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    1 Review
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      27.08.2010 13:30
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      I have had this system for several years now and I have had no issues and still use it to this day.

      received this 'Hifi system' (I prefer just to call them CD players myself) as a Christmas present several years ago now and I am still using it to this day. I am aware that people are using cd players increasingly less these days but I am one of those people who is holding on to her CD collection and refuses to download music (I am talking both legal and illegal downloading) unless I have to.

      -Setting up-
      This is very easy to set up, even as a teenager I was able to do this no problem. After wiring the speakers to the system (red wire - red hole/ black wire - black hole) it is a case of plug and play. No issues and is ready to go almost straight away.

      Do watch you don't push the speaker wires too far in though or they won't work. I found this out the hard way.

      This system can play CD's (including mp3 playback - so if you make your own mp3 cd's you can play it on this system), FM radio and a tape player. The screen also acts as a clock while it is off. Some of these features may sound outdated to some but I find use for them, apart from perhaps the tape player now.

      The AM/FM radio has 40 preset stations (40 for FM). You receive and arial with the system in order to listen to it, which may require some fiddling about until you get it in the right position. If you manage to get it somewhere inconspicuous you may want to consider blu-tak or sellotape in order to keep it in place.

      The radio function has always worked well with me. The sound has been great and no problems trying to find the right station.

      -CD Player-
      CD's are inserted in the top of this player, there is an open button in order to, well, open it and you just push it shut. It doesn't take the player long to recognise the CD and to start playing it, though if your CD is an mp3 CD it may take longer. It is CD-R/RW compatible.

      As well as the usual play, pause, stop, skip options there is also the options of: programme play, repeat all, repeat one and random play.

      Sound quality is great with both mp3 and CD's, though it will depend on the quality of mp3 files that you have.

      I have had no issues with this feature and has been as simple as insert, close, press play.

      Not many people still use tapes and it is increasignly difficult to find them. However, those that still do have them and enjoy will benefit from the tape feature on this. I don't use it now(though I did when I first got it) but I still find it strange having a system which doesn't have a tape function.

      You are able to record from CD's onto the tape and the reduction in quality isn't too bad (though it is obvious there is some reduction).

      As the system is small there is no problem trying to find anywhere to put it. Plus despite its size the sound volume and quality are great, there is no problem being able to hear it and the quality sounds as good as any other. There are different presets: rock, jazz, classical, flat and pop.

      -Design and Looks-

      I personally think this dinky little system looks good. The silver front works well with most rooms and is quite classic looking. The light-mid coloured wood is also a nice feature and I think nicer than the all plastic alternative.

      The dimensions for the main unit are: 14.5 cm x 22.6 cm x 20.9 cm. So it really is quite small and easy to find somewhere for. It weighs 2.8 kg and is quite light to carry. The speakers are: 13.5 cm x 15.2 cm x 23.3 cm and weigh 1.3 kg.

      The plastic front feels good quality and it and the buttons don't feel cheap.

      -Overall Opinion-
      I think this is a great little system. Good sound, easy to use and even after several years worth of use it is still as good as the day it was first used.

      The fact it doesn't have a DAB radio may outdate it a little but I still get use out of all the features minus the use of tapes. However, as a CD player and FM radio there is no problems. I have never had a problem, it is small and light to transport when moving also.

      It may be difficult to find now but if you do, I would recommend it even now. Won't be suitable for those that like everything up to date but for those of us who don't mind something a little outdated and still use the features then it is a great, sturdy piece of equipment.


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