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Panasonic SC-PM04EB-S Mini

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    3 Reviews
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      23.06.2014 10:34
      Very helpful


      • "great product"


      Panasonic mini Hifi, a item which will last for years

      We have this Hifi in our kitchen at the moment, mainly used for the radio during the day whilst the family are pottering around. Although I am considering moving this little Hifi up stairs to my daughters room as she is getting older and is starting to like to listen to music, and thinking of buying something a little smaller for the kitchen. We did have this Hifi in the living room at our old house, but when we moved here the neighbours living room is to close to ours, so we can have it on a little louder in the kitchen, and as I like to listen to music whilst cooking, it makes sense really. When I first bought this Hifi I bought it brand new, and paid around eighty pounds for it. When it came as well as the main unit it came with two fully functional type cone speakers, remote control, mains adapter, antenna plug adapter, am loop antenna, fm indoor antenna and a instruction manual. When first setting up this Hifi I found it a really easy thing to do, the instruction manual is set out clearly and easy to understand, but to be honest you shouldn''t really need it. This is a pretty basic little Hifi really, but it is one that does the job. It has some functions you can make use of, like the clock, timer, programmer, radio (which is very clear), and USB playback. My Hifi''s remote control never actually came with batteries when it was sent to me, so you will have to buy 2 x AA batteries to get your remote going. You can get some good sound out of this little Hifi, but nothing to much which is perfect for, as I wouldn''t be wishing to annoy the neighbours. Overall a great little system, and one which is durable, a great little Hifi that once is bought, will certainly last for years.


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      27.02.2014 15:49
      1 Comment


      • Reliability


      all i can say is amazing

      the mini super set of stereo and speakers are awesome only reason to why i may say that is due to the amount of clear sound the speakers provide. Now truthfully i am not one to purchase Panasonic equipment but for a price that suits my price range and is perfect for the price paid for it there's not really anything i can complain about.

      I love the fact that is mini and can be put into small indefinite places allowing me to have an organised comfort zone. People believe that having a larger stereo will increase the output of sound. I have to disagree due to the amazement and joy this set of technology provides me as iv'e added 26 speakers to it yet the sound quality has remained the same clear and subtle even when bass starts to kick in the sound is perfect.

      this is totally my experience of how much i love the Panasonic stereo kit and why.


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        05.10.2013 19:21
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        Great little micro sound system

        == Introduction ==

        My daughter is at the age now where she is starting to listen to music (mainly music her dad listens to, but at least she will have a somewhat cultured education in music), she has already has an Innotab learning tablet, which I have loaded some of the songs that she has told me are her favourites (A three year old classing 'The Eton Rifles' and The Who's 'Pictures of Lily' amongst her favourite songs). She already has a television and DVD player in her room and likes to have it on in the background when she is playing up there with her toys, so I thought what do I get my spoiled daughter who has everything for Christmas? I thought I would get her a hi-fi system, at least that way, she would have a choice whether to listen to music or watch a DVD. It is her birthday exactly one week before Christmas, so I fretted about what to get her for that too, she does literally have everything, so I decided I would get her her very own MP3 player (we do travel on long journeys a lot and she is always borrowing my phone so she can listen to music). So, what I was looking for when it came to getting a hi-fi system for Lily was something that was easy to use and something which had MP3 playback.

        == What's In The Box? ==

        1 x Main Unit

        2 x 10cm Cone Type Speakers

        1 x Mains Power Adapter

        1 x Remote Control

        1 x Antenna Plug Adapter

        1 x AM Loop Antenna

        1 x FM Indoor Antenna

        1 x Instruction Manual

        == Set Up ==

        The first thing that struck me was how small this actually is 184mm Width x 123mm Height x 228mm Depth. I found setting up the unit pretty straightforward, I have set up countless amounts of audio equipment for myself and friends and family members, so I knew what I was doing without looking at the instructions. The instructions are really easy to follow, so a total novice would have no trouble setting this up The only thing that I didn't bother with, was the setting up of the outdoor antenna, I don't have an outdoor antenna and I wasn't about to go messing about climbing onto my roof to fit one. I didn't really need this, as the reception using the indoor antenna is good enough for me, the radio is not something I listen to a lot of anyway, although it is nice to have the option of it there. The wires for the speakers are colour coded, which made putting them into the correct slots relatively easy and that's it all set up and ready to go.

