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    1 Review
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      05.09.2002 05:03
      Very helpful



      Installation ======= Setting this unit up was easy, thanks to the user manual and quick-start guide. All speaker wires were the correct colour (which isn't always true) and there is a Test Tone to ensure that everything is working correctly. Features ====== The tuner section has everything you could possibly want, including the EON implementation of RDS, including Program Type search. As long as you have all of your local radio stations entered into the preset slots (of which there are 40), you'll be able to find any type of station (for example put in Classical, and it'll find Classic FM). There is also a clock, so it can if you wish be used as an alarm clock (albeit a pretty loud one!). A Dolby Pro-Logic decoder is one board and features a proper centre channel speaker, which unlike on some systems sounds good. The tape deck is fully soft-touch, like a VCR, so there's no physical mechanical switches to press. It doesn't feature auto-reverse though, although I don't use tapes anymore. The CD changer uses a rotating tray onto which 3 discs can be loaded and tracks can be programmed from either of the trays (so you can make a playlist using more than one disc). Most functions (except for RDS features) are controlled using the remote control. The remote feels well made, but you have to make sure that you point it directly at the unit for it to work. Finally, there is an Optical Digital output, which can output a digital signal from the CD player only. Sound Quality ========= Nothing to complain about here. The tuner is strong enough to not hiss in FM Stereo, even when next to a computer. When hooked up to a computer with a good sound card, the sound from DVDs is amazing. Even when turned up to full, there is no hiss whatsoever, and frequency test tones up to 20KHz were measurable, probably thanks to the extra tweeters in each speaker cabinet. Bass goes down to around 5 0Hz, w
      hich is reasonable considering that there is no subwoofer. Still, there is enough bass to make the room thump. Reliability ====== This is the thing which really lets this unit down. It feels well built, but reliability leaves a lot to be desired. After less than a year, the CD player section started playing up. It would go through phases of saying "No Disc" in the display and making a strange clicking noise when looking for discs. Usually, by pressing the "Disk Skip" button a few times, it would read the disks eventually. It's got to a point now though, where it refuses to read any discs at all, and so even a lens cleaner cannot be used. Conclusion ======= I cannot recommend this product to anyone, given the reliability of my unit. I've heard of other people with either the same model or similar models which exibit the same problem. If I had written this when I first got the unit, then I would be saying definately get it, 95%, but as it is, I rate it at around 30%.


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