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Silver Cross Sovereign Highchair Optical

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Brand: Silver Cross / Nursing Aid: Highchairs

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    2 Reviews
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      05.10.2008 23:23
      Very helpful



      One of our best buys for our daughter

      As our daughter is now 4 months old, we've started getting ready to wean her sometime in the next couple of months. We wanted to have a high chair once she started weaning, as we wanted her mealtimes to take place in the kitchen, where the floor can be wiped clean, rather than in the lounge in her bumbo or rocker seat or on our laps. We also wanted our daughter to get used to the high chair before we started weaning, so that it wasn't too much of a change all at once.

      When I started looking for a high chair, I read a review of the Silver Cross Sovereign, on another website, that made it sound really good. As it could be used with any child who could hold their head steady (approximate age range 4 months to 3 years), it sounded perfect for what we needed. In a moment of impulse, I ordered one online, on the basis of this one review. It's unusual for me to order anything without first researching in great detail, especially when it's a relatively expensive item, but luckily this time my impulse buy has worked out great!

      I ordered our high chair from Kiddicare, as they had a special offer on at the time to get it for £88.97 with free delivery, a saving of about £11 on the recommended retail price. We decided to go for the Opal colour option, which is like a pale grey and white swirly pattern, but it's also available in pistachio (green) and cherry (bright red). A couple of days later a massive box arrived and I set to unpacking it. I was surprised that, despite the huge size of the box, it was easy enough to unpack the high chair on my own. Within half an hour of it arriving, I'd managed to unpack it, put it all together, read the instructions and try out all the features and even put the packaging out for recycling. It really couldn't have been much easier to set up for use.

      The high chair comes almost fully assembled. The seat cover has to be attached to the plastic seat. This involves attaching 4 pieces of Velcro to the seat cover, one on each side at the top and one on each side by the armrests, and the corresponding bits of Velcro on the seat base. The PVC seat cover can then be attached easily to the Velcro and secured in place, which makes it easy to remove for cleaning but still secure enough that it doesn't move around. In practice it's unlikely that the seat cover would need to be removed often, as being PVC it's very easy to wipe down in situ. The only other assembly required, is attaching the mesh basket underneath the seat. This was a little fiddly, as a loop on each corner of the basket has to be passed over a bar on each leg of the seat, but once attached it's very secure. The basket itself is much bigger than those seen on many other high chairs and could hold a fair bit - at the moment we're using ours to store the tray tables when not in use.

      The acid test for our high chair came the first time we tried putting our daughter into it. I was quite prepared for a negative reaction, as our daughter screamed within moments the first time she was put into her bumbo, her swing and her door bouncer (although she does now use of all these happily!). In fact, it was the opposite, our daughter loved the high chair right from that first moment and always has a beaming smile on her face when we put her in it. It's great for a baby of her age, as it has several reclining positions which allow us to lean her back if she's feeling a bit tired and are more similar to the swing seat that she's used to. The recline function simultaneously raises the foot rest, so that her legs stay in line with her back and it's very easy to recline the seat with one hand, just by pulling a handle on the back of the chair. However, when she's not tired, our daughter much prefers to be upright in the high chair and seems to love the fact that she's on a level with us at the table or can watch what I'm doing on the kitchen work surface. If we do want to move the chair to a different height level, this is also easy to do single-handed, using a second handle on the back of the chair. The chair has several height positions, the lowest of which allows for feeding with the feeder sitting on the floor, if this is what you prefer to do. The chair comes with 3 choices of tray - the small safety tray, which is permanently incorporated into the main unit, a feeding tray and a play tray. The two larger trays are easy to slide onto or off of the safety tray using one hand and the play tray clips over the feeding tray, the idea being to prevent damage to the feeding tray during play. The only downside of this system is having to store the two larger trays when not in use, but they can be easily stashed beneath the chair, if nothing else is in the storage basket.

