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Technics SC-HD81

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A technically advanced yet sleek looking hifi, it is surprisingly easy to set up and operate. Sound quality is very crisp and detailed. Lacks the features of a lot of more modern alternatives however.

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    1 Review
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      18.08.2005 23:40
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      This is a great stereo for the normal person who listenes to CD'S

      ----Introduction and basics----

      As you can see from the picture that iao shows the Technics model looks very good and stylish. The stereo is one of the eisiest to set up that I have had. I dont use the instructions manual but my brother wanted to set it u somewhere else so he got the instructional manual and he set it no problem this proves that the instruction manual is good.The CD player is split up into 4 sections the CD player, the cassette player, the amplifier, and the one with the screen.

      ----The Features it has.----

      It has a CDMP3 player - This is a good feature because it lwts you play music CD's (which you might already know) but you might not know what an mp3 player is. Well if you download music of the computer (legally I hope) then they might be saved as .mp3 you can fit a lot more mp3's on a software disk than aordinary music cd. On the CD section their are the normal buttons eject, PLay, Stop, and pause and track skip.Their are also three smaller buttons they are random - this fature allows you to play a CD and get the stereo to pick the song for you, Repeat - If you like a particular track on the CD then you can play that song once or over again and the final button is AL edit this is a complicated feature that allowes youto edit a track.

      The Cassette player - This allowes you to play tapes on your stereo but tapes are old now (no offence to people who likes tapes.) On the cassete deck their are also a lot of other buttons the normal ones eject, play,stop,fast-forward, rewind and high speed fast-forward and rewind. On this deck their are also other little buttons they are Rev.mode - This is a great feature but I don't know what it is for what it does is itplays the tape for you and plays the tape backwards so it makes it sound like the smurfs!, Counter Reset- With tapes you cant automatically "jump" to the track that you want but you can record its Counter number so you can move the counters to the number which your favourite track is at then you can play your track. And the final button - display this allowes you to set the screen as a tape screen.

      The amplifier section - This is the biggest secton it has on button the on/off button but it has four knobs. The biggest knob is the volume this allowes you to control how loud the music comes out of your speakers. Th balance knob- This little thing allowes you to control how much music comes out of each speaker, so if you were doing a disco and most of the people were on the right hand side of you you would move that tab a bit to the right. The bass and treble tab - These allow you to control how much bass comes out and how much treble (I dont tend to do that alot). This section also comes with headphones socket.

      The Screen Section - This section allowes you to: Record stuff from the radio. It has a clock/timer these allow you to see the time on you stereo and the times controls how long you want a song to play for. It has the usual tuner settings am/fm and it has an imput selector this feature allowes you to hook up the digital mp3 player or another CD player and playthem out on the big speakers. (To do that you need an AUX lead.)

      ----The Technical Stuff----
      The stereo has a AUX imput (auxelerie imput) and speaker sockets (obviously) it has a wire to connect up all thedifferent setors to eachother. It has a radio arial and thats about all their is to it really.


      My conclusion is that ths is a good home stereo as with my review on the DVD player if your going to use it a lot then buy a bigger better one but this one is great for family use.
      The Price- I got this stereo for about £300 which seems a lot but that was 7 years ago but now its probably gone down to £100.

      If you have any coments on how to improve this or any other review please tell me....
      thanks for reading ste231191!!


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