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    2 Reviews
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      27.01.2013 00:08
      Very helpful


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      Great sound quality at a decent price

      We have this Hi-Fi in our common room after an investment by the school as well as contributions by past students. It is one for practically the whole day and sounds great. It is usually on quite quietly and sounds perfect but at certain times we will really run it up and somehow it sounds even better. The sounds really clear and crisp. The quality of the sound is really high no matter what the source is.

      Speaking of sources. The Hi-Fi uses the standard 3.5mm headphone jack which is what we generally use so that anybody can just walk up and connect their phones, but it also has a USB connection which means that people can also charge their gadgets at the same time. This is a feature I didn't expect at first and didn't understand what the port was actually fro until somebody used their iPod charging cable in the system. The issue with the USB connection is that it doesn't always work - there are a couple of devices which refuse to work with USB and therefore we just revert back to the headphone jack - the sound quality sounds the same with both so it doesn't really matter that much.

      The system itself is very big. It takes up an entire shelf. The control box itself is fairly large but the two speakers and one sub-woofer are each even bigger and you really do need a large space to arrange them correctly. I have seen bigger systems but this is still probably too big for the majority of rooms.

      The design of the system is really nice, it looks very modern and stylish. The majority of the Hi-Fi is just a standard black colour but the speakers, behind the protective mesh, is blue and this contrasts well to the black to add to the Hi-Fi's aesthetic appeal.


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      09.10.2011 18:51
      Very helpful


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      best sound system I have ever owned

      My partner bought me this for Christmas 2010, it cost £250 at the time but can now be purchased for £199,we got ours from Amazon, this may seem a little pricey, but the quality is worth it.
      The box is HUGE, there is a lot of packaging so that it is safe in transit, I still have the box now,it is now used to store stuff.

      Power Output - Front (RMS 10%THD)
      135W x 2
      Power Output - Sub woofer (RMS)
      Power Output - Music Power
      Basically this means that it is LOUD, and crisp, I have never had a sound system that keeps it's quality at loud volumes as well as this does, I love it, there is no fuzziness, but it also makes my windows vibrate, although that may be a good thing to some people, personally I turn off the sub at higher volumes because of this, I use mine nearly every day and the quality is still the same, I would recommend this product to anybody who loves music as much as me because it is the best thing invented since sliced bread.

      There are 8 pre-set EQ settings on the system, if you have an iPod connected you can have the iPods EQ applied. which is good if you listen to your iPod regularly, as you can keep the same sound.

      The docking station function is a USB port so you have to supply your own wire, which of course you will have any way if you own an iPod OR mp3 player, when your iPod is connected it also charged which is very useful if like me you always lose the plug adapter, you don't have to have music playing when you are using it to charge your iPod.
      Another useful thing about the Usb port is that you can connect your laptop, and play you tube so you have any song you want at your fingertips.
      It includes 2 USB ports so you can record from one to another I'm not sure how to do this though as I have never tried, so I'm not going to pretend.
      I have seen on you tube people have this connected up to there T.V as well to use as a surround sound.

      The great thing about this this product is that it is not just a docking station, but is a HI FI which means you can listen to CDs and radio.
      the CD function has 3 trays so you can have 3 CDs at a time. Great for parties if don't want to keep changing the CD every 20 mins.
      It has a FM/AM radio and comes with the aerial already in place, I don't often use this function, my partner does (for football, which is BORING!!lol) from what bits I listen to it is very clear, and easily tuned.
      Tuning range (FM)
      87.5 - 108.0 MHz
      Tuning range (AM)

      There is a remote supplied, useful for obvious reasons, it is very small though, I often lose it (maybe just me, I have the memory of a fish, I put down the remote then forget where I put it)

      This HI FI looks good, it looks like a powerful system, it is not huge, but certainly isn't a mini system the sub is quite bulky. The speakers are large (not excessive), but look nice, they have a blue speaker inside, which is what got my attention when I first seen it in the sony shop.
      It is very light so is easy to move if needed.
      Weight & Dimension
      Size (W x H x D)
      231 x 340 x 430.5
      Weight (kg)
      Front Speaker Size
      240 x 365 x 210
      Front Speaker Weight (kg)
      Subwoofer Size
      265 x 365 x 325
      Subwoofer Weight (kg)

      The front looks very stylish, it has a large round knob for volume/sub-woofer strength, the buttons light up, useful for when your in the dark, the display is nice and has a equalizer when the music is played, (I am sure this has other functions apart from looking cool).

      Okay so I've waffled on, in short this has great sound quality, great features and is worth the price , so when it comes for you to buy a new sound system get one of these babies, and I grantee you will love it.
      I have to add I took the specifications from the sony website,


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