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Bose® Solo TV

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    2 Reviews
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      05.10.2014 23:13
      Very helpful



      function and form

      Ordered mine on Monday direct from Bose as no stock was available. The old Bose seemed to have one major fault - the bass was too strong for some. This was sorted by a firmware upgrade. With the 15 there is a control at the back to allow variable bass control. Having said all that I simply plugged in the optical connection and power supply then my music drive and was immediately able to listen to music - much better than via my 1 year old Sony. Then I tried music direct from the TV. Again much better bass, much clearer sound overall. Finally speech. No problems there either. Bearing in mind this is not surround sound or an expensive hi fi set up I think it is excellent. For me the issue was one of "function and form". I wanted something that looked good - no cables everywhere, speakers all around but also something that sounded pretty good. I admit it is a compromise but the best I have seen or listened to. I have 2 more TVs in the house and will likely be buying 2 more Solo 15's


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      13.09.2013 14:44
      Very helpful


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      Definitely ideal for boosting your viewing experience if you have limited space available.

      Bose® Solo TV sound system - The Washing Machine has Competition!

      **** Background / Introduction....

      We upgraded TV's late 2011 to a 42 inch Samsung LCD television as we wanted a better picture quality (HD); pity it lacked sound like most flat screen televisions now on the market.

      Over the next several months it was a constant battle trying to hear the television when our washing machine was on a long spin, I couldn't have the washing machine on if we wanted to watch an interesting programme, and it was quite frankly timing the washing cycle to co-ordinate with the television agenda.

      We had discussed surround sound systems and decided we simply didn't have the space available for all the speaker and equipment and a sound bar wouldn't work either.

      We went to the McArthur Glen outlet village in Ashford, Kent (Tent City) last October (2012) and went into the Bose store as my in-laws were upgrading their TV system and wanted a surround system to replace their previous one..

      We browsed the store as you do with nothing in mind but to have a look and stumbled across the Bose solo and we were intrigued.

      It was a black box with a speaker on the front, very simple to look at. We tested it out and decided after an hour (also reading reviews online and price comparing) this was for us and purchased it.

      **** Setting it up....

      So straight forward, you didn't even need the user manual! It has one connection.
      Yes you did read that correctly, one connection which plugs into our television and one plug to the socket. The connection cable is supplied.

      The speaker fits underneath our TV so it doesn't take up valuable room on the TV stand which is surrounded by gaming consoles and other items; hence we were limited to what we could have, this really is ideal as it also increases the height of the television!

      Along with the solo speaker comes a four buttoned remote control to operate the speaker. The buttons on the control are for volume up & down, mute and power. A small round battery is used to power the control, which we have never had to replace (touch wood).

      The dimensions & inputs according to the booklet included inside the box are:

      Solo speaker:
      Height: 7.0 cm
      Width: 52.5 cm
      Depth: 30.9 cm
      Weight: 4.6 kg

      Remote control
      Height: 10.4 cm
      Width: 4.0 cm
      Depth: 1.1 cm
      Weight: 35.4 g

      Optical audio input (digital)
      Coaxial input (digital)
      R-L audio input (analog)

      There is no headphone socket on the Bose solo speaker.

      You will need to turn the internal speaker off from your television to use the external speaker, to do this please consult your television manual.

      **** What you need to take into consideration...

      The Bose solo speaker system is one size. It will not be suitable for all TV's.
      The manual says it is idea for televisions from 32 inches to 42 inches but weigh no more then 18kg. Our television as I said is 42 inches and it fits perfectly underneath, there is no overhang so to speak.

      If your television base is larger then the solo speaker, you should not even contemplate placing it on top of the speaker, instead place it above or below the television on a shelf.

      **** Why we purchased the solo speaker....

      We needed a sound system that was small yet powerful, we are very limited with space and a full surround system wouldn't be ideal. The Bose solo speaker was simple yet extremely effective in its sound quality. The price was very reasonable as well considering what other items were on the market at the time.

      **** What we have noticed....

      We turn the solo speaker off when we turn the television & sky off, when we turn the solo speaker on the sound is at minimum so this prevents the sudden outburst of what you had it on previously which is fantastic. I think this is a rather positive point that it doesn't just blare out.

      The Bose solo speaker will not work without the remote control; a replacement remote control is about a tenner... that is the only negative about this product.

      **** So the cost...

      Well we purchased the Bose solo speaker from the Bose outlet in Ashford at a partially discounted price so it is definitely worth seeing where your nearest Bose outlet shop is.

      I have just taken a quick look to see what this retails at currently and have found that the average price tends to be £349.95 according to Amazon, Bose itself, PC World and John Lewis etc... (Current September 2013 prices).

      **** Power to the TV, Sorry washing machine....

      At last we were able to live in a harmonious home once again; there isn't a constant war raging on between the television and the washing machine, it is calm and blissful.

      **** My thoughts...

      The Bose solo has definitely transformed our viewing experience, it adds atmosphere to movies and dramaticness and all it takes is a click of one power button!


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    • Product Details

      Love watching TV? Well, it’s about to get dramatically better. The Bose® Solo TV sound system reveals much more of the depth and detail you’re meant to hear in your favourite programs. The kind of sound most flat panel TV’s simply cannot reproduce from their internal speakers. And with just one speaker and one connection, it couldn’t be easier.

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