      I'm happy that my daughter's fully secure in the chair, as it comes with a 5-point harness, that can be easily secured even with the wriggliest of babies. In addition there's a small safety tray which is always in place, although it can be folded upwards so that the unit takes up less space. The whole unit feels very stable, and there's no concern that it might tip over. The back legs have wheels for easy manoeuvre, but these have foot flip brakes incorporated, so that the chair can be locked in place. In our experience, this is one of the low points of this particular high chair, as on a tiled floor it seems to move just as well whether the brakes are on or off (which isn't actually very well at all). Having not tried any others it's impossible to comment on whether other high chairs would be the same. Finally, the entire chair has been treated with Microban, which the makers claim will inhibit the growth of household bacteria for the lifetime of the product. When it comes to putting the high chair away, it's quite easy to fold and will stand up independently, only taking up a moderate amount of floorspace. When folded, the storage problem for the two larger trays is solved as they can be hung on a clip on the back of the unit.

      Our daughter loves sitting in it!
      Large age range - 4 months to 3 years (approx)

      Moves on a tiled floor even with the brakes on
      Doesn't move very well even with the brakes off
      Some actions impossible without two hands free


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        17.06.2008 12:38
        Very helpful




        My daughter was around 4-5 months old when we started to think about getting her a highchair. We'd started her on solids and wanted something proper to sit her in at feeding times rather than her bouncy chair or Bumbo.

        We'd been lucky enough to receive a £100 Mothercare giftcard when she was born, which we'd been saving for a major purchase like this. So off I went to Mothercare, but our local store didn't have a great choice in. Instead I checked out their website and found a greater selection.

        I wanted one that would recline, was sturdy and built to last. The Silver Cross Sovereign model caught my eye, Silver Cross being a good make, and this was a neutral colour and would therefore be suitable if we have a boy in future.

        It was expensive at £99.99, and we would have maybe gone for a cheaper model if we hadn't had the giftcard to spend.
        As our local Mothercare didn't stock that model we had to order it to be home delivered which added another £4.95 to the price.

        It arrived boxed up, more or less in one piece with very little assembly to do. It was a simple matter of pulling the recline release handle on the rear of the chair which made the highchair automatically unfold. Push in the safety buttons on each side of the chair and push the tray downwards. The PVC seat padding is held in place by small strips of Velcro, which needed the backing peeling off to stick down. There is a mesh basket underneath the chair which just needed attaching by placing small loops onto the plastic clips on the frame. Slide the feeding and play trays on and it's good to go!

        The chair is fitted with a 5-point safety harness, which has a crotch strap and buckle, shoulder straps and waist straps. There is also a post between baby's legs, ensuring he/she can't slide out even if they're not strapped in.

        The seat itself is large, with good support, and appears to be comfortable. The cover is wipe clean and made of PVC.

        There are three plastic trays, one for safety which must always remained attached, another for play, and another for feeding which is moulded with a centre section, plus two round sections for holding cups.

        A unique feature of this highchair is that the trays are treated with Microban. Microban is an invisible antibacterial protector which inhibits the growth of household bacteria when they come into contact with the surface. It can't be washed off or worn out and lasts for the lifetime of the chair.

        The height is adjustable, with six different positions so you can adjust to suit you and where you're feeding baby. It's easy to adjust the height and is done by pulling the handle on the back of the seat.

        Babies can have a tendency to nod off at mealtimes and often end up falling forwards in a very uncomfortable position. This highchair has four reclining positions, so if baby falls asleep whilst in the chair it can be reclined to enable them to sleep in comfort. To activate the recline feature pull on the other handle on the seat back and allow the seat to fall backwards. The footrest moves automatically when the seat is reclined.

        The two back legs are fitted with lockable wheels, making it easy to move the chair around. The legs and body of the chair are made of sturdy, strong plastic, with chunky wide feet, making it impossible for the chair to tip over. It is a large highchair and takes up a bit more room than some others, but it can be folded up for storage although we don't bother. Folding it up is very simple and can be done with just one hand.

        Overall I'm very pleased with the highchair, although expensive it has enough features, is excellent quality and I know it will last well into the future.

        It's available in three different colourways - Cherry, Opal (grey) & Pistachio.

        Weight - 9.6kg
        Width - 63cm
        Height - 82cm
        Length - 110cm
        Width - 47cm
        Depth - 54cm
        Length - 113cm

        Retails for £99.99 at Mothercare.


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      • Product Details

        Features: deep-padded seat unit, five-point safety harness, six height positions, four back reclining positions, single handed, compact fold, and locking wheels.

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