        == Use ==

        Once I had the system all set up, I set about trying all the different functions on it. The first thing I tried was the USB playback, I didn't have an MP3 player to hand, but I use my phone as an MP3 player, so I thought I'd plug it in and see what happens, this is done using a lead which you would get with your phone/USB device, there are no leads supplied with this hi-fi to facilitate the linking of a USB device. I was surprised that the hi-fi found my phone and I was able to scroll through the songs with relative ease, and the playback was just as clear. The next thing I tried was the radio(as I have stated earlier, I probably won't be using the radio, but I thought I had better test it out anyway just in case. Scrolling through the various radio stations and storing them in my presets was quite easy too and the indoor antenna worked perfectly. Then I tried a normal CD, I had purchased one for my daughters Christmas and I just tried that out, that worked fine too, it was great fun sitting on my weights bench and pointing my control at the stereo, it was like I was king of my domain. I then decided to burn off (copy) an album onto a blank CD, to test if it played copies, as some audio systems don't. Again, I had no problems with a copied CD, it played it perfectly. The headphone socket takes a 3.5mm jack, which is the small one, the same size as you would find on an MP3 player.

        === Sound Quality ===

        The sound quality is alright, it isn't the best sound quality in the world, but it is only meant for a small to medium sized room and it does seem to reverberate around the room where I have it situated (but I guess that could be down to the loft room being just that little bit sparse when it comes to furniture and stuff). At only 10 watts, this hi-fi is not going to set the world alight, and I can't imagine the ASBO police would be banging on my door telling me to turn it down (saying that, I have 140 watts of power in the living room and the neighbours don't complain about that). I didn't expect it to be great in terms of sound quality and volume, I only bought it for my daughters bedroom, and to me it is just perfect for her.

        == Features ==

        The hi-fi is pretty basic and it has a couple of little functions on here that deal with the sound, clock and timer and programming the songs.

        === Clock and Timer ===

        There is a timer feature that allows you to switch the unit off at a set amount of time, this is good for daddy, as it means I can monitor how long the music is on for, I mean eventually she will be getting more CD's and The Best of Mr Tumble is not something I want to be listening to all the live long day. When Santa delivers this for her I am going to program it, so that at a certain time of the morning the CD player will come on playing Slade's 'Merry Christmas Everybody' ( I am worse than Lily on Christmas morning, I didn't sleep last year and ended up waking her up at 4am telling her that Santa had been, because I was bored and excited). So in a way this hi-fi has its own built in alarm clock, could this be payback time for all the times she has woken me up at stupid O'clock?

        === Sound Adjustment ===

        The equalizer settings are really basic (this is not an all bells and whistles hi-fi and it doesn't pretend to be either, it isn't gimmick heavy like a lot of hi-fi's on the market); Heavy, Soft, Clear, Vocal and Flat are the equalizer options available. You can also set it to Bass or Treble and it also has a Dynamic Bass function and Surround Sound.

        === Program Play ===

        This allows you to program up to 24 tracks, e.g. if you have an album and you don't want to listen to all of its tracks or if you would like to listen to all the tracks but in a different order, you would just use this function. I know I wouldn't get much use out of using this, but I also know some people might. I guess I am too lazy to sit and program what tracks I want to listen to and I would rather just press the skip button I come to a particular track I didn't like.

