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    1 Review
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      19.08.2010 11:25
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      Great sound, design and Name! Sony all the way

      Although i think this is hard to come by now this Sony stereo is of top class design, manufacture , reliability and quailty.

      First off its Sony, comes in a choice of two colours. Either black with a blue lit up dial or silver with an orange one.
      You get two hefty speakers which have purple/blue mesh covers which are easy to take off or leave on. Depending if you like looking at the speaker cones or not. As for the speaker cones you have a large white one at the bottom with a black edge and centre, and towards the top a smaller one which is white with a chrome centre.
      On this model they look cool either way.
      The unit is quite powerful having 2 40watt speakers. It can pump out a lot of volume without distorting or crackling which for the age of the unit is amazing. With crisp pitch perfect sound you can crank up the volume and still get the audio quality you expect from Sony.

      The actual unit itself has a host of features:

      Tape deck - this is situated on the top of the system hidden by a smokey black sliding door. The tape lies flat on its side as opposed to many tapes which sit vertically. This allows you to record from cds, radio or any media being played theough the unit. It also plays tapes as well. Although this kind of media is being or has been phased out its nice to know you can still have tape decks in more modern hi-fi's.

      Am/Fm Radio reciever - As with any hifi it comes with a radio. Quality is as good as the aerial signal really, and 9 times out of 10 its great.

      3disc cd changer - Now this one confuses me. I dont quite understand how the cds fit and work in the hifi. All i know is that there are three trays to hold 3 discs. The rest i have concluded is magic. But the sound quality is amazing. The unit can play any cd and make it how it should be heard! Absolutely brilliant!

      Now onto the the face of the unit.
      Hear you will see a large orange (when on) dial, used for a couple of reasons. First off it shows you the time, title, track number and is a clock. But also the whole dial rotates, used to skip tracks forward or backwards! Now thats cool and very clever. To the right and down a bit you have the volume dial. And to the left of the orange glow you have a small dial. This is used to set the treble, bass and fast forward/backward through songs. It also changes the equaliser.
      Now below this ther is the md slot. And further down there are some blue coloured buttons. There is one Tape, Cd and Tuner. Next to these are more buttons used for programming .
      And right at the bottom there is the cd tray.

      Think that covers the front of the unit!
      The back does not really have much to it, except a fan, which i have never seen work. An optical out/in, and four phono jacks.

      So overall the unit is pretty bulky but looks ace. It sounds incredible has loads of volume that just keeps going and works a treat. Its reliable and well built, no problems have been found. Sony have made the design of this stereo look timeless. Even by today's standards it looks ace. It has not aged one bit! I would definately recommend this one!


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