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Panasonic SC EN37EG-K

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    1 Review
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      24.06.2010 12:08


      • Reliability


      Good little system for anyone's bedroom!

      I got this Panasonic Soundsystem to replace one that had completely broken a few years ago, and it came with me to my Uni house and is still in nearly mint condition! I'm not sure if there are different colours to get, but I have the grey and black one which went well with my room at my parents and goes well here at the Uni house too - great colours aswell, they got good shades so that if any scratches happen they're not too noticeable. A lot of black or grey things I own get scratches quite quickly and are horribly noticeable.

      I'm not too sure how much this cost as it was a Christmas present, but they retail nowadays for roughly £90 (Amazon price) so there's a chance it cost a lot more than that when I got it! It's easy enough to use, looks quite stylish, and suitable for anyone who wants a radio/CD player, anywhere in the house.

      It was easy to set up, there's an instruction manual included telling you where everything goes. It's literally a case of plugging in the two speakers in the back, connecting the plug with the main part, and voila! The only awkward thing about this was connecting the speakers; you have 2 wires, black and red and usually with their golden metal wires sticking out, which have to go into the right sockets at the back of the system. I just put the red into the red socket and black into the black socket, it works well that way. Once in, you click something down and apparently they stay there permanently - they haven't fallen out on me yet!

      I found that the radio was awkward to work, but I'm not a fan of radio anyway, so I ended up not using that feature too much. A friend of mine tried to tune it for me here before Xmas but I think I lost the aerial that comes with it so that didn't work either! I'm used to the dials you use to change a radio station though, not buttons, and this one has buttons. It was difficult to search because it only goes up in wavelengths of about 0.5 or something daft like that, which is probably the norm, but it took too long and picked up too many of the same stations on different frequencies. Hold one of the radio buttons down and it searched automatically, stopping at every station it found. Most of the stations it stopped on were rubbish though and you couldn't hear a thing, so I haven't used that feature.

      I have used the CD Player an awful lot though, and have found it could play any disc from brand new to scratched - my old one couldn't! The CD Player is right at the front of the middle compartment, with all the buttons on it, and all you have to do is hit 'open' either on the remote or just above the doors. I like how it opens; it just folds itself upwards. There's still enough space to slide your CD in without getting it caught on anything, and then it folds itself down into it's flat-fronted ways, looking like it didn't do anything and there isn't a CD just under the surface, playing away!

      The controls on the main system are easy enough to recognise and use, mainly the need-to-know ones so it isn't hard controlling it that way, and the remote control is just a normal remote with all the usual features; play, stop, pause, volume up/down, skip, repeat. It does give more choice on the remote though, such as setting whether you want it in 'rock' or 'pop' mode - no idea what these mean but things always sound better in 'rock' for me. I have found recently the buttons on the main body of the system are starting to need more force in order to actually do what I want them to do, but that's probably a sign of old age or overuse as I do lose my remote quite a lot. The remote is a light grey colour, doesn't really match the stereo but it's not like I have mine for long anyways! The buttons are all raised and rubber so it doesn't take much to press those, and I would recommend you don't lose it either as it's more reliable and has more options than the main body!

      Of course, the manual explained what everything meant and after a couple looks over that I could work it no problem. It was easy to read, print wasn't too small, and really does give all the bits of info you need in order to work it.

      Other than saying how great it worked and how good it looks in any room, there's not much else to say except it's good for the simple people who just like to pop a disc in and hit play - it's as easy as that.


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