        ===Remote Control===

        The remote control doesn't come with any batteries, it takes 2 x AA, which I was lucky to have in my man drawer. When I first got the remote control and tried it out, I was looking through all the buttons for the eject button, I then had a scroll through the manual and found out there is no eject button. I thought this was strange at first, I mean, Lily's DVD player has an eject button on the remote. Then I realised that it is strange having an eject button on a remote as when you eject something, it is usually because you want to either take something out or put something in, and this is not something you would be doing from distance anyway. Aside from this, the remote is perfect, every control you need, without having to get up and manually change settings. I will be keeping the remote up high from my daughter for the time being, I did the same with her DVD and television remotes, she needs to learn how to use it and be responsible with a remote before giving her that kind of power.

        ==Additional Technical Specifications==

        ===Amplifier Section===

        RMS Output Power Stereo Mode: - Front Ch(both Ch driven), 5W per channel, 1kHz, 10% THD.

        Total RMS Stereo Mode Power: - 10W

        ===FM/AM Tuner, Terminals Section: ===

        Preset Station - FM = 30 Stations, AM = 15 Stations

        ===Frequency Modulation(FM)===

        Frequency Range: - 87.50 MHz to 108.00 MHz (50 kHz Step)

        ===Amplitude Modulation(AM)===

        Frequency Range: - 522kHz to 1629kHz (9kHz Step)
        520kHz to 1630kHz (10kHz Step)

        ===Headphone Jack===


        Stereo 3.5mm Jack

        ===Output Level===

        (CD, 1 kHz -20 dB) 0.7 mW + 0.7 mW

        ===Music Port (Top)===

        Normal - 490 mV
        High - 100 mV
        Terminal - Stereo 3.5 mm jack

        ===Disc Section: ===

        Disc Played - 8mm or 12cm
        CD, CD-R/RW (CD-DA, MP3)

        ===Pick Up===

        Wavelength - 790nm (CD)
        Laser Power - CLASS I

        ===Audio Output (disc)===

        Number of channels - 2ch (Front Left, Front Right)

        ===USB Section:===

        ===USB Port ===

        USB Standard - USB 2.0 Full Speed
        Media File Format Support - MP3
        USB device file system - FAT12, FAT16, FAT32
        USB port power - 500 mA (Max)

        ===Speaker Section: ===


        1 way, 1 speaker system (Bass reflex)

        ===Speaker Units===

        Full range - 10cm cone type
        ouput sound pressure - 83db/W (1m)
        Frequency Range - 61 Hz to 17 kHz (-16 dB)
        95 Hz to 15 kHz (-10 dB)

        Dimensions (W x H x D) = 139 mm x 224 mm x 136 mm
        Mass - 1.3kg

        == General ==

        Power supply - AC 220 to 240 V, 50Hz
        Power Consumption - 12 W
        Dimensions (W x H x D) - 184mm x 123mm x 228mm
        Mass - 1.1kg
        Operating Temperature Range - 0 degrees celcius + 40 degrees celcius
        Operating Humidity Range - 35% to 80% RH (No Condensation)

        == Price ==

        I purchased this from www.currys.co.uk and when I bought it, it was £79.99, if I had waited a month or so I could have had it for £69.99, which is a quite a reasonable price if you ask me. Here is the link if you wish to purchase it from Curry's http://tinyurl.com/oaqa2ks. You can purchase this at various other places like PC World, but I have found this to be the cheapest price so far.

        == Verdict ==

        Now, I know what you're thinking, "How can you possibly review something that your daughter hasn't used yet?", simple; I loved the look of this system so much, that when I decided to set up a gym in my attic conversion, I decided to purchase the exact same model, so that I would have something to listen to when doing my work out. I think this is a fantastic system for a small to medium sized room, it isn't as loud as my main living room system, but I was under no illusions here, I didn't expect it to be or need it to be. If you are purchasing this for a bedroom, garage or loft conversion then this is perfect for you, if you want something that is going to scare your neighbours cat, then I would advise getting something with bit more wattage than 10 watts. I purchased this knowing exactly what I wanted it for and I am more than happy with it. Overall I will give this 5/5 stars, does exactly what it says on the tin, is sleek, stylish and compact.


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