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Micromark MM53509

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Manufacturer: Micromark / Type: Compact / Power Source: Electric / Heating Element: Ceramic / Heating Levels: 2 Levels / Features: Thermostat / Fan Forced / Safety Features: Automatic Shut-Off / Power: 1,500 Watt / Exterior Color: Metallic Finish

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    1 Review
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      21.02.2009 12:23
      Very helpful



      A really great tower fan with a built in heater:)

      Hello and welcome to this review:)

      "Gosh is it hot in here or is it just me", was a commonly used phrase when someone entered our kitchen. It was decided, we needed a fan. I don't know how our house is so warm. Heating off in the middle of the UK. Should be freezing? but no way.

      On the search for a fan we found this is Woolworths, Sadly Woolworths have closed now but their memories still live on. This fan was a very good price. Only £29 which I personally thought was good for the Micromark brand, however some people did not agree, as they apparently saw one in the HypaValue closing sale a month before for the extremely low price of £10 pounds! Gosh why didn't they tell me? Oh well.

      The box was very small to this fan, it was white and had a picture of the fan on it if, I remember correctly. When the box was opened we were quite suprised to see how big the instruction book was for a fan! Something like 30 pages, oh well. Micromark were obviously trying to be helpful.

      This fan looks very stylish. It is really small at about two foot high and is silver in colour. It has a control panel at the top for controlling the Heat and the blow functions that the fan has available. They are easy to use knobs, just give them a twist and the fan goes on, simple! As the fan is a tower fan it does not take up too much space, it is a nice and compact unit that is easy to store.

      I plugged the fan in and it was ready to go. Turned the knob to high and cool air came blowing out. A lot of air to be honest, we were pleasantly suprised.

      The fan has a swivle setting so the air is blowed all around the room to ensure everyone has their share of cool air. Well not so much cool. Its not an air conditioner after all. We couldn't afford one of them! But it does help.

      This fan is very quiet in operation, it can hardly be heard so would be great for a bedroom. However fans do tent to blow dust around so I would not recommend anyone with allergies to place one of these in their rooms.

      There are three usual settings on this fan:
      and High ofcourse:)

      There is also a heat setting which we obviously never use, I have tried it however. It worked very well but after about 20 minutes the fan started to smell a bit on the hot side. So obviously we switched it off, not wanting to damage it. This was most likely because the unit was quite new at the time.

      All settings work very well as they are meant to and the performance is good.

      Even though not listed in the description the fan has a timer. It goes up to 90 minutes which is a good time. Its easy to use, just turn the timer to the desired time you want it on and after that time it will turn itself off. Or you can leave it on continuously if you please. The fan also has an auto shut off feature, just incase you forget to turn it off for a few hours.

      The fan is very safe with no openings that body parts can enter! So it is safe around pets and children.

      Overall this is a great fan in my opinion. Definately a needed item in our household and has been used everyday. It also came with a 2 year warranty but I don't think that is needed. Its lasted us two years already!

      I hope this review has been of use


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