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Lloytron Convector Heater F821

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Manufacturer: Lloytron

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    1 Review
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      03.02.2012 18:32
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      A great little heater to provide a quick fix

      My girlfriend and I moved house last November; purely because we live in London and it's very hard to get settled in a place that you like.

      When we moved into our new place we noticed that all the windows we're very old sash windows, the type of windows where you can feel a breeze come in at night. We didn't think this would cause to much of a problem, that was until winter reared it's ugly head. With both of us freezing our tails off I decided to try and fix the problem as best I could. I taped up the windows, bought draught excluders and a thousand google searches later we we're still at square one in our freezing room.

      I headed down to one of those shops that sells a million different types of products (everything from bins to mobile phone covers).Luckily we have one not too far from our house and It was there I noticed the Lloytron Convector Heater; I think it was about £20 at the time that I bought it. I wasn't expecting much given the price and when I carried it home I was a little concerned as to how light the thing was; I felt like i'd just been sold the cardboard box and nothing more.

      How good is it?

      Well, to be honest it's a pretty awesome thing to have just to give you a bit more warmth over those winter months. The heater has two settings. One switch turns the heater up to 600watts and the second switch adds another 1200 watts: giving you 1800watts when both switches are turned on. Underneath the switches there's a dial so you can control exactly how much heat you want to come out. It's not a pretty thing to look at, but saying this I wasn't expecting it to look beautiful. The heater itself is seriously light, so If you bought one and had to carry it back it would cause you no problem what-so-ever! And to top it off the price tag of £20-£30 is definitely worth it, especially if it makes winter slightly more bearable.

      The Downsides:

      As with every product you buy there generally is a downside or two. One issue I had was when I tried to attach the base stand onto the heater. The instructions might have well as been in another language for all the use that they did. I had to go online to find an image that showed me how the final thing look....I managed it in the end; after a few screams and resisting the temptation to drop-kick it out of the window....but that would have made a bigger draught.

      When the winter months come around you get tempted to leave the heater on more often, and sometimes because you don't get this massive impact of heat you'll forget that it's still on. This can make your electricity bills soar through the roof, and the cheap cost of the heater won't make a shred of difference when the bill comes through the post. It's also not extremely durable, 4months after I bought it I can tell that the heat coming out isn't as strong as it was on the first day I bought it.

      I do love this little heater, it's currently keeping me warm as I type this. However for those people looking for an economical product that will list, then I urge you not to buy one of these. I'd only recommend this product to people on a budget that want that little bit of extra warmth now and again.


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