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    1 Review
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      02.08.2001 17:44
      Very helpful



      I have had my mini system for quite a while now it costs me under £300 and I am very pleased with the performance. I bought the Hi-fi because I wanted surround sound while watching television without spending huge amounts on money. The cheaper option was to buy a surround sound hi-fi that way I could have both. I bought this particular model as I had, had JVC in the past and had always liked their systems as they were not too bulky or over complicated with buttons and lights that flashed about. I wanted something simple that would play tapes, CD and the radio and looked good in my living room. The system consists of a very powerful Dolby Prologic Home Cinema sound it comes with two front speakers 120 watts each, two surround speakers 15 watts each and a centre speaker 30 watts. You can also purchase a sub woofer to enhance the bass. The machine features two ways to decode the Dolby signal. Dolby Pro Logic and Dolby 3 stereo. Dolby Pro Logic can be used when the front speakers and rear speakers are connected to the unit regardless of the centre speaker being connected. Dolby 3 stereo can be used when the left, centre and right speakers are connected but no rear speakers. As the sound from the front speakers can be quite loud I had to purchase floor stands. These have been placed at either side of the television. The surround sound speakers can be wall mounted but as I didn’t want to clutter my walls so I bought surround sound speaker stands that way when I move my furniture around which I do quite often I can re-arrange the sound to suit the style of the room. The centre speaker I have placed on top of the TV so now I have sound from every corner of the room. The unit has 3 main parts the front panel, the powered rolling panel and the display window. The main functions on the unit are the tape, auxiliary, CD, and the radio. The unit comes with a remote control that is quite standard and easy to use.
      All the functions above can be used with or without the remote control. The user manual has clear instructions and explains using pictures which buttons to press for a particular function. The Front Panel The front panel consists of the following features: 3 CD disc trays CD disc number button to open CD tray Standby/on button Display window Remote sensor Powered rolling panel Two auto reverse cassette decks A & B Auxiliary button Tape button CD button FM/AM button Phone jack Volume Powered Rolling Panel The machine has a rolling panel, which hides all the functions you will use to operate the machine. To operate the rolling panel you just press the on/off button. Display Window This window displays the details of whatever function you are using. Tape The machine has double auto reverse full logic cassette table decks A and B. You can play cassettes on both decks but can only record on deck B. There is also a function, which lets you locate the beginning of a song called Music Scan. This works by detecting a break between songs this can only work during play back while holding down the radio tuning buttons. Auxiliary Using the auxiliary you can connect external equipment to the machine. I have connected my digital cable box to get surround sound while watching films and television. CD The machine has a 3 CD triple tray, which allows you to play one CD, and change another at the same time without effecting play back. It has all the functions that you would expect to find ie Random, Repeat and Program. It also has two extra functions, which are Tray lock and Auto edit recording. Tray lock prohibits CD ejection and locks the discs this function is similar to a child lock. Auto edit recording allows you to record tracks to fit the tape so that you don’t get cut off on recordings. FM/AM It comes with both FM and AM antennas, which you use to set your stations. The FM stations also feature RDS, which displays additional signals. This means stations can send their name, as well as information about what type of programme they broadcast ie news, sport, traffic. Sound Modes There are 6 preset sound modes (3 surround and 3 SEA (Sound Effect Amplifier modes). The surround sound modes are D club, Hall and Stadium each has a different effect on the music. D club increases resonance and base, Hall adds depth and brilliance to the sound and Stadium adds clarity and spreads the sound, like in an outdoor stadium. SEA sound modes are Rock, Pop and Classical. Rock boosts low and high frequency, good for acoustic music, pop works well for vocal music and classical is good for classical music. Dimensions Machine - W/H/D 265x315x341mm. Max approx. 9.5kg (20.9lbs) Front Speakers - W/H/D 215x315x273mm. Max approx. 3.5kg (7.8lbs) Centre Speaker - W/H/D 245x110x145mm. Max approx. 0.8kg (1.8lbs) Surround Speaker - W/H/D 160x110x136mm. Max approx. 0.55kg (1.3lbs)


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