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    1 Review
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      11.04.2008 15:44
      Very helpful


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      Insane. Buy it.

      I brought this HiFi from Laskys for £160, which is an excellent price for what you get. I received it a bit over a week ago.

      Now, I will start with the summary, as it only consists of one word.

      So, with this insane piece of equipment, you get 540Watts of RMS power. That's 180W for each speaker unit, and 180W for the sub. The sub has a 10" driver, and another 8" underneath it! The speaker units consist of two 13cm woofers, and one 5cm horn tweeter. So, with all this, as you could imagine, the Mini HiFi system isn't all that mini. Infact, the total width comes to over 1m long, and the sub is 40cm tall, and the unit is over 40cm in depth.

      Setting it up:
      So, firstly, setting it up. Now, this thing came in a huge box, which weighs about 30KG, so it wasn't delivered by your everyday delivery service :) . I got it out the box, which didn't take long, wired up the speaker cable, which you just clip into the back of the unit, plug it in, and away you go! Setting it up takes no time at all, positioning it however...
      My first complaint about this unit, and I know it isn't just Sony that do this, but the speaker cable that comes with it is terribly short. It comes with 2m of cable for each speaker. You could get more, but really, it should come with more.

      Build quality:
      This HiFi looks and feels very robust. They seem well build, and like it's going to last, touch wood. The speakers have grills over them, which are removable, but I'm glad they're on it; it will prevent any little kids or people just being stupid from popping them. I don't know why, but little kids like pushing that circle thing in the middle of the speaker (can't remember what it's called) in, just one of those mysteries eh?

      A lot of controls.
      From left (Top To Bottom):
      Power button - Turns on/Puts HiFi in standby
      CD - To select CD
      Tuner/band - To select Radio and Band (AM/FM)
      Tape A/B - To select Tape, deck A or B (not really too sure why they put 2 tape decks in it, but never mind)
      Audio In - To select the 3.5mm in, so you can have the HiFi connected to your computer or MP3 player etc, anything that uses a 3.5mm jack. You may need a 3.5mm to 3.5mm male to male lead.
      Subwoofer - Turn the sub on or off
      Display - When system is on, change between track number and time into track, the track title, artist or just the time. When system is on standby, you can have the Sony demo running, or just the time, or nothing.
      Illumination - Around the volume control, there are 5 orange LEDs, that light up with the sound of the music, there 4 modes - Pattern 1, lights up from left to right, Pattern 2, lights up from right to left, Pattern 3, all LEDs flash withy the music at the same time, or you can set it to be off.
      Rec Pause/Start - use to Record manually from a source onto Tape
      CD Sync - Use to record a whole CD/MP3 folder on a CD onto tape.

      From Middle Left:
      Play/Pause - Self Explanatory
      Skip Back/Tuning (-) - Skip to previous track, or for radio, use for Tuning back
      Rewind/Folder (-) - Rewind CD or Tape, for MP3 CD, change folder to previous

      Volume control in middle

      From Middle Right:
      Stop - Self Explanatory
      Skip/Tuning (+) - Skip to next song, or for radio, tune up.
      Fast Forward/Folder (+) Fast Forward Tape or CD or for MP3 CD, change to next folder

      From Right:
      Disc 1 - Select CD 1
      Disc 2 - Select CD 2
      Disc 3 - Select CD 3
      Disc Skip/Ex-change - Change disc. With the 3CD changer, the 3 disc holders are on a rotational system, hit this button, and it will spin, so you can access the other disc.
      Open - Open CD Tray
      Then underneath that, there is a rotational control with 4 controls around it, Surround, Grove, EQ Band and Enter. Surround - Gives a more surround sound.
      Grove - Enhances bass and sound.
      EQ Band - You can increase or decrease the Low, Mid or High frequencies, by + 6db or - 6db.
      Enter - Use to Enter Settings
      Use the rotation control for skipping tracks, radio stations etc, and to control the EQ.

      Remote Control:
      From Left To Right, Top To Bottom:
      Sleep - Set a time for the unit to switch off, select either Auto, 90, 80, 70, 60, 50, 40, 30, 20 or 10 minutes.
      Power - Turns on/Puts HiFi in standby
      Display - When system is on, change between track number and time into track, the track title, artist or just the time. When system is on standby, you can have the Sony demo running, or just the time, or nothing.
      Clock/Timer: Select and Set. Use these to set the time, and set up a Wake Timer or Record Timer, so you can use it as an alarm clock or for Timed Recording.
      Tuner Memory - Find a radio station you like, then hit this button to put it into the preset (Up to 30 stations you can have in preset)
      Play Mode/Tuning Mode - With this, you can select Normal Play, Shuffle Play or Program Play with All discs, 1 disc or a folder (for MP3 CD). If using the Radio, then you can use this to select Auto Tuning, Preset stations or manual Tuning.
      Repeat/FM Mode - Use to Repeat CD/Folder/Track, or for radio, you can select to reduce static noise on a weak station, by changing the signal to mono instead of stereo.
      Tape - Select Tape
      CD - Select CD
      Tuner/Band - Select Radio Tuner, and AM or FM
      Function - Use this to select between CD, Tape 1/2, Radio, or Audio in.
      Skip back/(-) - Skip to previous track, or for radio, use for tuning back
      Skip/(+) - Rewind CD or Tape, for MP3 CD, change folder to previous
      Rewind - Self Explanatory
      Fast Forward - Self Explanatory
      Play - Self Explanatory
      Pause - Self Explanatory
      Stop - Self Explanatory
      Clear - Remove Pre-Programmed Track
      Enter - Use to Enter Settings
      Volume Up - Self Explanatory
      EQ - Equaliser, Select between Manual, Rock, Pop, Jazz, Dance, Soul, Reggae, Salsa, Samba, User and EQ Off.
      Disc Skip - Change Disc
      Volume Down - Self Explanatory
      Folder (-) - Change Folder to Previous (MP3 CD Only)
      Folder (+) - Change Folder to Next (MP3 CD Only)

      Sound Quality:
      This is the most important thing, after all, that's what we want this for right?
      So, as I mentioned before, you get 540W RMS power, but how well does it use this power? Well, very! The sound quality this system produces is absolutely outstanding, at any volume! I can now hear everything I should hear in my music. After being used to PC speakers, which only use 2 different drivers, this is just crazy. The bass is very rich and deep, mid frequencies are full, the high frequencies are clear and crisp, what more could you want?
      The volume for this, well, it goes to 30, I wasn't able to put it above 23, simply couldn't. Too loud.

      So, overall, an incredible system.
      The only disadvantages I can think of are:
      - Short speaker cable.
      - Neighbours will now hate me.


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