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Asda KS-3398C Micro

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4 Reviews
  • The speakers are good
  • It plays CDs very good
  • There is interference on the radio
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    4 Reviews
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      26.10.2015 15:52
      Very helpful


      • "The speakers are good"
      • "It plays CDs very good"
      • "It is a nice looking stereo"


      • "There is interference on the radio"

      Asda KS 3398c micro stereo

      WHAT IS IT?

      This is a small stereo that I purchased from Asda about two years ago when we had decorated our daughter's bedroom and my husband decided she was old enough to have her own. We did not go out to buy this one but it was on sale and cost only £15, my husband liked the appearance so we put it into our shopping trolley.


      This is a CD player and radio that comes with two small speakers, it is a small stereo that is easy to work because it has got very simple functions only.


      I think this is a very good stereo and it has been used a lot by my daughter and still works perfect and I do not think we will replace it for a long time. She plays mostly CDs on it because she is starting to like pop music but she likes to listen to fairy stories on CD also. The sound from the speakers is very good and there is never any buzzing even when she is listening to CDs of music that I have downloaded from the internet and put onto a blank CD for her.

      I have listened to the radio when I am in her bedroom cleaning and do not think that is very good because there is interference sometimes and I do not like that. It happens on radio stations that are local and not the big stations like Radio 1 so I think it is to do with the bandwidth of the stations and some with a narrow bandwidth cannot be picked up properly.

      I do not care very much about the radio because my daughter does not like to listen to it very often so it is unused unless I put it on.

      4 Dooyoo Hearts.


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      04.10.2013 10:25
      Very helpful



      Decent little unit for the money.

      I purchased the Asda KS-3398C Micro system about 2 years ago and am generally happy with it. It was purchased for the kitchen where I like to listen to the radio when having to wash up or cook.

      In the box:

      CD player, 2 2.2Kw speakers, and a remote requiring 2 AA batteries.


      The dimensions of the player are approximately 30cm by 18cm.

      The unit is quite compact and attractive a smoky clear cover over the cd drive, a pretty blue LCD lit display and nice silver/chrome strips for the buttons.

      The buttons on the unit are responsive, with a nice feel to them; through the dials on the front tend to feel a little cheap. The buttons on the remote are also decent.

      The unit can be wall mounted or laid flat as I have it.

      The speakers are quite large at around 20cm tall, and fairly undecorative compared to the look of the stereo.

      Sound quality:

      The FM/AM radio sound quality is fine for everyday use, though sometimes it loses it's signal as it has a wire aerial which can be a bit fiddly and I find it sometimes falls down. I also prefer buttons for tuning, whereas this unit offers a dial.

      Where the unit falls down is the CD quality. While it plays multiple formats including CD RWs, the sound quality is tinny and harsh so if you want this for playing lots of CDs I would look elsewhere. When I do occasionally play CDs, there have not been any problems with skipping or the disc being unreadable.


      For the price (£20) I would recommend this little stereo as a secondary music player or for mainly radio use. I personally would not have this as my main source for CD playing due to it's sound quality.




      Sound quality


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      22.08.2011 01:44
      Very helpful



      All looks and a good radio but not much else sadly!

      When I moved into my own flat with a friend she bought me a housewarming present. At the time we had nothing and I had nothing to play my music on.

      I was pleased to receive this after I spied it in my local Asda store costing £20.00 and saying I wanted it I got it as a housewarming gift from said friend and this has now been sat in my living room for the past year.


      It comes in a box where we are told simply what it is and contact details for Asda are given. Inside the unit itself it is well packaged with two large speakers and a remote control and there is an instruction leaflet (not that you need this!).

      The Micro System:

      Black and shiny and silver in in colour its slightly raised to the back of it. To the left side of it is where you pop the Cd's into and this is meant to play anything even copies. Under that and on the front there is a silver strip and on the left hand side there is a headphone socket then sliders for cd/radio, Bass on/off and a Am/Fm Slider and a small plastic tuning dial. Next to the cd section there is a blue LCD display of a reasonable size which displays the number track you are playing on a cd or the frequency on the radio you have on and under that small silver buttons which is to use the pre programmed stations (you do this simply yourself), you have a random and repeat button and volume up and down. Next to that and also in silver you have a round slightly raised dial and on that for the cd options you have stop, play, move to the next track and a move to the last track. It all looks really nice and glossy and I liked the silver panel that goes over fro the cd section to the section of silver where all the controls are and we are told that it is a Micro system and is compact disc 'Digital Audio' and there is no Asda branding on this at all to make it look cheap. The two plastic black speakers are tall and sit nice. They plug into the back of the unit with total ease and are foam covered to which those covers are removable to clean them which is handy. The remote control, again black in colour is for the cd with see through plastic buttons on it which are standby, mute, play/pause, stop, repeat/random, programme, skip/search and volume buttons for up and down and the batteries which are aa (first set come with the stereo) easily pop into the front of it through a slide action cover.

      I was and am pleased with the appearance of this stereo. Due to its flip opening cd section extending out it does need a little room but looks smart and it has a long power lead and the speakers can be sat reasonably far from the main unit so you can spread the sound slightly.


      Although this goes loud enough and without a tinny sound and the radio is great and once set on a station stays that way cds, well mine is temperamental with. It has always had trouble reading my cds and some days it will work fine some days it wont. At the moment it won't play any first tracks of my cds at all so I have to manually skip them or it will just switch off. It always from day one treated all my cds as if they scratched and randomly stopped playing them, since then though I have bought brand new ones and it still stops playing them too so i can't win!

