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    2 Reviews
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      08.10.2009 21:32



      Sony CMT-EH 10 is a good Hi-Fi, even when it's so small it gives lots of pleasure for ears.

      Music is my life, I need to listen to music otherwise i don't feel good but lately my PC have some trouble with its CPU radiator and its quiet loud so it's not good to play music silently.
      I asked my friend does he have any Hi-Fi or something because I'm in need (I'm music junkie). Fortunate for me he was having this Sony CMT-EH 10 complete system; I get it for free as he is not using it. Once I get home I've plugged the speaker cables, I've inserted a Roxette audio CD and I was happy really happy of how quiet the system is and how clear is the sound. It read mp3 CD's as well and it has quick access to other folders, by skipping to next one, there is some DSGX button that raises the sound quality a little bit. It has tuner - radio but i haven't used it because my friend lost somewhere the antenna. There is a tape player but i don't have any tapes to check it, but I can bet its good enough. I can't say nothing about remote controller cos i did not recieve it from my friend, probably he lost it or something.
      The design is of this Hi-Fi is great, upper half is black with all the buttons and display, the down part is silver, hiding buttons to control the tape, and the tape player. Speakers are simple which adds some feeling of calm and peace to the overall look of my room.

      It's my first own Hi-Fi and I'm satisfied with it, it's just what I expected it plays well and works silently, just what I needed. It's a good choice for everybody who likes listening to music.


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      07.07.2008 04:56
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      A great hi fi for the price

      A couple of years ago we decided that the time had come to get rid of my old Hi Fi that had served me well for many years. It was just too cumbersome with its record deck that was never used so we decided to get one of the new small systems. It had to not only work well but also look good to fit in our lounge.

      We had a good look round and finally made our purchase from Currys getting a Sony CMTEH10 Hi-Fi Micro System, currently priced at £59.99.

      For this we got the central unit which is about 6 inches wide by 7 inches deep by 9 inches tall. This is silver in colour and houses all the actual hi fi equipment.

      There are also two speakers, which is just as well or you wouldn't be able to hear a thing! These are about 6 inches wide by 6 inches deep and 9 inches tall. These are housed in a light wood case. To be fair this is one of the things that drew us to this particular model as we wanted something a bit more traditional in appearance rather than something which looked really high tech which just wouldn't have fitted in the lounge of our Victorian house.

      I will just say here and now that we are not daft enough to buy something like this on looks alone but since there was a choice of quite a few different models that would all have been suitable as regards output, functions etc. then looks became part of the decision making process.

      The hi fi has a top loading single disc CD player which plays standard CDs and CDs recorded in MP3 format and also allows the playback of recordable CDs and rewriteable CDs. To open this you just have to push down on the front right hand corner of the top of the unit and the lid opens to reveal the CD player.

      The controls are situated on the front of the unit. The large round knob in the centre is the volume and is turned one way or the other to make the sound louder or quieter. The other buttons and small and are situated on either side of the volume; these control the track selection and start / stop for the CD player as well as the tuning for the radio.

      The radio is not a DAB radio as this would have pushed the price up considerably and since we had a set budget at the time this was not an option. It does however have FM and AM and has 30 radio station presets so that you can tune into your favourite stations and then save the settings so that you don't have to keep retuning each time you want to change station. When the radio is in use the RDS tuner displays the name of the station to which you are listening in the LCD display panel.

      In the front of the unit is a single cassette deck for those of us who still have some good old fashioned cassettes to play! At the very bottom of the unit there is a narrow door which drops down to open revealing the cassette controls in a line - play, fast forward, rewind etc. One of these buttons when depressed opens a door above this one revealing the cassette deck. This means that, unless the cassette deck is in use, it is completely concealed, thus making the unit look much neater.

      The speakers have a power output of 10 watts RMS. Now I admit that I had to go and look up what RMS meant and apparently it is the total power of the speakers at a constant volume. Some hi fis display a high power output but can only maintain this with a clear sound for a certain length of time. So now we know!

      There are also one or two other functions that come as standard with this hi fi.

      There is a headphone socket which is not unusual and there is also a phono input which enables other equipment such as a turntable to be connected to the hi fi.

      The hi fi also has remote control using AA batteries, enabling you to operate the radio and volume of all the functions without leaving your seat!

      There is an on / off timer which enables the hi fi to be set to switch on or off at preset times and it also includes a wake up alarm function.

      The whole thing comes with a manufacturer's warranty for twelve months.

      This hi fi has been perfect for us as we enjoy listening to music occasionally and are not what you would call connoisseurs. If you want a fantastic system so that you can pick out every note then this is obviously not the one for you - but then that is obvious from the price! Having said that if you want a good, basic system at a great price that sounds absolutely fine then I can recommend this without hesitation.


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