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Panasonic SC PM33EG-S

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    1 Review
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      31.01.2012 05:01
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      all in all a good system.

      OK so when it comes to music I really will listen to anything which in some ways is great, I mean I never mind what's on the radio or even what channel its tuned into however there is a downside...I have a massive music collection which needs to be played. So when my last stereo decided its time to go to the big sound system in the sky, it was a trip to comet on a mercy mission.

      *+*+* THE PRODUCT *+*+*

      Panasonic's SC-PM-33 is a remote controlled compact micro system which when I purchased it cost around £90.
      The system consists of:
      * CD Player
      * Radio
      * Cassette Tap deck
      * Music port

      The main colour is silver as in the picture. The speakers which are independent (connected by easy clip in wires) and have a wood surround with the mimicked silver on the front. There is the option to remove the speaker cover depending on choice personally mine are still on but hey! each to their own. The layout of the system is average, a little different from other brands. The tape deck sits pride of place on the top of the system with the CD tray sliding out of the bottom. Below the display screen are 4 large buttons these change the function and double up as play and pause etc. controls, making this one of the easiest stereos I've owned. Volume control is an even larger dial situated along side the buttons on the front meaning you cannot miss it.
      Everything is controlled from its remote control which runs on a pair of AA batteries.
      If you wish to connect your mp3 device you will need an audio cable which as far as I know can be picked up easy enough.

      A few other little facts:
      * 2x 20watt output power
      * 2-way base reflex speakers.
      * Can store up to 30 radio stations
      * Has headphone socket
      * Can play cdr/rw
      * And has timed record with the cassette

      *+*+* MY OPINION *+*+*

      Ok so I have to admit I'm pretty pleased with this its been going a couple of years now and it get plenty of use. As previously stated the ease of use of this system is a major plus it means that even late at night, in low light or after a couple of naughty lemonades it is easy to do exactly what you want remote or not. It is compacted enough to sit comfortably almost anywhere either with its speakers alongside or separate. A great bonus to me is the sleep mode and alarm mode. I am the sort of person who when lying in bed if I hear a noise outside I like to investigate I put this down to being an extremely inquisitive and nosey person. To conquer this, the sleep mode works like a dream who can beat a little Michael Buble or Adele to nod off to and it cancels out any external noise while not leaving my music on all night...Jackpot! Sleep mode is easy to use just pressing one button repeatedly as the time counts up in 30 min intervals. In the same respect the alarm mode allows you to choose radio or cd etc and at what volume. At almost full tilt it wakes even me, this is no mean feat as I'm known for my sound sleeping. It is very versatile with or without the remote control and its always handy to be able to hit the sleep button on the front instead of having to find the remote all the time. Battery life in the remote is excellent they possibly get changed once a year if that.

      The sound quality is impressive for a small system I get no crackle or break up and the bass is just right without blowing the contents off my shelves. I am also impressed with the radio reception considering it is just and aerial wire I get no distortion or loss of signal which in my low lying room is a feat in itself.

      Now, onto the not so good. If I had thought about this a little longer I may have picked up on the position of the CD tray. Being at the bottom it means nothing can be placed in front of the system and can make it a little awkward as I have seen the CD tray swipe a deodorant out of its way. I originally wanted the tape deck so I could listen to some old mix tapes from my younger years but to be honest its played a couple of audio-biographies and that's about it since it took up residence so maybe I could of gone for the slightly different version with the DAB radio instead of the cassette deck...but you live and you learn. Luckily I had an audio cable lying about but if you didn't that would be a small extra cost. I have seen other systems coming with one included so this is yet another very small disadvantage.

      *+*+* CONCLUSION *+*+*

      This is a great little stereo that does everything it claims to and looks great. This micro stereo really has kept the soundtrack of my life playing and in some cases stopped me loosing the plot wit a well positioned track. It is easy to use and as stereos go for price, again it holds its own however I have knocked off a star for the positioning of the different components, as I believe this can affect its operating in some instances, but for the price I couldn't ask for a better machine


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