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Brand: Candy / Thermocouple: With Thermocouple / Energy Source: Gas / Cooktop Type: Fixed / Number of Cooking Elements: 4 / Element Type: Burner / Overall Depth: 20.08 in. / Overall Height: 1.81 in. / Overall Width: 23.43 in.

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    1 Review
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      23.04.2012 13:55
      Very helpful



      not one I would buy myself

      ==Candy PV 640N Gas Hob==

      We moved into our house a few months back now and have been working our way round each room very slowly. In fact we have just finished the bathroom and now in the process of stripping off wallpaper. The one room that probably won't be done for a good many years is the kitchen as although we have replaced the flooring and stripped the wallpaper they had in there the oven, sink and units are actually not too bad and both workable and livable for some years (well until we have the funds to do a proper job).

      Now this built in Candy gas hob is not brand new but quite new in comparison to everything else in the house and I must say that it looks a lot better than the hob that we had in our last property. I was pleased with the look of the hob as the black glass top colour and individual burner stands give it a modern and sleek look which I hadn't come across before.

      You can still pick this hob up which I was surprised about as I thought it would be something a little older although the condition of it did look as good as new I was sure the people we bought the house off wouldn't have paid out too much for the kitchen when they were moving out. However I have had a little look online and it seems that you can get this hob from a variety of places for around the £280 region which I thought fairly reasonable.

      The hob itself has the standard 4 ring burners which are gas and all individually ignited and controlled by one of the four corresponding knobs at the front of the hob. There are two larger burners and two slightly smaller burners. The ignition button is incorporated with the gas knob and unlike all other hob I have used you do not have to press down a separate button merely just push down the gas knob of the ring you wish to ignite as well as turning it to release the gas and then the burner should flame up. There is a rather noisy ignition click which can be heard repeatedly and I would say that it never lights up on the first few clicks so it can be quite annoying. Another thing I found was when my potatoes boiled over and leaked a good deal of water over the front of the hob and onto the knobs the ignition click and spark kept going off because it became water logged. I had to turn the mains off of the hob and slowly dry the hob out in order for the clicking and sparking to stop. This took a few days and I never have had this problem when I leaked water over previous hobs I have owned. Of course I perhaps should have been keeping an eye on the cooking but for the ignition to be stuck on is rather strange as I would have just thought it would get wet and not work. It did eventually dry out and I have learnt my lesson and won't be letting any water boil over again!

      The variety of strength of the gas is pretty good and ranges from a small burn to a very large flame and I do like the fact that it shrinks down a lot as I like to cook on a low heat a lot of the time and my last hob I would have to turn it nearly to an off position (past the larger flame) to get the desired smallest flame possible. With this the lowest setting really is low and this is ideal for me.

      The fact that each burner has its own circular stand on which to place the frying pan or coking pot I initially thought was a brilliant idea but after a good deal of use I have come to the conclusion that this aspect is pretty rubbish really. I find I will often want to move a pan off of the heat and I used to just slide one pan off of one burner stand onto another with relative ease. This can't really be done with this hob and if you have a ton of potatoes cooking with boiling water it does feel as safe having to lift and manoeuvre them off as sliding is just not possible. Also sometimes I find that my small pan I use doesn't fit entirely comfortably on a ring and I worry that a few centimetres wither way will knock the pan and its contents flying. It doesn't feel as sturdy or as safe as having a larger two part stand over the burners. They are fairly easy to clean however and the smaller size compared to others makes them easier to fit in the washing up bowel.

      The whole hob is a little bit of a nightmare to clean as opposed to my stainless steel hob in my last property. The dark glass seems to show every splash and streak and even after a good wipe and polish I find I am having to go over it with another cloth to give it a final buff in order for it to look properly clean. I must say that I much prefer the brushed chrome or stainless steel look and ease of cleaning.

      On the whole I have to say that this Candy gas hob does indeed look very smart and is an affordable price. The general use of it though leaves a lot to be desired as I don't think it is as sturdy or practical as others that I have previously used or owned. Cleaning is a pain and does take a good deal of time if you want it done properly and I think for all these negative I will have to knock off 3 stars and award this gas hob a not great 2 out of 5 stars. It is not a hob I will be keeping when the kitchen eventually gets refurbished.

      I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you

      Many thanks for taking the time to read.


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    Electronic Hob / Short name: Candy PV 640N

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