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JMB GSMIC2001 CD Micro System

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2 Reviews
  • It has got a good blue display
  • It gives clear music
  • There are no disadvantages
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    2 Reviews
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      30.08.2015 22:48
      Very helpful


      • "It has got a good blue display "
      • "It gives clear music"
      • "It is very easy to use"


      • "There are no disadvantages"

      JMB mini hifi

      WHAT IS IT?

      This is a mini hifi that my husband has put into our kitchen because my digital radio was broken. I do not know when he bought this because he had it in the loft to be stored when he was not using it.


      This is a CD player and a radio also. There is FM and AM radio on it and both of them work very good, the CD player works good also and I am happy about that because I like to listen to music CDs instead of radio.


      I am happy with this hifi and think I might not use my digital radio again because it is nice that I can play a CD in the kitchen and not have to rely on the radio all of the time because there is not always something that I would like to listen to.

      There are 2 little speakers that come with the hifi and they look like they are very small but they are as powerful as I need for them to be in that small room. The music is clear and it is loud through the speakers also.

      The hifi is very easy to use and I like the bright blue display because when that is lit up it makes my kitchen look very beautiful with the way it reflects. I would not like to have this in the bedroom because the light would be too bright for me to sleep.


      This hifi cost about £30 and I think that is value because it works very good even though the stereo is not made by a well known company and it does not do alot comparing to other hifis that cost more.

      4 Dooyoo Hearts.


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      13.10.2012 13:38
      Very helpful



      A decent little buy but not an astounding one!

      On a party night my stereo got trashed. It had been playing up for a while then someone turned it off from the plug instead of the remote and that was it, it was dead as a do do for some reason. Instead of getting it repaired as it was a second hand one already I decided to replace it and get myself something a bit smaller than my previous model.

      Being the middle of the month I didn't have a lot of spare cash and all I wanted was a very simple and straightforward little cd player really. My needs don't require me to have a massive monster base, or be able to blow the lid off my flat, I just wanted something easy to put together and use.

      This came in a large box with photographs of the stereo all over it and lots of information was given. Inside the box the stereo came in 3 parts, the main unit and the 2 speakers, inside the box there was a leaflet and a 3 year manufacturers guarantee.

      Putting it together was quite simply a doddle. The speakers have a wire each that attach to the back of the unit simply, the unit has a long power lead to the power supply and thats it your ready to play.

      This of course is a top loading cd player and it has AM, FM and FM Stereo features, though it is not a DAB radio and the first issue I'd like to bring up with this is that the sound quality on the radio really is fuzzy no matter the channel I put it on however the cd player is great and happily plays CD, CD-R and CDR-W.

      To use the whole thing is simple via the controls too. On the front of the main unit there is a see through large plastic, wipe clean piece that protrudes the edges of the main unit which is great because when on the unit glows a bright electic blue and to the top left hand corner of it there is red dot that goes on as well to show furthermore it is switched on. There is a large lcd panel on there as well which you can easily programme the time into and it tells us either what radio channel you are listening too or the discs song number.

      Controls on this are ever so simple and quite easy to master. To the centre of the of the unit you have a silver knob to use for tuning the radio then other controls are a sliding volume switch, play/pause, stop and skip up and down, repeat/programme small buttons and then to the bottom of the unit you have a slider to choose AM/FM/FM Stereo and another slider to pop the unit onto standby, pop it on the disc or to opt to listen to the radio and there is a sockets for headphones too.

      The speakers are rather small and oblong but plenty enough for me and the unit does go rather loud course though this has no base options or anything fancy neither does it have a remote control.

      The unit looks nice, especially lit up. Its small and dainty and simple enough to use, for small fingers and not fat ones though! Its all a bit tempermental especially the sliding switches and I do have to admit to missing a remote control with this one.

      It is flimsy though. iItouch my unit and it does wobble and bit, its lightwight and afterall only measures H 20, W 14, D 20 cm.

      Aside from the radio which I'm not all that pleased with as my reception is just pants this is ok for playing a cd on. The top loading function is simple, the buttons straightforward and I have the option of repeating once a track or keep on repeat, I can also programme this at the touch of a button to play only the tracks I want it to.

      Would I recommend this? For a small bedroom or something yes as I think this is great for occasional use. It looks the biz but does require me to go up and fiddle with it a bit too often for my liking to be honest but for the money its great for playing my cds on and people do comment on how nice and dinky it is!

      Available from Kays and Google if interested too.


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