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Panasonic SC-AK 27

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    1 Review
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      02.11.2000 00:17
      Very helpful



      I have had my Panasonic SC-AK 27 for over a year now and it still works as well as the day I bought it. i have always trusted Panasonic as a brand name and decided to buy their new Hi-fi. I was not disappointed! The system comes with a 5-disc CD mulitplayer, twin tape deck and a quartz tuner. The 5-CD multiplayer is pretty much as you might expect, it can hold five CDs and you can choose to listen to any of them at any one time. You can also press the random and the Hi-fi will randomly choose a track on one of the CDs. The mulitplayer is certainly handy although it doesn't change CDs very quickly which can be annoying at times. The twin tape deck is unremarkable, it features Dolby noise reduction and autoreverse, meaning you can play tapes in either directions. There is a track search for tapes, which can look for the next track on the tape or the previous one by looking for a blank space which works well but you can't skip more than one track ahead. The quality of recordings is very good, and it is very easy to do the taping, you simply choose the tracks you want and then press a button and it will do all the sychronisation itself. It will even record from the start of the track if the tape runs, on the other side. The SC-AK 27 also boasts a large display, which shows all the information for whatever part of the system you are listening to. It also comprises a large graphic equaliser which curves all the way round the display. Not only that, in the demo mode, you get to see an animation of a rocket taking off and then going to hyperspace! More importantly, what does it sound like? Fantastic, the amount of bass the system can produce is amazing, it makes you want to listen to your whole collection of music all over again. There are plenty of options to 'shape' the music; you can set it to 'heavy' which gives you loads of bass and sounds great for listening to rock music. The 'dance' ption echoes the musi
      c slightly you give the impression of being in a club, 'hall' reduces the bass and gives more of an echo, again to give the impression of being a hall. The amount of option really gives you the freedom to listen to the music in exactly the way you want which is what you really want from a hi-fi. The remote control gives you virtually full control over the Hi-fi which I found particularly handy. The SC-AK 27 isn't only very good for listening to music, I have had mine hooked up to my Nicam video player for a while and it is superb for watching films through, again because of the huge amounts of bass it can provide. Action films are especially good as you almost 'feel' all the explosions as well as see them. On the more practical side, the remote control is very handy, you can control almost every part of the system. There is also an alarm clock which you can use to wake up to a CD, tape or your favourite radio station, which I find far more preferable to waking up to an annoying beeping noise. Disadvantages? Well, the CD player is not particularly advanced, you don't get time remaining, A-B repeat etc. You get a random a facility plus you can program it across all five discs. Also there is no optical output which menas you can't record onto a minidisc player. I got round this by buying a combined MD/CD deck, which is more expensive but worth it it for the ease of making minidiscs. For the price you can buy a basic seperates system which will have a cd player, amplifier and speakers which some people prefer the sound quality to. However I prefer having all the features in one unit, which can all be accessed by the same remote control, plus you get a lot more features. Overall I think this is an excellent sound system, especially since it is less than 250 pounds. If you are looking for an all purpose sound system, then this is the one.


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