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Sony Giga Juke NAS-SC55PKE

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    1 Review
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      07.03.2009 15:14
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      Give it a try, it's worth the asking price

      Well this certainly is not cheap... I asked the sales man on the shop floor how it had sold, not great he said, I appreciated his honesty and asked him his opinion, "stunning" he replied...

      I had done a fair bit of research before deciding to purchase one of these kits, now after owning it for a few weeks I could not be happier!

      I will start off by explaining what exactly this is, upon first glance it looks like an overpriced hifi with a screen. What it actually is couldn't be further from that statement.

      What is it?
      Music for all around your house. Simple.

      The main hifi system has an integrated 80GB hard drive, when it comes out of the box you actually have around 65GB available to use (the rest presumably is taken up by software and demo tracks). This for me was the main selling point, you can rip your complete CD collection to this unit and then never need the CD's again as they play directly from itself!

      Now going back to the music for your house tag, this then uses the supplied speaker unit to stream music from your collection on the hard drive to up to eight of these wireless client's! - Meaning you can have speakers wirelessly playing your music in every room of your house!

      The client's work interpedently also, meaning you can have a different song running on every single one if you so wish!

      What do you get for the money?

      One main hifi unit, called "Giga Juke NAS-S55HDE" this as you can see from the picture features a really nifty tilting LCD screen, around 4 inches worth. This is used to display everything from your wireless settings through to showing album art when your listening to music. Unfortunately you can't play back any video through it.

      One music client for playing your music around the house, named "Giga Juke Wireless Player NAS-C5E", looks like a nice iPod dock, has a great sound quality to it.

      Now obviously it also comes with all the bog standard accessories such as a remote controls for both units, antennas for the integrated FM/AM /DAB radio tuners, speaker cables, a wireless router, a USB Wireless Adapter and extender cable to enable the wireless networking capabilities.

      You also get a device called a Digital Media Port iPod dock (RRP £49.99) that plugs into the rear of the hifi so you can listen directly from your iPod!

      What are the main features?

      - The main one we have already touched on, streaming your music throughout your house.

      - Rip your CD's to the hifi and play them back as and when you like without needing the CD to hand.

      - It's DLNA compatible, a lot more devices are using this technology, TV's, Laptop's, PC's to name a few. You can stream media between this and you're PC!

      - It's easy to get started; it includes some great instructions with a quick start guide.

      - Radio is well supported, if you love radio you're covered, it supports AM/FM/DAB and even internet radio!

      - It has a USB in connector, if you don't have an iPod you can hook up and play any other MP3 player just by using its USB cable.

      - It has a composite output, it allows you to output the display on the small screen of the hifi to a secondary screen, and I use my TV. The remote supplied is lacking in features, so having this display on a large display make's navigating your device much easier.

      - The secondary wireless speaker also has a line in option, making it easy to hook up your music device to it.

      - It rips CD's to the hard drive very quickly, an average 70 minute CD takes less than 8 minutes, you can listen to it as you are ripping it too!

      Who would buy it?

      It has many uses thus appealing to wide audience, if you want an easy way to store and listen to your music collection then this couldn' be easier. If you want to listen to your music in not just your front room but also in your toilet, this is for you!


      There's no getting away from the current asking price, although when you consider you are getting everything needed to enjoy music everywhere, a full stereo hi-fi with amplifier and speakers, wireless devices, secondary speaker to get you started, plus an 80GB HARD DRIVE...it is good value.

      I could talk all day about this and there is more to speak of, I would recommend going into a shop that sell's this and grabbing hold of someone who knows what they are talking about. Read some reviews and weigh up what you're going to using it for. If you take advantage of just half the features you've brought a decent priced, easy to use, fully featured item.

      Recommended for the right buyer.


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