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    1 Review
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      24.01.2012 11:23
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      A blast from the past! A retro stereo system that keeps on going.....

      I have had this Aiwa sound system now for several years and even though there have been vast improvements in technology since I bought it, I refuse to part from it because it still works perfectly well, still sounds great and looks totally retro ~ a style that in my house I have much love for!

      This Hi-fi has a five disc CD player, that can be played in sequence or totally in random, a standard radio tuner (this dates from the says long before D.A.B) and two twin cassette decks. An optional turntable could be bought for a small extra cost when new and the model I have has this which sits quite nicely on top of the unit and is easily linked to the main system in seconds. It just consists of plugging in a couple of leads into the back of the Hi-Fi though the turntable does come with its own plufg which of course has to be plugged in to work!

      The L.E.D display features both standard and 24 HR clock and there is a function whereby the stereo can be set to come on at a certain time as an alarm. It even has an Eco mode so that if you want to save a bit of energy, you don't need to have the clock displayed all the time. In many ways, you could say this sound system was ahead of its time though now, it does seem a bit of a dinosaur.

      But I have no complaints. Even after over a deecade of use, the unit still works perfectly fine! Its sound is as good as anything else that was around at the time of purchase and all of the functions still work as good as the day it was bought! This can not be said of perhaps other brands, as a couple of my friends had similar Hi-Fi's made by other manufacturers that have long since stopped working in some capacity. A close mate had a Panasonic, for example, from about the same time and his C.D changer stopped working a long time ago leading him to get rid of it for an upgrade. Though Aiwa were long considered, and still are a little bit, to be one of the cheaper brands, in point of fact I think this has done remarkably well to keep going after all this time!

      Of course, you can't buy these from new any more and they are long obselete but many of them are still around and can be found on sites like Ebay or Gumtree for a steal. If you are tired of the modern age and want a bit of nostalgia, you could do a lot worse than track one of these or its related models down.

      In an age where everything is getting smaller, more advanced and yet much more fiddly, this Hi-Fi unit has a charm all of its own and to be still working after all this time only goes to show how, unlike today, things used to be made to last!


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