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Hitachi AXM898U

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    3 Reviews
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      05.03.2012 11:50



      BE WARNED I got up one morning and the unit was smouldering away it was in standby mode,i have Emailed Hitachi numerous times and sent a fire escalation form but to no avail,the unit was 13 months old


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      18.07.2011 02:13



      Lovely little buy, and cheap too.

      Before I moved in with my boyfriend, he decided that he needed a new Hi-Fi system as his old one was...well, old.

      We went to a few stores, and the stereos we saw were either too expensive, too ugly, or not very good quality. We came across this stereo and the price was great, and it looked pretty impressive too. We tried it out in the store, and for a little stereo, it packs a lot of sound, and when we got it home, we realised it was just as great turned up really loud, and didn't lose any quality.

      The radio is DAB, which is fantastic quality and it has a wide range of channels to choose from. It's also got an iPod docker; I've always been averse to buying a stereo with one because I have no intentions of bying and ipod, and if I'm honest it's always annoyed me a bit that every stereo seems to have one nowadays. What I would say is that this feature doesn't dominate the stereo - it's under a flap on top of the machine, so you can keep it closed and nobody needs to know any better.

      The button layout is quite funky and is easy to use and the speakers were easy to attach, there's no difficulty in using this stereo at all. We now have two of these in our household at the moment, as I'd bought one too before I moved in. For some reason I have an ability to break electrical equipment quite soon after buying it, either by being too heavy-handed, or something anyway!

      The only slightly annoying thing is that the time decides to change itself at times, and can show it's 4 hours earlier than it is, but as I don't use this as an alarm it's not really a problem.

      This little gem has lasted us over 18 months and we still listen to it every day, I would seriously recommend this stereo.


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      17.07.2011 12:18
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      A nice looking unit.

      After finally making my husband get rid of his old stereo stacking system (it only worked in parts and seemed to gather more dust than any other item in the front room!), he has since been talking of getting a worthy replacement, though of course we now no longer need a record player or even cassette player!

      After a wander around a Comet's store we found ourselves faced with a wide array of stereo's, cd players and radio's, all of which I have to say completely baffled the life out of me, though thankfully my husband seemed to know what he was looking for!

      My husband wanted something that was functional, providing a decent cd player, a DAB radio and also something that didn't take up too much room and looked attractive too......... easy right!?

      After much perusal, and picking three units prior to the one I am reviewing now (the first three were no longer in stock, just our luck!), we finally found one that ticked all the boxes.

      We decided upon a "Hitachi" unit, as this was a brand we had used before an had no previous problems with, and the fact that it was aesthetically pleasing to the eye too was a bonus.

      The set up of the stereo was more than simple to do, with the entire process being laid out step by step within the extensive instruction manual, though of course with my husband being male and apparently psychic he had no need for such trifles, and set the unit up with the power of his mind (and two cups of coffee, three cigarettes and a few choice words!).

      The clock counter (once set up!) will automatically re-set itself back to the proper time once switched back on, even when unplugged from the mains (which we do to save electric!), which is a nice touch I feel, having plenty of electrical items around the house that show completely different times due to power cuts and not being set up properly (yes, I know is should reset them, but the instruction manuals have long since gone!).

      There are a multitude of different functions with this unit, there are the ones we were requiring (decent sound, volume, looks, DAB radio and cd player), but alongside this there is also an I-pod docking station and USB/MP3/SD/MMC card, which I have to be honest half of which are things I have never heard of, let alone own, but the docking station and USB/MP3 player are ideal for my more advanced technologically minded children!

      Starting with the docking station, this unit comes with a few different sized "adapters" to fit any generation I-pod on the player (situated on the top of the unit), with the unit simply needing to be changed over via a button for all the above mentioned systems, on the front of the unit (all very well labelled), which then gives the display counter to scroll through the song lists, I have to be honest we use this quite a lot as my daughter (who is 10!) has an extensive I-tunes list of songs, which means a much cheaper option of getting new music to listen to (cheaper for me anyway!).

      The MP3 player can be accessed in the same way, but by simply plugging into the USB connection of the front of the unit, this lets my son join in (he is only 6 and wants to be as grown up as his sister!), allowing him to listen to his player and scroll through his extensive list of Justin Bieber and Prodigy!

      The cd player is discreetly placed almost at the bottom of the unit, which until the eject button is pressed (after first changing the mode of play via the well labelled button, my daughter thought it was broken as she couldn't initially access the cd player!), is well hidden and not visible until opened.

      The DAB radio I have to say is a new one on me, never being very good at tuning radios (and usually ending up with white noise on most of my other units and car radio!), this was surprisingly easy to track in and save to the unit, though my husband is reasonably good at things like this, so it seemed a lot easier watching him do it!

      The unit has an automatic tuning system, that can be altered to either tune into any local stations you listen to (my newest favourite being the Birmingham based Capital, though again this was brought to my attention by my daughter, and is now tuned into every radio I own!), or tuning in nationwide stations, such as Radio 1, of which seven can be saved to the unit via the buttons on the stereo, so a button can be pressed and that station can be found again straight away, though this sometimes doesn't work due to us not being in a very area for reception, and strangely enough when the sky box (which is next to the stereo) is switched on!

      The look and the size of the unit is very pleasing to the eye, with the unit being half black and half mirrored, which when switched on becomes the screen, with the blue led lights shining through the mirror, very pretty.

      This is a lovely unit that comes compete with a remote control, which again comes with full instructions (and two AAA batteries to start with!) and a few more abilities than the unit itself, some including random or shuffle for both the cd player and the I-pod/MP3/USB players, which can't be programmed in on the unit itself, though as my sitting room is reasonably snug (with the fact my house is actually a cottage!) it would be extremely lazy of me to use a remote when I am always in arms reach of the unit!

      The volume was the only other thing I was adamant in checking before buying, as I have had units before that even when turned up fully have been unable to be heard over any guests I might have, and the volume on this is great, but not so loud it makes your ears bleed!

      In short this is a fantastic unit that actually allows me to (occasionally!) persuade my kids to turn the television off for, recommended!

      Price wise this cost us (as part of a sale at the time!) £139 via Comets.

      Thanks for reading x

      These are the listed specifications -

      Power supply: 240v - 50Hz
      Output power: 20W x 2
      Unit dimension: 150(w) x 270 (d)206 (h)
      Speaker box dimensions: 140(w) x 225 (d) x 206 (h)
      Weight: 7.8 kg

      Radio section:
      Frequency range: DAB 174-240 Mhz
      FM 87.5-108 Mhz

      Compact disc section:
      CD media: CD-DA, CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW
      Supported formats: ISO9660, UDF.


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