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    1 Review
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      17.01.2001 00:33



      The JVC MX-J550R has to be one of the best Hi-Fi's out at the moment! It has everything you need to listen to your music with quality. I got the MX-J550R for christmas and i have listened to it every day since then. I like my music loud and this is perfect. It has 4 different sections a section for your cd's, a section for tapes, a radio with built in tuning and a section from where you can hook it up to your video and either play your videos through it or just play normal tv through it. To get the best out of this section it's probably best to get some more speakers and have surround sound, this will then give you a great effect. It also has active bass where just like volume control you can turn you bass up or down. This is on the left hand side and to the right of this is the volume control which is a very important part of this very powerful Hi-Fi. Right in the center of the whole thing there is a powered rolling panel. This turns around everytime it is turnt on to reveal a series of buttons. These buttons are the control buttons and are the same buttons which are on the remote which also comes with it. These buttons are like the stop and start buttons and the recording for both cd and tape etc. The Hi-Fi comes with 120 watt speakers to give you great bass. Everything is really easy to control and you shouldn't have any trouble with any but if you are i am willing to answers any questions. The double tape players also have auto reverse so you can listen to either side of the tape without having to take you tape out. On the display it has many options to show like if you have a cd in it shows how many tracks are on the cd and which one it is on. It tells you most things cd players do like how long the tracks has been on etc. Oh yeah and the system has a 3 cd play and exchange systems which means you can have any 3 cds in at a time but while one is playing you can change another cd over. Which is handy so you don't have to tur
      n the music off and stop the whole thing just to replace one cd. I think this Hi-Fi is a hit and i hope you will consider taking a look at it if you are looking for a new one at the moment.


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