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    1 Review
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      19.05.2009 13:38
      Very helpful


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      A superb little hi-fi utilising lots of input technology to make it more than just a cd player!

      JVC make some nice equipment these days and i purchased this mini hifi for a number of reasons.
      Firstly its reall compact in size, the main unit being 7cm high and toward 24cm in length. The speakers are also micro sized too, which is a bonus if you dont have much room.
      Setting up the JVC system is simple, once you have it out the box you connect the two speakers as normal, one red wire and one black for each speaker. These clip straight into the back of the main unit, the same goes for the aerials for the radio too.
      Then plug it in and turn it on.
      The system is very easy to set up and has a really well layed out remote used to control the main unit and all other media forms connnected to it.

      One of the coolest features of this unit is the motorised lid which lifts up to allow you to insert cd's, and closes again at the touch of a button. It kind of resembles a mouth, but is very swift and quiet in movement.

      The unit also incorporates the following applications:
      I pod, the unit has a special i pod adapter slot and connection wire allowing you to plug your ipod straight in. Select ipod on the main unit and your ready to control it via the remote. The set up is easy and sound quality is processed extremely well.

      Radio- Although i have used only once it seemed to give qood quality and pick up a host of stations with ease, so i cant fault it, but its main purpose was for cds and external media.
      CD- the cd player is amazing clear and sounds great, there is an option to turn on or off the tru bass. This feature enhances the bass and beefs up your music. I have tried it on numerous cd's of varying styles. And to be honest i leave it on as otherwise the sound feels a bit flat.

      USB- now this is one of those features you dont really need, and never thought of but actually comes in extremely handy. Once you select usb and plug in your usb device, in my case a psp, a blue light on the front illuminates.
      And then i play all my musi off my psp for everyone to hear. Now this is a great feature to have, as i have also had a usb memory stick device work on it too. This gives you loads of flexibility if you have lots of mp3's and dont want to keep changing cd's every 45 mins!

      SO my overall review is that this JVC cd player in white and black which looks really good anywhere is of great flexibility and is also very cheap to buy now. Its worth every penny, although compared to bigger systems it doesnt sound as good, not suprising due to it being so tiny.
      For a small room it fills it beautifully, and the sound does not distort even when the volume is going up and up and up. I love music and for me this system does really well at being able to juggle 4 types of it through the radio,cd,ipod and usb.
      Thumbs up JVC, a great little hifi!


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