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    1 Review
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      05.08.2009 20:14
      1 Comment



      If you can find one, buy one!


      Remote Control (requires 2 x AA batteries)
      3 x CD changer
      Top loading Cassette Player
      FM/AM radio
      2 x 40 watt Stereo speakers
      Optical output on the rear perfect for to connect your iPod and higher quality than usual stereo jack.


      The combined unit and speakers take up quite a lot of room, and there are far smaller units these days, but considering its age you really cannot complain. The speakers connect by the usual black and red split cables, and the mains cable is fixed into the back of the main unit with a standard black plug on the end. The speakers themselves under the blue fabric covers (which are removable) also look good with a large circular speaker cone with a tweeter of smaller diameter just above it. I have had it for over five years and the quality of the sound has not dipped at all.


      The sound quality of the system is supreme, combined with absolutely fantastic bass you really could not ask for more! There is an added feature which is called "Groove" when you switch it on it acts as a built-in subwoofer for the stereo.


      12cm long remote
      27cm tall system
      22cm deep speakers
      30cm deep main unit
      Large easy to use volume knob
      Orange backlit circular LCD - displays tracks/stations/time etc
      Silver ring around LCD twists to act as track skip mechanism


      These days you could only pick up a CHC-CL1 second hand as far as I know, and should not cost you more than £50 - which is a bargain in my opinion! Back in 2001-2 when this was introduced, one of these systems would set you back over £200.


      1. The unit is heavy c. 20kgs base, 5kgs each speaker
      2. It is not designed to be portable it's a head unit system
      3. The rear connect is not AUX it's SPDIF which is *Optical*
      4. Infrared receiver on the front, never quite worked out why
      5. I paid £70 second hand in 2003ish, which was well worth it.
      6. Can be completely used without the remote
      7. Full equaliser built in to alter bass, treble et al
      8. So long as you never pick up the head unit with CD's in the tray, then the changer never sticks
      9. The LCD on the front is a circular shape, around the circumference of this is a silver metallic ring, you twist that and the track/station skips


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