy use!

      It's currently on offer at Amazon in the UK for £18.99 Sterling, but as always, shop around for the best price.


      © KenJ January 2008.



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