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  • no AUX output/input
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    1 Review
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      20.09.2004 19:02
      Very helpful



      • "no AUX output/input"

      I bought this thing several years ago as a little used item, but actually all i got was the head unit (i.e without speakers, power wire, remote and antena). It was quite cheap....

      The first problems I had was to find the missing items. Speakers and AC wire was not hard to find, because this model uses regular wire and any common speakers will fit this machine. However I have never managed to find antena for this thing, because it has some kind of special plug which is hard to find if you dont have it. Anyway it is just a small piece of wire with a plug at the end, and it can be replaced with anything else, you just need to cover the ends of small metalic peaces coming out of the head unit. Remote - too lazy to try to find it, probably can buy some universal remote and will work fine.

      Anyway most of the people probably have all the things that i didnt.

      The speakers I have for it are only 30W speakers, they are old, but .... Anyway the sound coming from them is better than my other minisytem (Sony RX 88) 100w speakers. Thus, if talking about the sound quality - no complaints, only compliments.

      At first it was a little hard to get used to controls, but later on you get used to it and its all fine. Never used tape, only CD and Radio, thus cannot comment on it. CD and Radio - as I said - no complaints of sound quality, reads most of the CDs even own recorded and little damaged (again my Sony refuses to play a lot of CSs).

      I wish it had some other inputs - like AUX so I could connect it to TV or Computer, but it doesnt, so it cannot be used as computer speaker system or for TV.

      A little problem is with moving the thing around, because the CD cover and cassete rack tends to open, so u have to be carefull not to damage them.

      The display has a nice greeninsh color, so you can easily see everything, but provides only some information, as it is only one or two lines and black letters on green color.

      Anyway, I am completely satisfied with the device, it gives me good sound, the speakers I use are intended to be used only with an amplifier, but this small sharp handles them very good, so it has enoung power output. Sound is the most important thing for me, the other factors are of lesser relevance for me.


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