      It looks nice, its good for the radio and I do like the fact it has a headphone socket. However my one has never and doesn't like my cds at all so for that reason sadly I can't really recommend it you!

      Only available from Asda stores.

      This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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        01.04.2010 21:20
        Very helpful



        Asda don't just sell fruit and veg you know

        Most people like to listen to music whilst they are doing those tedious chores around the house, especially, like me, when you're stuck in the kitchen preparing that delicious meal for your other half as a treat, (it's either cook or do the washing up... and I know which I prefer).
        Anyway, for a while I had a radio in the kitchen and have been listening to some awful music over the past few months so I thought I'd go out and get a CD/radio so that I could play some of my own tunes instead, what my daughters call 'dodgy oldies'.
        I thought about what I wanted and realised that I didn't want to spend too much as it was only for the kitchen, plus it couldn't be too big as it would take up to much room in an already overcrowded kitchen.
        Fortunately, as the wife and I were on a shopping trip in Asda she noticed a rather nice looking stereo system sat on one of the shelves in the electrical department, so we had a look.
        As I fiddled about with the button on the display model I realised that this would be perfect for what I wanted for the kitchen, but how much would I have to pay for this rather nice looking unit?

        ** THE SYSTEM ITSELF...

        It is shaped like a large piece of black cheese and it is a rather compact size, being about 70mm high at the back and 50mm high at the front, although because the CD compartment lid lifts up you will need to give it a height clearance of around 180mm for it to open. It is 310mm long and 180mm
        And it comes with 2 Speakers, each being about 120mm wide by 130mm deep by 220mm high and offering a massive 2.2watts, (sarcasm there) but it is loud enough to hear in a busy kitchen.
        It has an FM/AM radio which is manually controlled, via a little grey dial on the front, and it will play CD s and your 'burnt' CD/R s, so you can play all those tunes you've downloaded from the t'internet.

        The one I was looking at was black with a silver streak going through the top centre, surrounding the digital display.
        The control buttons, which are also surrounded by silver plastic, are simple to use, you have a circle just under the digital panel which contains the CD controls, stop, play/pause, back and forward, and right in the centre of them is the power button, so you don't have to leave it in stand-by.

        To the left of this there are four little buttons which control the volume, up and down, and also control the functions for the CD, such as function and random.
        Then just below these controls you have the CD door open button which, when pressed will open the CD compartment door, obviously, allowing you to put in that beloved 'Bro's' CD.

        On the front part of the wedge you have the radio to CD slider, DBBS button and AM/FM button, plus the infer-red sensor for the remote control.

        At the back part of the wedge you have the aerial and the four sockets for the speaker wires to go into, the speaker wires are 'bare' at the end and do allow you to add any extension speaker wire to them if necessary before slotting easily into the black or red slots.

        The unit does come with a remote control, which is about the size of a small cordless telephone, and is straight forward to use as every function is labelled clearly.

        On the remote you have...

        The remote takes two AA batteries, which are supplied oddly enough.

        Simple as that really.

        ** MY OPINION...

        After I had looked it over in the shop, comparing it to some of the others on offer, I decided that this is the one for me, especially when I saw the price, so I bought it.
        There was a cheaper one next to it but this was one of them 'globe' shaped systems with the built in speakers, which I don't really like one bit.

        To me it has got a sort of retro look to it with its silver looking screws on each corner of the CD door and the silver stripe along the centre.
        The size and shape make it look the part and it will fit nicely into most rooms with out standing out, especially the speakers, standing there all black and sort of nice looking, for speakers that is, and with enough power to hear your tunes.
        The sound clarity from the speakers is what one would expect from a 2 watt system, it is clear enough to hear your music or the radio but does go a little 'crackly' when turned up to loud if you are playing certain types of music.
        The radio clarity does depend on where you place the aerial wire, which comes from the back of the unit, although it only takes a second to moves it and find the perfect reception.

        I do know there are many many micro stereo systems on the market these days, but most are at least twice the price of this and you get half the sound quality, If you do go for a cheaper one then you either have to have it so low that you can't hear it over the pan of boiling water or risk the crackling noise if you turn it up a little.
        Even if you do get an expensive system that sounds like your on the front row at Glastonbury, you'll be that paranoid about the moisture in the kitchen damaging it that you'll never get it our of the box.

        As I said I have mine in the kitchen and it sits nicely on top of the microwave, with the speakers standing on top of wall cupboards, being on either side of the room. I did have to add a few metres of speaker wire to the far speaker but this was so simple a monkey with a butter knife could do it.

        Now, when I'm slaving away in the kitchen whilst my other half is sat on her bum, (only kidding, she's a busy lady...when I say busy I mean she does things, sometimes... and when I say sometimes I mean once in a while...and when I say lady, well, I may be going over the top there then...)
        Anyway, when I'm busy in the kitchen I can know listen to my favourite CD s instead of some of the trash that comes out of the radio stations these days, (god I sound old there don't I?).
        This little black number sits out of the way and the speakers just seem to fit on the tops of the cupboards, I am quite happy with cheep and cheerful micro stereo system from Asda

        These only sell at Asda, obviously, or they would simply be called CD micro System, and sell for around the £20.00 mark usually, but Asda do do offers sometimes. So if you do see it in the electrical section it is well worth looking into as it is a cheap and cheerful little system.

        In all, a nice looking and good sounding 'music player' at a cracking price. If you see one in Asda then grab it whilst you can, you won't be disappointed one bit.


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