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    1 Review
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      18.05.2011 02:20
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      • Reliability


      Excellent CD player with good speakers for the money, plenty of features

      I bought this hifi around 2/3 years ago now and it is still going strong. The speakers are still in perfect working order and I have had only one small problem with it to date.

      Being at university, I listen to a lot of music and have it hooked up to my laptop at pretty much all times for better audio quality. So it it constantly playing things like youtube videos, itunes music, lecture recordings, tv shows on the internet etc without any hassle.

      Over my period of ownership I think I have used pretty much every function, from old tapes to mp3 CDs filled with hundreds of songs, it plays everything fine, and even some CDs that others won't play because they're too scratched! There are enough bass and treble options for general usage and I regularly use the alarm feature which is easy to set up.

      The reception I get for radio channels is very good as long as the antenna is in a good position, which can take a bit of moving around. But once it is all set up there are no problems.

      The stereo stores around 20 stereo channels which is more than enough for me.

      The sound quality is good from the speakers, although nothing too amazing, but they are only around 15w each I think, so they're quite good for that. You only really notice the lack of power at higher volumes on the bassier songs, all other types of audio have been more than adequately handled by it.

      The only problem I have had is the AUX in port on the back cracking down the middle. This meant I did not get a tight fit when I plugged in a 3.5mm jack, so it didn't play the audio correctly as the connection was broken slightly. To fix this, I managed to squeeze the port together and superglue around the outside, so that when it set, it couldn't expand back out. It was a bit of a bodge but still works fine. I think the fault was down to me anyway, as I would force in 3.5mm jacks from odd angles, causing strain to the port.

      Other than this I have had no problems at all with either the unit or the speakers. The whole system has served me very well and I have no doubt it shall continue to do so for years to come.


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