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Technika BB-105 Boombox

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Manufacturer: Technika / Type: CD Player

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    1 Review
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      16.08.2012 23:00
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      Not bad for the price

      When I looked this item up to add to the Dooyoo catalogue, I had to laugh at the fact it was described as a "Boombox". It just made me feel so old as I remember being young and getting my first one of these all-in-one sound systems, although it seemed everything was bigger back then. This one has been in our house for as long as I can remember, which is mainly due to the fact my husband already owned it when I met him.

      I'm not sure how much this cost at the time of purchase, and looking around online it seems to be quite difficult to get hold of due to upgraded versions. However, there are lots of second hand ones available on websites such as Gumtree and Ebay, and these are reasonably priced, costing around £15-£20.


      The design of this radio is quite sleek, being metallic blue and silver in colour. It is curved at the top with the speakers built in at the sides, and has an integrated CD player which opens at the top. As it's quite a basic radio, it doesn't have too much in the way of buttons, making it clutter-free and easy to use without having to refer to the instructions. There is also an LCD display screen which displays the time or track number on CD's, and a carry handle at the back. It is operated by the mains or batteries.


      Well it won't take me long to list the product's features, but here goes:

      · AM/FM Radio
      · Programmable CD player
      · LCD track display
      · Bass Boost

      It's not the most advanced of sound systems, but I'm not sure anyone would expect much more than this given the price.

      ==My Experience==

      Well, this is a basic sound system, and over the years it has been relegated to our "decorating radio". As we've been renovating our house, this radio has been our friend, providing music as we work without us having to worry about damage occurring to it. It is very much worse for wear now, being completely splattered in plaster and paint, and the handle has come off the back. The lid to the CD player doesn't open and close without a good yank, but it still plays, and we have kept hold of it for future decorating.

      Sound-wise, this isn't a digital radio, and as we have all been spoilt in recent times with DAB quality, this proves to be a bit of a disappointment. We have to position the radio in the right place to pick up signal, and occasionally the signal drops out so we end up moving it round the room. It has an aerial to receive AM/FM signal, and the sound quality reminds us how amazing DAB radios are. Sometimes, if we lose signal or the sound quality becomes crackly, we end up sticking a CD on instead, but primarily we use it for the radio as it's nice to feel connected to the outside world whilst decorating. Apparently the CD is programmable but I don't even know what this entails and we've never used this function.

      I can certainly testify the longevity of this radio, as it still works despite us not looking after it particularly well. We use it through the mains rather than having to keep replacing batteries, although the battery operation could come in handy in the event of a power cut. The lead is quite short but this hasn't proved to be a problem as we usually end up balancing the radio on ladders anyway!

      Overall, if you're looking for something very basic to use whilst decorating or maybe in the kitchen and bathroom where you don't want to spend much on a secondary radio, this radio is ideal. Although the sound quality isn't great, you can't really complain given the price.


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