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Teac SR3DAB-L CD / Radio / iPod Dock

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    3 Reviews
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      05.02.2011 15:18



      Great as an ipod player and radio but due to display issues wouldnt buy again

      The DAB aspect of this system works reasonably well- it picks up all the major digital radio stations although I have sometimes had trouble with the signal at random points in the day, for no discernable reason. However, most of the time the sound quality is perfect. Similarly, the iPod playing part of the system works well, the dock coming with different sized adjustments so what ever iPod version you have, it fits comfortably. However, I regularly have problems with getting my iPod to recharge on the docking station with it being very hit and miss as to whether it recognises that the MP3 player is there. The remote control is also frustratingly small and sometimes does not respond. I have also had a constant problem with the display screen- it is impossible to use the dimmer on it so it constantly is bright blue meaning that at night I have to switch it off at the plug socket as it is too bright for a bedroom so it is no good to use as a clock as I have to reset the time every time I switch it back on again. I wouldnt recommend to a friend as I would encourage them to look for another ipod dock that doesnt have the display issues so it could be kept switched on all night.


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      06.09.2010 21:32
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      A superb way of listening to radio/ CD/ Mp3....

      My wonderful husband loves the radio! He has one in the en-suit, the bedroom and the kitchen. He also has several portable radios that he can take outside or plug in earphones to use when mowing the lawn or trying to get back to sleep at 4 in the morning. He is a radio five live listener and is most definitely addicted. After twenty years of marriage I have got used to the constant noise and must even admit to enjoying listening to one or two of the programmes (not the sport though!!). However, he now has a new love in the guise of an iPhone, and this wonder gadget needs an idock. What an excuse to go out and purchase a new radio that is combined with a radio / clock/ CD player.

      As this new sound system was going to dwell in 'my space' - the kitchen, I trawled with him in order to make judgements on appearance and sound quality. We had fun in John Lewis, putting his iphone into the docks of several systems and cranking up the volume. It was a good job the kids weren't with us as they would have been very embarrassed by the 'old fogey' music!! In the end we chose the Teac SR3DAB-L CD / Radio / iPod Dock.

      Product Information and description.
      The sound system is black with a textured leather-effect finish. It is described as a 'table hi-fi' and would be perfect for your bedroom, living room, kitchen, study or conservatory. We have ours in the kitchen. It is very easy to use (even I can manage it!) either by the touch controls or the remote control. The display is clear and and lights with a blue light.

      This is classed as a 'compact' system, however it is not small. Personally, I think it would look rather large on a bedside table. It measures H12 x W35.4 x D22.8cm . We have a large kitchen and the size is not a problem, it sits impressively on the work surface. However if space is a premium, this may not be the hi-fi for you.

      One of the reasons I like this system is because the Teac SR3DAB-L is crammed full of features: it's an iPod dock, a CD player, a DAB/FM radio, a clock with dual alarm, you can even plug in another portable audio device thanks to the auxiliary 3.5mm stereo input (cable sold separately). My son uses this feature with his lap top - linking the two together and blasting his music out.

      All the features
      * iPod dock compatible with iPod and iPhone
      * DAB/FM radio
      * Wake up to radio or iPod (only any use for us if we are sleeping in the kitchen!)
      * Digital clock, calendar, dual alarm, snooze, sleep timer
      * Independent speaker chambers with bass-reflex port (giving superb sound quality)
      * Large LCD display with 3-step dimmer
      * Slim remote control
      * Pre-set equalizer (rock, pop, classic, jazz, bass, normal)
      * 2W per channel power output
      * Pre-set station memory
      * Audio input x1, audio output x1, video x1

      In laymans terms - You can play music by plugging in USB flash storage devices or SD cards, the latter can even be used to pause and rewind DAB broadcasts. There is also a 3.5mm stereo socket so you can listen with your headphones without disturbing anybody else.

      The Sound Quality.
      The staff in John Lewis , where we purchased the device from were extremely helpful and suggested we listen to the quality of the sound of several hi-fi's, by turning up the volume. We couldn't aford a BOSE iPhone dock that included all the features we wanted, so we were looking for the system that was nearest in sound quality. The Teac SR3D hit the spot. The quality of the sound was far superior to many leading brands and we were very pleasantly surprised. This, so I am told, is to do with the quality of the built in speakers. (2 x4W). The sound is deep and mellow and not 'tinny' at all. There is no distortion.

      The Cost
      Having looked around, you can purchase this model from about £169. We however paid £179 from John Lewis as they provide a two year guarantee. We felt that paying the extra £10 was worth it for an extra year on the guarantee plus the peace of mind knowing that if we had any problems, John Lewis are always great with their customer care.

      I would most definitely recommend the Teac SR3DAB-L CD / Radio / iPod Dock. It is a versatile sound system that is practical and attractive. It makes listening to the radio or music devices a real pleasure giving a superior sound quality. If you have the space this is worth every penny.


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        01.07.2010 10:24
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        It really doesnt have everything you need!

        The TEAC SR-3DAB is not just an iPod dock, it is also a CD player, a DAB Radio, MP3 Player, SD Card Reader, USB compatible and an alarm.

        So it's an all in one audio entertainment station that is small and compact and will fit it any small sized room or flat.

        It'll charge your iPod or iPhone, let you listen to music and control it using the remote control. You can even watch your iPod movies on TV because it has a video output.

        It is compatible with the following iPods:

        IPod 2nd - 5th generation
        IPod Nano 1st - 4th generation
        IPod Classic
        IPod Mini
        IPod Touch 1st & 2nd generation
        IPhone up to the 3GS (haven't tried with the iPhone 4)

        With the iPod 2nd generation, you CANNOT charge it. It is not supported so it will only play the music.

        All other iPods, like the Shuffle, cab be connected but only by using the aux input cable, and again they wont charge or have use of the control functions, like the skip song button.

        The CD drive will not only let you play shop bought CD's, it will also let you play CD-R/RWs with files like MP3 and WMA.
        These types of files can also be played using the USB drive, where you can plug things like USB sticks into. I think you can use old MP3 players with the USB stick on the end with the USB drive.
        You can also play these files with the SD card reader drive.

        The DAB and FM radio works just like any other, just simply select the station you want and start listening. You can also set the radio as your wake up alarm so you can wake up to your favourite music. You can also do this with the iPod dock.

        The sound quality is nothing short of brilliant. Of course it's no where near as good as more expensive models but it's still very good.
        It has 2 X 2.5" cone speakers with 2 X 2.5 watt amplifiers.

        If you want to you can also plug your headphones into this.

        The Teac SR3DAB will set you back about £170 from Tesco but you will find it a bit cheaper online, maybe around the £140-150 mark.
        It is well worth the money and much better than anyone I have owned, but if you want a bit of extra sound quality there are others on the market but for a much higher price.


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