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Hauck Disney High Chair

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Brand: Hauck / Type: Highchairs

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    3 Reviews
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      31.08.2010 09:24
      Very helpful




      When we used to visit my Mum when my daughter was younger we ended up buying a highchair for her house as we couldn't take her one from home with us. We purchased the Hauck Minnie Mouse highchair for her to use from Vertbaudet.

      The highchair comes in two different colours - pink for Minnie Mouse and navy blue for Mickey Mouse so you have one for boys and one for girls. It cost us £50. I guess it cost us a bit of a premium as we purchased it from a catalogue.

      The highchair was one of the more simple highchairs in that it came already made up in the box, just folded flat and it is the basic idea for a highchair: metal frame, foot rest, tray and padded seat.

      The highchair was probably a bit of a favourite for me and I did eventually find myself preferring it over our Winnie The Pooh one we had at home, cosmetically anyway. The seat of the highchair is a wine coloured pink with a lighter baby pink insert. Around where your child's head would rest is a little drawing of Minnie Mouse. The seat is very comfy in that it is padded extremely well. I really liked how pink the highchair was. It was very girly. I was also really impressed with how the tray and foot rest were pink too.

      The cover of the seat is also completely removable and washable. You have to unscrew some little screws and black plastic covers which hold the cover in place to remove it but this is very simple to do. I know alot of people believe tha you cannot remove the cover on this highchair to stick it in the washing machine but that is not the case though I do have to say it is not overly obvious at first that you can remove the cover. It was only after much standing and staring looking at it that I actually worked it out.

      The cover washed up really well and looked like new but after the 5th or 6th wash it did start to go a little bally.

      The tray of the highchair is a nice bright pink and has high edges so that it is harder for your child to try and push the bowl off of the highchair. It also has a circular cup holder which was very handy when we used this with my daughter.

      To set the highchair up all you have to do is lift the tray which causes the legs to slip forward. You keep going until the legs are at their full extension and then you just push the tray down until it clips into place on the bar at the top of the legs. You will hear a very loud click when the highchair clips in. If you do not hear this click then it has not clicked in so double check it. The legs of the highchair have 4 pieces of black moulded plastic on them to prevent it slipping on floor surfaces. Once you have finished using the highchair you simply pull the tray up so that it unclips again and you you fold the highchair back down for simple and easy storage.

      To keep your child safe when in use there is a pink five point harness which you put their legs and harms through and then clip it together around the belly area.

      My daughter really loved this highchair and I think she preferred it to her Winnie the Pooh one if I am honest. I think it was a little more modern looks wise and I did prefer this one to the traditional wood look of her Winnie the Pooh one.

      My daughter always looked comfortable when sitting in it and she was known to fall asleep in it on one or two occassions. I also liked the way the tray has a curve to it on the side which was next to my daughter as it curved away from her giving her more room to move. I did find it annoying that you couldn't remove the harness to wash it and you had to sponge clean it.

      All in all this was a good highchair and lasted my daughter well. It was a good quality high chair and we never had a problem with it. A great product from Hauck and highly recommended.


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      11.07.2008 17:04
      Very helpful



      A good high chair at a resonable price which can be delivered to your door the next day!

      Baby High Chair which is comftable and safe!

      I bought this baby walker from the online store Babyoke which cost me 29.99 and i had it delivered to my door. The high chair itself is quite large and allows your child to sit up quite hight. The actual seat is waterproof and cussioned.It comes in a blue, colour and has a disney logo on the front and a large winnie the pooh picture where the child sits.

      To keep your child safe there are two arm straps and a strap which goes between the legs. This is alike the straps within a pushchair or car seat. Without these straps i think it would be easy for a child to slip through and under the table attached.

      The highchair folds smaller for easy storage and therefore can slip into any tall cupboard, i say tall, as the hight does not change , just the width.

      The only downside to this baby high chair is that the straps cannot be detatched without unscrewing them, this makes it very difficult to clean, especially as we all know how messy children can be.

      The high chair has a foot rest below they sit so they can relax whilst eating their meal. The table/ tray attached has a cup holding part which is indented so a cup/beaker can be placed in there and is kind of safe from being spilled.

      Overall a good baby high chair, a resonable price. can be ordered online or bought in most baby shops i.e. argos. Beware of the staps as they really do get messy and the dirt just doesnt come off.

      Babyoke - £29.99


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      17.10.2007 10:54
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A good value for money highchair.

      There is what you might call a theme running throughout my baby girls existence, having always wanted a daughter and finally having her a year and a half ago, I have bombarded her with a wide range of pink items, clothes, toys, blankets, push chairs and not forgetting her high chair. If it's pink she's likely to end up with it, when I noticed that she was able to sit confidently unaided and was eating solid food I decided it was time she had a high chair and so off I went on the hunt for a nice pink one, there are many pink highchairs on the market but with restricted space and limited funds I found the perfect chair in the Hauck Minnie Mouse highchair.

