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    2 Reviews
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      03.08.2009 23:24



      A great, but basic, music system

      I bought this for my living room, as a cheap stereo that doesn't take up too much space.

      Its easy on the eye, with a stylish, quite minimalist look, and easy on the wallet too. The sound quality is good - certainly more than adequate for day to day use, although don't expect it to pump out massive volume.

      The CD player is on the top and opens upwards, so if you're planning to squeeze this in under a shelf allow at least a 4-5 inches above it.

      The USB interface is very handy - just plug in a USB memory stick and you can browse the MP3s on it easily.

      The unit can also play MP3s burned to a CD, and you can fit several albums onto one disc in this format, so you might not need to change CDs very often!

      The radio is adequate, but quite basic, with preset channels and not much else.

      There's not really much control over the sound output - no adjustable bass, treble etc, but that isn't really a problem for a basic unit like this - the inbuilt settings produce perfectly acceptable sound.

      The built quality is quite good, but it does feel a little plasticy


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      31.01.2009 19:27
      Very helpful



      Great looking, superb value and sounds pretty good too

      I think the Sony CMT-EH25 is a perfect little stereo if you don't want to pay a fortune but you want it to look good and do what it says on the tin.
      So what does this little beauty have to offer. Well everything you would expect really.....

      2x 5 watt Speakers
      inbuilt 10watt Sub Woofer
      CD Player
      AM/FM Radio
      Compatible CD-R/RW
      MP3 Player
      Audio Casette
      Remote control

      System: 155 x 242 x 225
      Speaker: 148 x 242 x 136

      Cost: I paid £75 which is a bargain

      Critically this is a decent sounding mini system. The speakers are only 5 watts but they generate enough punch to give out a well rounded sound. The subwoofer really helps with the base tones so its always worth having that on. In all honesty though, this is not a powerful system, so if you are really into you're music and like it loud, this is probably not the system to go for.

      That said, this system is actually really good looking. Simple in its design but its well put together (although the CD loading bay is a bit flimsy) and really looks the part. In comparison to other systems at the same price, it really knocks the socks of them for looks.
      Some of the other cheap models were offering a DAB radio and it was tempting to go for them, but for me I only listen to a few radio stations and thats usually on my Radio in the kitchen....this system is far too sexy to be stuck in a kitchen!

      It also has a link-up for your MP3 which was a real selling point for me, because most of my music collection is slowly moving in that direction, so its good to have that as an option (especially if you have parties....its much easier for people to bring their tunes round on an MP3 and just plug it in which is really helpful.
      So all in all a really nice system with a decent sound....it also looks much more expensive than the money you'll pay for it, which is always nice.

      Hope thats helpful for everyone.



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