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Chicco Polly Highchair Cube

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Brand: Chicco / Nursing Aid: Highchairs

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    1 Review
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      17.08.2009 17:59
      Very helpful



      A fantastic highchair, and it pays not to be picky about the fabric.

      Recently our son decided that milk was not enough for him and showed signs of being keen to start solid food. We started the search for a highchair and it became clear that there were many different styles and sizes on the market, all with various functions. We wanted a model that was sturdy and long lasting, but would also be compact when folded since space is paramount in our small house. A tall order!

      At first we looked at the cheaper and smaller travel highchairs, but found them too flimsy. Some other highchairs were stronger but didn't fold up very well. We had originally discounted the Polly as it was one of the more expensive models, but on closer inspection found that it met all of our requirements and so decided it was the one for us.

      My husband didn't like the fabric though (most stores stock it in the popular 'Seventy' fabric whish is green with pink and blue circles), as he felt the pink wasn't right for a boy. Bless. The amount of pink, by the way, is not huge, and my own opinion is that the fabric is fairly unisex. But we realised that it was available in different fabrics, and so did a bit of research on the net.

      We had a look around and were fairly staggered by the range of prices available if you chose a different fabric. There seemed to be 5 different fabrics available and we saw prices ranging from £79.99 to £119.99 - all because the colours were different! We decided to go with the Cube fabric, a) because it was the cheapest, and b) because the colour in the picture was a nice bright blue with blue squares on it - very boy friendly and macho, grrrrr! We placed our order with Kiddicare.com, who were very efficient and even texted my husband on the day of delivery to let him know it was on the way! We ordered it on a Sunday and it arrived on the Tuesday, so nice and quick.

      The highchair duly arrived and was easy to set up. However, in place of our nice blue fabric was a grey version with ... pink and yellow squares and rectangles on it! I have since seen that other sites do display the picture correctly (as in the picture above), but be warned, in some pictures it does look very blue (a good example is on the Mothercare website). It didn't really bother me to be honest, my husband was a little unimpressed with the more girly version we now had but the price won him over. Again, like the Seventy fabric, it's pretty unisex I feel, and the amount of pink is small.


      The highchair is very sturdy and has two strong curved legs. It has lockable wheels to make it easy to move, though it is a bit heavy. There is an ajustable five point harness which is very easy to use, and it has two height positions so that it grows with the child.


      The highchair comes with a very well padded seat, so our son finds it lovely and comfortable. Indeed, he will quite happily sit in the chair when it's not feeding time, and play with some toys. The large outer padding is also removable for when the child is a little older, and needs more room in the seat.

      The fabric is very easy to keep clean and food wipes off well. The creases in the fabric are not too thin so it's easy to wipe inbetween them as well.

      The seat has 3 positions - flat, semi-reclined and upright, and this is easily operated using one hand only. I found this a real boon when giving my son a bottle or beaker. He like to be slightly reclined when drinking, probably so that he can suck every last drop out, and I find it great to be able to recline him whilst holding his bottle, and thus ensuring no tantrums when the bottle has to be removed mid flow!

      The seat also has 7 height positions, which is great for when you use different chairs to sit on and feed baby. We also like this function when we are sitting at the table to eat, as it means our son can join us and sit in a higher position so that we can all see each other.


      The tray is huge and has a removeable insert so that you can use it as a play tray as well, although I have to admit I don't bother with this bit. I find it catches a bit of the food inbetween the insert and the tray, which can be annoying when cleaning. The tray is so big, and I don't really know why the insert is needed. It has a little indentation for a cup, but I really think that I could cope without it.

      The tray slides on and off which makes it very easy to secure baby first before placing the tray on, and it stores well on the back of the highchair when not in use.

      The tray also has a post fixed to the bottom of it which goes between the baby's legs, and stops them from sliding too far down the chair. I find the tray a little difficult to slide on and have to give it a good wiggle, but I'm hoping that this is just because it's new and that it'll become easier over time.


      The chair folds down pretty small considering the size of it when opened, and it's easy to operate. There are two buttons either side of the frame which you push and then fold the frame out or in as required. The tray slides off and, as mentioned, stores flat along the back of the frame. The arm rests fold down, and all in all, leaves an easy to store highchair. I've just measured ours folded and it's about 35cm in depth. Not as slim as the travel versions, but certainly better than many other models.


      There are a couple of extras included, such as a toy bag for the back and a 'parent tray' for the side of the frame. This little tray is designed so that you have somewhere to put drinks or food that you don't want baby to see. I have to admit that I never use this tray, and find a table much more convenient to store things on. The toy bag is also very rarely used, so although someone might find these bits useful, I would rather they had left them out and reduced the price a bit.


      This highchair has been an excellent buy. Our son finds it comfortable and enjoys sitting on it. The features have plainly been designed with ease of use and storage in mind, and it will be a long lasting piece of baby furniture. Make sure you shop around for the best price though, it pays not to be too picky about the colour.

      Must go now and wipe the carrot puree off the tray before mashing up some banana - weaning is a lot of fun!

      Fabrics available:
      Seventy (the most popular fabric if buying in-store)
      Midnight (black and white with stick drawings on)
      Cube (grey with grey, white, yellow and pink squares and rectangles on)
      Miro (white with grey and yellow circles)
      Cottage (white with blue cute animals on)


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  • Product Details

    This new highchair is suitable for children from 6 months to 3 years and represents the ultimate in multi function highchairs. The large seat has two phases. It features an outer padded jacket which offers extra support and comfort to younger children, then as their growth demands, this can be removed to reveal the second phase seat cushion, no less comfortable, but giving more space. FEATURES Seven different height adjustments mean it can be used as a low chair and will adjust to fit most types of table easily. The seat back rest has four recline positions so that baby can go from eating to sleeping without being disturbed. The leg rest is adjustable for height and angle. The wide three position activity tray features a colour co-ordinating removable food tray, which can be simply clipped on and off, being used to bring food to and from the highchair. The tray has a rigid crotch strap for increased safety. The activity tray is complimented by a handy parent tray attached to side of the rear leg, useful to keep essential items out of babys reach. Simple to open and close, easy to move using the braked wheels provided. Once closed the chair is freestanding and takes up a minimum of space. The tray can be stowed on the rear leg using the clips provided.

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