      Hauck Highchair-
      This highchair is available in two versions, there is the pink Minnie Mouse version that I have or a blue Micky Mouse version.

      The chair is relatively simple with its metal frame, padded seat, plastic tray and footrest. It comes fully assembled so there is no work for you to do.

      The highchair has a 5 point harness, between the legs, over the legs and over the shoulders, it has a strong clasp and the straps are fully adjustable. The shoulder and leg straps as well as the cover are not removable, although the separate strap that goes between the legs is. The seat is fully supported and well padded for baby’s comfort. The legs are supported by black plastic, this helps the chair grip the floor and stops it sliding around too easily.

      Putting the chair up is achieved by simply lifting the tray and sliding forward the front legs, the chair will unfold and you then clip the tray into place, under the tray it has 2 pink clasps which curve over the front bar at the top of the legs and a further metal clip section which fits over a metal protrusion, which then ensures the highchair is secure and unable to fold up again. When you do need to put the chair away you have to pull forward the metal clip and lift the tray, push the front legs backwards and the chair will fold down.

      The plastic tray has a higher outer rim helping to stop baby pushing food onto the floor, it also has a cup holder section within the ray for bays beaker or bottle.
      There are no fancy features with this chair, it has basic function but does the job it was intended for.

      Price and availability-
      The chair is available mainly online, although Woolworths do sell it and it is available to order from them. I purchased mine from a baby goods retailer dealing through Ebay. The chair retails in the region of £49.99 however mine cost £35 Inc' delivery, so it's always a good idea to shop around.

      My Experience-
      I have had this chair for my little girl for 12 months now and have so far found little fault with it, well little in comparison to it's good points. It is a great looking chair and while it may be very basic it does its job, it is safe and my little girl seems to like it, it's legs are quite wide giving the chair a stable base and despite Elsas best rock and roll efforts to move it around she has not suceeded. The two tone pink fabric features an adorable pink and white gingham trim and an image of a bashful Minnie Mouse sat among flowers, i searched long and hard for a nice pink highchair that was affordable and this was by far the best I found, plus it matched her baby seat, may as well have her matching her accessories from the start!

      The seat is well padded both under the bottom and for the back and seems comfortable as do the adjustable straps, my little girl has always been happy in the chair and it has supported her well through stages when she wasn't so confident sitting on her own.

      The tray is great, I love that it is all attached to the highchair and you don't have to worry about taking it off or clipping it into place after it's been removed, I have a different style highchair for use at my parents house and the tray has to be taken off which is tricky and inconvenient, there's no worry of that with this chair. The tray is made of very durable plastic and I find it very easy to keep clean. I haven't made much use of the cup holder in the tray in regards to putting drinks in there but it's great for keeping a little handful of grapes, raisins or other small food treat that baby can help his/herself to. The side of the tray by baby's tum is nicely curved, as is the outer rim of the ray, this allows for free and comfortable movement while in the chair.

      I find it unfortunate that you cannot remove the cover or harness, while they are quite easy to sponge clean it would still be good to be able to take them off and run them through the washing machine, crumbs have a habit of working their way into the crevices and stitching of the seat and would be far easier to remove by using the washer. The fabric and filling of the seat comply with the fire safety regulations although I’ve not actually tested the claim, I don’t really want to try and set it alight.

      The chair is amazingly simple to use, it folds down quite slim which makes it easy to store, although it is still quite tall when folded. The chair is actually 48 inches from base to the top of the back of the chair when folded away whereas it is only 38 inches from base to tip when in use. I am able to actually keep it in our pantry cupboard alongside the shelves full of food and the ironing board, it's that compact when flat, this is a great feature as many mums and dads will know a lot of baby gear is bulky and takes up valuable space.

      A few small low points for the chair in my opinion are of course the inability to remove the covers Elsa is a particularly messy child and cleaning the chair becomes quite a challenge, in the summer it's not too bad giving it a wash down and putting it outside to dry but you can't do that in the winter and it never dries quick enough, by being left indoors, to be ready for the next mealtime. Also it takes quite a bit of pressure to ensure the metal clasp is in place and an equal amount of force to undo it again, I'm generally not strong enough to do this and regularly leave the tray on a looser setting. I also find that my little girl is a fidget and often gets her feet trapped under the foot rest or under the tray if I’ve not properly clipped it in place, you've then got to fight to unhook her foot without hurting her or causing any more distress, the clasp has quite a snap to it and if you're not careful you might catch your skin while doing it up. Otherwise it's a great highchair, simple to use, easy to store and very reliable.


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